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Archive for the Month of June, 2006.
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June 27, 2006

Thousands of Displaced Families Flee Ramadi as Hospitals Run out of Medicine - City is Threatned by Massive US/Iraqi Military Attack

June 28, 2006

The Philosophy Of Leo Strauss Is The Foundation Of The North American Union - The Few Must Rule The Many

"Escalation", "retaliation" and BBC double standards in Gaza - ...on the scale of moral outrage the BBC ranks the deaths of Israeli soldiers enforcing an illegal occupation far above those of Palestinian civilians enduring the illegal occupation.

The Bourgeois Congress and Economic Violence - The richest 1% of Americans own 40% of the nation’s household wealth

Collective punishment in Gaza - Not that Israel is doing anything the United States didn't perfect in its bombing of Yugoslavia and Iraq...

Americans Can't Win - caught between a corrupt gov't and a corrupt MSM - I knew there was something fishy about our corporate-owned media ratting out our corporate-owned government

Syria claims"provocation" as warplanes buzz President - Military officials said the warplanes flew over President Assad's palace...Television reports said the Syrian President had been at home during the pre-dawn flights.

Venezuela accuses U.S. of urging opposition to boycott election - Venezuela’s information minister said Monday that U.S. officials were urging opponents of President Hugo Chavez to boycott a December presidential vote.

The Cessnas are coming! The Cessnas are coming! - Low-flying Cessna 172s, flying in grid patterns over major cities, and snapping images of every square foot from just about every direction.

Gates, Buffett, and the Corporatization of Children - Ultimately this is 1) bad for children, 2) bad for communities, and 3) bad for democracy

Employers cut retiree healthcare, stick gov't w/ bill - Many Americans don't realize that when employers collect "subsidies" in order to provide health "benefits" to their employees, in effect, employees are paying for those so-called benefits themselves.

The Miami indictments: Manufacturing "terror" as a means of intimidation - The television news channels carried live shots of the building, as if hijacked airplanes were about to plow into them.

June 29, 2006

Paramilitary Secret Police Kidnap, Detain, Torture Bilderberg Investigators - "A military-grade task force involving local police, RCMP and members of the “Integrated National Security Enforcement Team” descended around the rental vehicle with weapons pointed ..."

IOF Abducts Palestine’s Democratically Elected Leaders - Now that Israel has attacked Gaza and the West Bank and kidnapped members of the democratically elected government there, it will be interesting to see if the United Nations condemns these criminal acts and moves to pass another worthless resolution.

Hippies Homeland Security Threat - Mass Citations At Rainbow Family Gathering in Colorado - A permit for a pilgrimage?

David Rockefeller Is The Impetus Behind The North American Union - David Rockefeller and his CFR and Trilateral Commission is the impetus for the North American Union; his efforts began in the early days of the Bush Administration.

Another neo-con outrage - Pentagon forcing U.S. soldiers and Marines in Iraq to take Prozac and other drugs for anxiety and depression

Pakistan’s US-backed dictator to stage bogus presidential election - General Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan’s US-backed military strongman, has signaled that he will orchestrate a bogus presidential election next year in a bid to cling onto power until 2012.

North Korean "missile crisis" - another example of unbridled US militarism - The North Korean "missile crisis" serves a number of purposes for the Bush administration

Killing a Nation to Rescue a Soldier - The Insulting Logic of Tel Aviv

Air-conditioning: Our Cross to Bear - America's Air-Conditioned Nightmare

June 30, 2006

Another Teacher Persecuted for 9/11 Heresy - In Bushzarro world, the laws of physics (i.e. kerosene fires are unable to melt steel and drag-producing "pancaked" buildings do not free fall) are considered to be "nutty left-wing views" and "voodoo"...

TRANSCRIPT OF PRESIDENT'S CHAT WITH DOUBLE AMPUTEE WMD HUNTER DURING TOTALLY NON-GROTESQUELY EXPLOITATIVE SOUTH LAWN PHOTO OP - "...having you, a fresh-faced patriot who was needlessly mutilated in my personal vendetta war against Saddam Insane, do a messy faceplant in front of the White House with all these photographers around... Well... That would be a real PR shit sandwich for me."

Israel warns: free soldier or PM dies - Israel last night threatened to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh if Hamas militants did not release a captured Israeli soldier unharmed

Fox, the worst of them all - Vicente Fox brought the Mexican right wing into government after several decades in the shadows

Watch Us, Wiretap Us, Search Us, Jail Us ... - The High Price of American Gullibility

"U.S. troops raped Iraqi woman, killed her family" - The U.S. army is investigating reports that five American troops raped a young Iraqi woman, burnt her body and killed three members of her family...


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