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Archive for the Month of September, 2005.
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September 1, 2005

HELLADS: Lightweight Laser Cannon - DARPA's HELLADS (High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System) will be light enough to fit on a fighter jet or drone aircraft, and yet powerful enough to fire a 150 kilowatt beam of energy. Star Wars laser cannon may be closer than you think.

KATRINA - ANOTHER GLOBAL WARNING FOR BUSH - Hurricane Katrina should be a wake up call for President Bush on the need for urgent US action to tackle climate change, Friends of the Earth said today. The hurricane is one of the worst natural disasters America has ever faced and is a stark reminder of what scientists expect to happen as a result of human induced climate change.

Hurricane Katrina: a calamity compounded by poverty and neglect - Damage estimates are in the tens of billions of dollars. At least one million people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are without electrical power, and officials say it may take weeks to fully restore service to all affected regions. Clean drinking water is scarce, and the flood waters covering city streets are contaminated with gas from ruptured gas lines, chemicals and human waste, raising a serious danger of infectious disease.

Bush rules out significant federal aid to hurricane victims - Rather, with a smirk on his face, he allowed that “the days seem awfully dark for those affected”—a phrase that could only have been uttered in these terrible circumstances by someone who did not count himself among those unfortunates. This from the President of the United States!

A convergence of investigations: AIPAC and ATC. - According to intelligence insiders, a new nexus of the investigation is the intelligence relationship discovered between AIPAC and the American Turkish Council (ATC). As with the AIPAC and Mossad penetration of the Pentagon, a similar ATC and Turkish intelligence penetration of the Defense Department was discovered.

New State Department Ministry Slams Alternative News - Upon discovering the U.S. State Department's "Identifying Misinformation" site, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. "Does the story claim that vast, powerful, evil forces are secretly manipulating events? If so, this fits the profile of a conspiracy theory.

Bush-Cheney Heading For Nuclear Rendevous At Desert One - by Webster Griffin Tarpley - According to one high-ranking retired US military officer, a warning has been issued inside the Pentagon about a large-scale terrorist attack in the US around the fourth anniversary of 9/11 on September 11, 2005. (EIR, August 16, 2005) According to this source, US CENTCOM (Central Command), SOCOM (Special Operations Command) and STRATCOM (Strategic Command) were asked what their capabilities against Iran would be.

Goons With Guns Over Gotham - Just what the trigger-happy NYPD needs: Barrett .50 caliber rifles. Mounted in helicopters, no less.

A Declaration of War - This is a declaration of U.S. unilateralism, uncompromising and ascendant. The United States has issued an open threat to the 190 other U.N. member states, the social movements and peoples of the entire world, and the United Nations itself.

Guard Belongs in New Orleans, Not Baghdad - Bring the National Guard home now, where they're needed.

New Orleans: Bush's Zero Tolerance for Misery - ...it is not simply the fact the neocons hijacked the National Guard and sent them packing to Iraq. In 1995, the Army Corps of Engineers began a project to shore up the New Orleans levees. But in 2003, Bush grabbed the money from that project to pay for his invasion and occupation

Iraq War Costs Now Exceed Vietnam's - The Pentagon, according to the report, is currently spending $5.6 billion per month on operations in Iraq, an amount that exceeds the average cost of $5.1 billion per month (in real 2004 dollars) for U.S. operations in Vietnam between 1964 and 1972.

FEMA Claims New Orleans Was Disaster Priority; Bush 2005 Budget Drastically Cut Lake Pontchartrain Levee Funding - Army Corps levee project manager criticizes Bush administration for the steepest reduction in hurricane and flood control funding in New Orleans history.

Iraq’s draft constitution: a recipe for neo-colonial rule - The constitution that was endorsed by Iraq’s presidential council on Sunday, and is to be put to a referendum by October 15, is an outrage against the Iraqi people. From beginning to end, it has been written to advance US imperialist ambitions in the Middle East, notably long-term control over Iraq’s oil reserves and permanent military bases in the country.

In Legal Papers Unsealed Today, Librarian Speaks of Fear of Imprisonment Over Government Gag in Patriot Act Challenge - One of the affidavits was filed by a librarian charged with educating the library community and general public about intellectual freedom.

September 2, 2005

Notes on Looting and Looters: Some Perspectives - Unidentified Hurricane Looters in New Orleans-Crime: Looting food, diapers, clothes, consumer items; Neil Bush-Crime: Looted US taxpayers of at least $1.6 billion as head of the Silverado Banking, Savings & Loan Association in 1988 during the S&L meltdown

Official: Saddam trial in October - Iraqi authorities plan to put Saddam Hussein on trial within five days after the 15 October referendum on the new constitution, an official says.

FDA Official Quits Over Plan B Pill Delay - The highly regarded women's health chief at the Food and Drug Administration resigned Wednesday in protest of her agency's refusal to allow over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception.

Will the ‘New’ New Orleans be Black? - One of the premiere Black cities in the nation faces catastrophe. There is no doubt in my mind that New Orleans will one day rise again from its below sea level foundations. The question is, will the new New Orleans remain the two-thirds Black city it was before the levees crumbled?

FBI, Michigan Police Tag Peace Group, Affirmative Action Group, and Others as "Terrorist" - Law enforcement officials in Michigan have been busy slapping the "terrorist" label on domestic groups.

U.S. Death Toll In August Is Third Highest - U.S. forces in Iraq suffered at least 74 combat deaths in August, more than in any month since November and the third-highest total for any month of the war, according to Pentagon figures.

YOU BET YOUR LIFE - by Michael Ruppert- When we talk about collapse as a result of Peak Oil, New Orleans is an exemplary – if horrifying – glimpse of what it will look like for all of us. In the case of New Orleans, however, it’s happening about two or three times as fast as we will see it when Peak Oil becomes an unavoidable, ugly, global reality.

Where Was George? - Bush was in sunny San Diego, having just left sunny El Mirage, Arizona.

The Tsunami that was Katrina - This nation has not faced an economic crisis like the one that Katrina will spark in the days and months ahead. But that is one of the reasons Katrina was guided along the path that we all watched.

Who ate whom? Did feeding human remains to cattle start mad-cow? - ...the British team suggests a reverse scenario: The remains of humans infected with classic CJD were fed to cattle, which became ill with a bovine version of the human disease, known as BSE or mad-cow disease. The remains of the animals would have been rendered and mixed into new batches of feed, infecting more animals. Eventually, a new version of the disease, vCJD, passed back into humans.

Disparaging the have-nots trapped in New Orleans - Of course we all know just what drives the media engines: disaster, sensationalism, and people acting badly, which boosts the rating and profitability sectors of their respective bottom lines. Never mind finding out—asking the hard questions—like why in a city that is mostly below sea level there were no plans for evacuation of all its residents?

Frankenstein's monster is on the loose - As it shall be abroad, so it will be at home. Poor people ain't got no home, no electricity, no water. No hospitals, no schools, no city. New Orleans, welcome to Fallujah, to Gaza, to Haiti, to El Salvador, to Nicaragua.

Mystery Unfolds Over Hunt for WMD in Iraq - Beneath the giant dome of a Baghdad palace, facing his team of scientists and engineers, George Tenet sounded more like a football coach than a spymaster, a coach who didn't know the game was over. "Are we 85 percent done?" the CIA boss demanded. The arms hunters knew what he wanted to hear. "No!" they shouted back. "Let me hear it again!" They shouted again. The weapons are out there, Tenet insisted. Go find them. Veteran inspector Rod Barton couldn't believe his ears. "It was nonsense."

Questions of racism in hurricane photo captions; Yahoo responds - A French news agency has yanked a photograph surrounding the New Orleans hurricane that raised questions of racism

Bush 'Criminally Insane' - To no one's surprise, Havana has a distinct dislike for the administration of George W. Bush. In this op-ed from Cuba's Juventud Rebelde, the case for having Bush committed as insane is made using the latest polling data from AP-Ipso, which, the author writes, indicates that Bush's grasp of reality is in serious doubt.

Halliburton hired for storm cleanup - The Navy has hired Houston-based Halliburton Co. to restore electric power, repair roofs and remove debris at three naval facilities in Mississippi damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Starting to doubt that reports of shots fired at New Orleans rescuers - Sean Hannity is closely linked to Karl Rove's office. He gets talking points from that office daily if not hourly.

The Wholesale Looting of the Gulf Coast - The real criminals are sitting in positions of authority: the president, the director of FEMA, and the hundreds of congresspersons cutting their excessive vacations short to pat one another on the back as they pass emergency funding provisions for the hardly-operative relief efforts centered in Louisiana and Mississippi.

September 3, 2005

Hurricane Katrina as Class Warfare - Bill O'Reilly simply wanted the police and National Guard to shoot down "looters," that is to say those attempting to survive by taking food and drink from stores, thus sending the ruling corporate elite's message: "law and order" (i.e., protecting corporate property and banks) is more important than human life, especially expendable African-American human life, for what the robber baron Jay Gould said a hundred years ago still applies today: "I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half."

Omigod: DICK CHENEY Has Been On Vacation! - Bush is relaxing in Crawford, Condi is going to a Broadway show and Dick Cheney is probably fly fishing -- all AFTER the hurricane struck.

U.S. Customs' hurricane-relief Blackhawks pulling press duty - ...instead of helping people left desperate in the wake of Katrina's wrath, the Blackhawk's actually were slated to transport a CNN news crew to take video shots of those people.

Iraq-tested soldiers in New Orleans with shoot to kill orders - They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded.

Saddam's Trap Closes on George W. - The guerilla war, a strategy chosen and planned out by Saddam Hussein before his fall, is functioning perfectly. It has proven to be a "great trap" against those who have undertaken this monstrous new crusade.

Why I Do Not Support The Troops - For the last four years, the anti-war movement has been seriously handicapping itself with its "We support the troops but we're against war" mantra of qualified dissent. Initially, the phrasing of this message was a reflexive attempt to fit into the context of pro-militarism created by the Neocon spinmeisters who quickly established a flag-waving, "Support our troops" litmus test in the aftermath of the tragedies of September 11th.

Rapper Kanye West blasts Bush on TV benefit show - "George Bush doesn't care about black people," West said from New York during the show aired live on the East Coast on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and Pax, just before cameras cut away to comedian Chris Tucker.

Troops begin combat operations in New Orleans - "This place is going to look like Little Somalia," Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. "We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control."

Opium gold unites US friends and foes - Drug smugglers call it the golden route: from Afghanistan into Pakistan and then into eastern Iran, it's the trail that takes Afghanistan's abundant opium, and its derivative, heroin, to Western markets.And all along the way there is strong political compromise in which officials turn a blind eye to the players visibly plying the notorious route, and at each stage the commissions get bigger.

World Zero Eviction Days: From October 3, 2005 - Fifteen percent of the world population is under threat of eviction for a series of reasons: foreign investment in countries with heavy debts, privatizations of the housing sector, deregulation of rented accommodation, ethnic cleansing, wars and occupation, as well as commercial speculation of natural disasters.

Halliburton Whistleblower Demoted - Whistleblowers -- those who go public with allegations of waste, fraud and abuse -- continue to have a tough time, despite a law protecting them and repeated assurances from the White House, many government agencies and Congress that they maintain a policy of zero tolerance for retaliation.

FEMA privatized hurricane disaster recovery planning for New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana - The firms that received the contract are big GOP contributors

New Orleans crisis shames Americans - The only difference between the chaos of New Orleans and a Third World disaster operation, he said, was that a foreign dictator would have responded better.

How the Free Market Killed New Orleans - - by Michael Parenti - The free market played a crucial role in the destruction of New Orleans and the death of thousands of its residents. Armed with advanced warning that a momentous (force 5) hurricane was going to hit that city and surrounding areas, what did officials do? They played the free market.

Gallup Refuses To Run Poll Asking Americans If Bush Should Be Impeached - Independent democrats say Gallup's response is dishonest and the company is using a double standard when considering the nationwide poll run during the Clinton presidency.

Civil war looms as Iraq weeps over bridge of 1,000 sorrows - Stampede that killed pilgrims could trigger vicious fighting between Shias and Sunnis

Police On The Rampage in New Orleans: New Orleans on a hair-trigger - Star duo caught in crossfire between police and gunmen - "Stop the car right now," reporter told. "Back up, or I'll shoot"

Bill Clinton, Suck-Up-in-Chief - What the hell was Bill Clinton thinking, standing there next to President Bush and providing verbal cover for the administration's ludicrous claims that the problems plaguing New Orleans were unforeseeable?

Who is jamming communications in New Orleans? - ...we now have a new unconfirmed report that the culprit may be the Pentagon itself.

September 4, 2005

5,000 U.S. and Iraqi Troops Sweep Into City of Tall Afar - In the largest urban assault since the siege of Fallujah last November, more than 5,000 U.S. and Iraqi troops entered this northern city before dawn Friday. But the 45-minute firefight at day's end suggested that the insurgents who have controlled much of Tall Afar for almost a year would not relinquish it easily.

"A Balanced Life" - - by Ralph Nader - The unfolding megadisasters in New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama have torn the propaganda curtain away from this arrogant President and is showing the American people just what results for their daily livelihoods from an administration obsessed with the fabricated Iraq war and marinated with Big Oil.

Big oil's bigtime looting - Stay fixated, if you wish, on the thieves and desperate families who are so much easier to catch on camera than comptrollers electronically stealing your cash. It is not pleasant to see anyone loot a store. But ExxonMobil and big oil are looting the nation, and no one declaring martial law on them.

Community Internet Under Attack - Who might control the future of high-speed Internet? Will it be municipalities and communities that can make the Internet into a widespread and affordable public service like electricity or running water or big cable and telecommunications companies, like SBC, Comcast, and Verizon, who would redline communities and inflate prices to maximize profit?

Oops! We forgot the niggers (again)! - While the Federal government has participated in and orchestrated massive international airlifts, such as the Berlin airlift during the Cold War, apparently persons of African descent do not need rescue. Heck, park rangers in my home state of Massachusetts would air-drop bales of hay to starving deer in the snow-covered winter.

Army deployed in London - The direct deployment of soldiers on the ground in Britain is further evidence of the anti-terror tactics first deployed in Northern Ireland coming home.

Pretty White Girls Don't Drown in Attics - If only New Orleans had a higher population of upper class pretty thin white girls, rather than poor overweight black ones, the people might have been spared the hideous fate that Uncle Sam has dealt them.

Will oil-supply disruption give Bush carte blanche to invade Venezuela? - Does America have that amount of patience especially if gasoline prices continue to rise as well as the prices of other goods we use on a daily basis? Will it become an "Us versus Them" scenario?

Reports continue that communications in and around New Orleans are being purposely jammed by the US government - Readers should also be aware that the Pentagon's technology blockade strategy extends to the Internet. Web sites like Democratic Underground and Daily Kos have a lot of explaining to do when they censor critical information during a national emergency.

US Embassy in Baghdad inquires into reports that American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers - WMR has learned that the US embassy in Baghdad is checking into reports that U.S. troops in Iraq, including National Guardsmen, Army and Marine Corps Reserves, and regular military troops from Louisiana and Mississippi, have mutinied against their officers and are demanding to be immediately sent back home to help their families.


Law Officers, Overwhelmed, Are Quitting the Force - Reeling from the chaos of this overwhelmed city, at least 200 New Orleans police officers have walked away from their jobs and two have committed suicide, police officials said on Saturday.

Venezuela 'prepares for US invasion' - "We discovered through intelligence work a military exercise that NATO has for an invasion against Venezuela, and we are preparing ourselves for that invasion," Chavez was quoted as saying.

U.S. the New Saddam - The most important news from Iraq last week was not the much ballyhooed constitutional pact by Shias and Kurds, nor the tragic stampede deaths of nearly 1,000 pilgrims in Baghdad. The U.S. Air Force's senior officer, Gen. John Jumper, stated U.S. warplanes would remain in Iraq to fight resistance forces and protect the American-installed regime "more or less indefinitely." Jumper's bombshell went largely unnoticed due to Hurricane Katrina.

Provocateur forces in New Orleans? The case builds - On Thursday, there was a report on the net Delta Force had just dropped into New Orleans. This was at about the same time this website noticed a couple helicopters full of unidentified troops being dropped off the helipad at the Superdome. If the "Delta Force" story is true (and even Army Times says forces are engaging in combat in New Orleans), or another small special ops force were dropped into New Orleans, they would be well placed, for provacateuring more than anything else

Pentagon Investigator Resigning: Joseph E. Schmitz, the Defense Department's inspector general, is suspected of blocking investigations of senior Bush officials. - Defense Department Inspector General Joseph E. Schmitz told staffers this week that he intended to resign as of Sept. 9 to take a job with the parent company of Blackwater USA, a defense contractor.

New Orleans mayor fears CIA to take him out - Last night he told a reporter for the Associated Press: "If the CIA slips me something and next week you don't see me, you'll all know what happened."

September 5, 2005

Feds told to bring gray wolf back to Northeast - Judge rules Interior Department violated law

The Military Is Frisking Little Children Before Rescuing Them - Is there anyone who thinks a little 10 year old boy hungry and crying IS A SECURITY RISK?

The American illusion takes a dive - A view from across the ocean - There has been all this bluster about security but when nature strikes, the president goes partying and playing golf – after the levees were already giving in to the water from Lake Pontchartrain. The reality of the criminal neglect doesn’t seem to seep through to the consciousness of anyone who is in a position of leadership.

With this much blood in the water, what else would you expect to start circling? - For days, and days, and days, the expendable poor of New Orleans have been begging for someone, anyone, to come. Be careful what you wish for. It’s not just, finally, Bush and some troops who are ambling into town. Here come the mercenaries.

U.N. admits doing little to halt Gypsy lead poisoning - Toxic camps have been their home for 6 years. Experts say they need immediate relocation. What they're getting is milk.

A Death Threat: The perils of punditry: Some maniac wants to give me a permanent vacation - "Should the likes of Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Michael Parenti, Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, Dennis[?] Raimondo, et al. act out their sedition in a just-nuked America, expect their bodies to be found shot full of holes."


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