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Archive for the Month of June, 2006.
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June 1, 2006

New Report Reveals Estate Tax Repeal Would Give Over $200 Million Windfall to Oil Company Executives - The family of one oil executive, Lee Raymond (the former ExxonMobil CEO), alone could receive a tax break worth over $160 million.

The corporations that prey on the undocumented - Guest-worker legislation legitimizes the idea that some jobs are too dirty or dangerous for Americans, so Corporate America is justified filling them any way they can. We need a labor movement that says no worker is disposable--and fights for justice, dignity and safety for all.

June 3, 2006

The Swansong for the Greenback - The great dollar sell-off has begun in earnest, although to a large extent, it's being concealed from the public.

Repealing the Paris Hilton Tax: So Not Hot - Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking Rich!

June 5, 2006

Bankruptcy Law in Shambles - What happens when the credit card industry writes congressional legislation? According to the judges who have to enforce it, anarchy.

June 7, 2006

Hanky Panky at the Counting House - Among Wall Street’s capos, that makes Paulson capo di tutti capital markets and the speculator-in-chief of our speculation driven economy, the main manipulator in a manipulated market.

June 9, 2006

Golden Goose Down - Was the IMF Involved in Gold Price Manipulation?

June 11, 2006

Vampires of The New World Order - Death by Paper Fiat

June 13, 2006

UAW Chief leads rank and file to slaughter - Instead of conveying a determination to put a stop to the slaughter of working class Americans in the auto industry, the President of the UAW resigned himself and the over 600,000 workers he represents to a position of economic servitude and corporate boot-licking.

What's wrong with the economy? - 1. Profits are up, but the wages and incomes of average Americans are down.

June 16, 2006

Forgotten Urban Poor a Living Time Bomb: UN - "When a critical mass of people are in one place, if you don't empower them they will empower themselves through revolution,..."

June 18, 2006

Why the Dollar Bubble is about to Burst - If there is a tactical-nuclear strike on - deja-vu - "weapons of mass destruction" in Iran, who would bet against a certain Oil Exchange and more, being bombed too?

Capitalism Requires a Great Depression - Getting Ready for World War III.

June 21, 2006

Refugees of capital - Our problem is not poor people crossing our borders seeking work, but rich capital crossing their borders seeking profit. If we stop international finance's invasive penetration of other nation's borders, we won't have to worry about refugees illegally crossing ours.

June 22, 2006

CNAC's Elite Agenda for the Border - Security, Temp Workers, and Oil

Minimum Wage: Lowest in 50 Years - Paying working folks a livable wage helps everyone, but it's been nine years -- and nine Congressional pay raises -- since the minimum wage was last increased.

CEOs earn 262 times pay of average worker - In fact, a CEO earned more in one workday than an average worker earned in 52 weeks...

The middle of what? - America's political class looks more like royalty by another means than the product of a dynamic democratic system.

June 23, 2006

Inequality in America: The rich, the poor and the growing gap between them - The rich are the big gainers in America's new prosperity

June 24, 2006

Bush Should Get the Looters Out of Medicare - Private Insurers are looting the Medicare system

June 25, 2006

Peak Oil = Urban Ruin - Our economy depends so much on fossil fuel that a lack of oil without any alternative fuel sources would lead to total chaos.

June 27, 2006

The philanthropy of Warren Buffett - That one solitary human being has nearly forty billion dollars to dispose of, with a good deal left over, is appalling in itself, at a time when 1.1 billion people, one-fifth of the world’s population, live on less than $1 a day and some 3 billion on less than $2.

June 28, 2006

The Bourgeois Congress and Economic Violence - The richest 1% of Americans own 40% of the nation’s household wealth

Employers cut retiree healthcare, stick gov't w/ bill - Many Americans don't realize that when employers collect "subsidies" in order to provide health "benefits" to their employees, in effect, employees are paying for those so-called benefits themselves.


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