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Archive for the Month of June, 2006.
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June 1, 2006

Pattern of Behavior of Occupation Forces - US Killing of Civilians "Fact of Life" in Iraq

New CIA director Hayden plans massive expansion of spying on Americans - ...Bush told Hayden to "take whatever steps necessary" to monitor Americans 24/7 by listening in on their phone calls, bugging their homes and offices, probing their private lives, snooping into their financial records and watching their travel habits.

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July - McGovern: Staged terror attacks across Europe, US "probable" in order to justify invasion

Bush & Enron: The Takeover is Complete - I'll be damned if Enron's No. 1 show pony politician, George W. Bush, should be allowed to walk away from this.

New Report Reveals Estate Tax Repeal Would Give Over $200 Million Windfall to Oil Company Executives - The family of one oil executive, Lee Raymond (the former ExxonMobil CEO), alone could receive a tax break worth over $160 million.

Was the 2004 Election Stolen? - by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ...what is most anomalous about the irregularities in 2004 was their decidedly partisan bent: Almost without exception they hurt John Kerry and benefited George Bush.

Iran Bamboozler Invited to White House as "Expert" - Iran Badge Fabricator Goes to Washington

Canada Pays Environmentally for U.S. Oil Thirst - Huge Mines Rapidly Draining Rivers, Cutting Into Forests, Boosting Emissions

The corporations that prey on the undocumented - Guest-worker legislation legitimizes the idea that some jobs are too dirty or dangerous for Americans, so Corporate America is justified filling them any way they can. We need a labor movement that says no worker is disposable--and fights for justice, dignity and safety for all.

Bolivia President Morales Says U.S. Seeks to Kill Him - Bolivian President Evo Morales said the U.S. organized teams to track down and kill him, according to a note published on the Bolivian presidential Web site.

More Suppression of Marijuana Research - Dreher's Jamaican Pregnancy

Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude - The latest audio tape attributed to Osama bin Laden appears to be one more installment in a succession of evidence fabricated by the US government to deceive the American people, according to Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

June 2, 2006

Kennedy, Sour Grapes, and the Neolib Order - Kennedy may complain about vote fraud. However, he is not likely to admit the entire system, Democrat and Republican, is but a one party system essentially representing the same corporate plutocratic financial interests.

U.S. warships protecting Nigerian oil - ...though the Nigerian federal government was trying to secure the area, the U.S. ships were in the region as a result of their concern for Nigeria, and their dependence on its oil.

The Top 10 Things I Know About Drugs - ...7. Drug abuse is bad, but the drug war is worse...

"A Mercenary Army" - Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater in New Orleans

Operation Dung Beetle: the U.S. partnership with Somali warlords - Somalia is on the verge of sinking deeper into the abyss of anarchy and perpetual bloodshed and the Bush administration might have a role.

Scotland Yard shoots first, asks questions later - He "received" a gunshot wound? They make it sound like it was delivered anonymously by mail.

SHAM US PROPOSAL TO IRAN EVOKES MEMORIES OF PAST SIMILAR ONES - The Real US Intentions Toward Iran Unreported in the Wall Street Journal and the Rest of the Dominant Corporate Media

Justice Department Wants Internet Companies to Save Personal Web Surfing Data - The U.S. Department of Justice has told Google, Microsoft and other major Internet companies that it wants them to keep detailed records of where people go while surfing the Web for up to two years.

Spinning Out Of Control - The U.S. Military's Virtual Reality about a deadly day in May

Restoring the Draft - The Universal National Service Act of 2006

No matter what Iran agrees to, Bush regime wants war - Will there be a war with Iran?

June 3, 2006

Kristol: Response to Haditha "Handwringing Liberalism" - It didn’t take long for William Kristol, top drawer Straussian neocon responsible for the murder of 200,000 Iraqis, to react in knee-jerk fashion to the serial murder at Haditha.

Who Owns DC9 "Cocaine One" Airliner? - Spooks, Saudis & Another FAA Cover-Up in Florida

US Army Bases Outside the USA - The following list also includes installations controlled by the US which are not listed in the official "Base Structure Report" of the Pentagon.

Press Accounts Suggest Military 'Cover-up' in Ishaqi Killings - The U.S military said Saturday it had found no wrongdoing in the March 15 raid on a home in Ishaqi that left nine Iraqi civilians dead. But, as with the apparent massacre in Haditha, will a military "coverup" in this case come undone?

Cleveland Woman Convicted Of Felony And Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Putting Up Anti-Bush Posters - The fascist mindset in Amerca steam rolls over Carol Fisher, 51, who becomes another casualty of the New World Order, as freedom of speech is a thing of the past.

100 hunger strikers at base - Almost 100 prisoners are on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay and several detainees are being force-fed, the American military said yesterday.

Gagged Library Exec Speaks Out - "I thought, National Security what? What’s a National Security Letter? "

The "few bad apples" alibi in business, military and political crimes - A "few bad apples"...? Give me a break!

The Swansong for the Greenback - The great dollar sell-off has begun in earnest, although to a large extent, it's being concealed from the public.

Offensive Counterspace and US Military Superiority above the Skies - "Parasitic" Weapon Eyed for Space

Repealing the Paris Hilton Tax: So Not Hot - Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich!

Liberators as Murderers - The Way Americans Like Their War

Bombs Heard in the Twin Towers - Forget all of the videos and photos of the collapse of the World Trade Centers for a minute. Let's talk about an aspect of 9/11 that we've all glossed over: sound.

June 4, 2006

Bachelet under pressure - Bush wants Chile to shun Venezuela

Return to Ishaqi: The Pentagon's Shaky Self-Exoneration - ...the Pentagon, that veritable fount of veracity, has probed itself for the alleged execution-style slaying of civilians in Ishaqi, and found that the operation -- which left 11 civilians dead, including five children under the age of five -- was in fact an exemplary feat of arms, strictly by the book. (Warning: Graphic photographs show bodies of civilians killed in Ishaqi)

How They Stole Ohio And the GOP 4-step Recipe to "Blackwell" the USA in 2008 - Abracadabra: Three million votes vanish

Ameriraq - The New Colonial Frontier - What will emerge from this process, if all goes as apparently planned, is a docile Iraqi population under an innocuous Iraqi leadership that does the bidding of its American sponsors.

British Brigade: More False Flag Terrorism - If we are to believe the Times Online, British "Islamic radicals" are so worked up over the occupation of Iraq they have joined "al-Qaeda" and have "travelled from Britain to Iraq to join up with a "British brigade" that has been established by Al-Qaeda leaders to fight coalition forces."

Kids filled with chemical soup, says study - "Pollution is now so bad in our country that the bodies of our children have higher levels of pollution than their parents."

The Toronto 17 - It will be entertaining to watch the case against the 17 "terrorist" suspects arrested by police in Toronto slowly unravel.

The Clownification of America - "We've turned into this nation of overfed clowns, riding around in clown cars, eating clown food, watching clown shows. We've become a nation of cringing, craven fuckups."

Chemical in Plastics Is Tied to Prostate Cancer - Bisphenol A, found in baby bottles and microwave cookware, permanently altered genes in newborn lab rats, a study finds.

CSIS: Canada Joins the Intel Op Club - Canada’s version of a neocon leader, PM Stephen Harper, wasted little time squeezing as much mileage as possible out of the supposed foiled terror attack in Ontario, and thus sending the message to all Canadians (and the Straussian neocons to the south) that police state militarization is on track in Canada.

George W. Bush's marital problems have just taken another turn for the worse. - Apparently, Mr. Bush has not only engaged in an extra-marital affair with a member of the opposite sex who is also a senior member of his Cabinet, but also a member of the same sex.

June 5, 2006

Only Domestic Help Wear Uniforms - Together, the five Bush children have produced 10 combat-capable enlistment age adults who would be suitable for military service...

Marine's wife paints portrait of US troops out of control in Haditha - "I think it's more than possible that these guys were totally tweaked out on speed or something when they shot those civilians in Haditha."

The Media’s Bloody Footprints - We don’t know why the media giants have veered from their traditional cheerleading and focused on the atrocities at Haditha...likely, the unexpected attention to Haditha indicates the growing divisions among American elites about Bush’s alarming mismanagement of the war. If the occupation had gone smoothly, there’d be no recriminations or talk of massacres..

Killing Season in the Philippines: Repression of Trade Union and Farmers Organizations - Political activist Cathy Alcantara was gunned down by unidentified assailants last December 5, outside the resort where she had helped to organize a conference on farmers' rights.

Framing the Toronto and London Patsies - Not only did the "terrorists" in Canada not have a target for their so-called fertilizer bomb, the fertilizer was delivered by the RCMP as part of a sting operation (i.e., the suspects were framed)...

Bankruptcy Law in Shambles - What happens when the credit card industry writes congressional legislation? According to the judges who have to enforce it, anarchy.

Did the US "help" Garcia win Peru’s election? - It's hard to believe that Garcia won Peru's presidential election after being pegged as a long-shot just a few weeks ago. Indeed, it reminds me of another president whose unlikely re-election left the world reeling not too long ago. Perhaps the two victories have more in common than is apparent.

Heavyweights At 9/11 Truth Conference - The Chicago 9/11 conference was in full swing over the weekend with heavyweights of the truth movement "swinging for the fences" as speaker after speaker provided overwhelming and compelling evidence that 9/11 was an inside government job.

Bolivia launches "agrarian revolution" - Leftist President Evo Morales launched a sweeping land reform plan on Saturday by handing over roughly 9,600 square miles of state-owned land to poor Indians.

New Zealand: CEO pay skyrockets as workers’ living standards fall - The elevated social position of the CEOs and the union bureaucracy is itself a feature of the widening social divide. The extraction of profits, which is the hallmark of “good company performance”, has its objective basis in the intensifying exploitation of the working class, through a relentless assault on wages, conditions, living standards and basic rights.

Hyped Terror Raid Proves To Be Paper Tiger - No evidence of chemical weapons, supposed Canada attack also discredited

June 6, 2006

Martial Law: For the Neocons It’s Both Necessary And Redemptive - Liberty is anathema to the Straussians: it continually challenges the call for belligerent nationalism; and it breeds licentiousness and disregard for the rule of the Few over the Many. Martial Law will be implemented to introduce tyranny – rule from above. The State and corporations will partner to rule over the people.

Sacred Ecology and Capitalism - The world’s largest financial institutions are run by gluttonous robber barons that have hijacked most of the world’s governments and set us on an irreversible course of self-destruction. They are literally consuming the earth...

Big Pharma Uses Scare Tactics to Keep Americans Buying Prescription Drugs - Big Pharma wants to scare consumers away from prescription drug alternatives In fact, what is happening in this country today is a chemical holocaust.

Open letter to the Canadian mainstream media - If it turns out there are no actual terrorists to worry about, then a whole lot of people who like to strut around with guns showing what big men they are and scaring people and sneak around reading other people's mail are suddenly out of work and have to behave themselves...

Nexus Points Emerge For Potential Summer Attack - When considered in a nexus, these indications all unfortunately illustrate a desperate drive towards preparing western populations for another attack this summer.

JOHN BOLTON / THE FACE OF HUBRIS & FASCISM - Video - Republican stooge and Bush's interim Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton is the perfect face and voice for the Cheney/Bush neocon fascist agenda of preemptive war and arrogant power politics.

Neocons Hype "al-Qaeda" Inspired Terrorism - Thus, as neocon propaganda would have it, a hell-bent "second generation" of jihadists is at work in America, Canada, Britain, and Europe.

Cuban "imperialism" - Here's a little of that "Cuban-Venezuelan imperialism" at work...

US Coup d'état: A coup is furtively being carried out by the White House Neocons - The long worked for Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) plan for global governance of the N. American continent will be effectuated by a Straussian Neocon Coup d'état. This in turn will institute tyrannical state corporate rule on a continental basis.

The Real Threat to Marriage: Top 10 GOP Adulterers - Also - REPOSTS of "Republican Hypocrisy Revealed" and "Conservative Values Monitor" - lengthy lists outlining the real values held by the controlling elite.

June 7, 2006

Business as usual, part two: The government short-sells America - ...if we look at who held the majority of "short" derivatives on domestic and international stock index markets before 911, and then raked in more than a trillion bucks in profits in just weeks from those markets’ pursuant collapse, you would find in that golden group the Shining behind 911.

Flag Burning and Other Dubious Epidemics - The Republicans are worried about the flag, gay marriage and the terrible burden of the estate tax on the rich. The rest of us are obviously unnecessarily worried about war, peace, the economy, the environment and civilization.

Why Americans Should Be Packing Their Bags NOW - It is now time to think about the unthinkable. Americans...need to be considering--even planning for--emigrating to escape before full-blown tyranny arrives in the United States.

COLOMBIAN AND PERUVIAN ELECTIONS PROVE STALIN WAS RIGHT - On May 28, we're supposed to believe the Colombian people rejected a more moderate or democratic alternative and instead chose to reelect right wing hard-liner and close Bush ally Alvaro Uribe Velez who had to arrange for the constitution to be changed to allow him to run in the first place.

Canada Terror Plot Grows More Absurd - Bizarre is the only way to explain it.

A New "Perle Harbor" - Neocon Foreign Policy Architect Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iranian Theater

6,000 murdered in Baghdad alone this year - US death squads the unmentionable factor. - ...and what's more, "no-one believes these are the true figures from the violence in and around Baghdad as many bodies are not taken to the morgue, or are never found".


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