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Archive for the Month of September, 2005.
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September 5, 2005

Feds told to bring gray wolf back to Northeast - Judge rules Interior Department violated law

September 9, 2005

Heavy Metal Holdup - The Bush administration advanced two phony arguments to support its industry-friendly approach: 1) that mercury isnít really toxic; and 2) thereís no "commercially available" technology available to clean it up.

Future Storms May be More Destructive - Global warming is changing the realities of life within a hundred or more miles of those coasts. We may find that either we will have to quit building developments and start recovering coastal wetlands, or establish ongoing massive evacuation plans for entire regions.

September 14, 2005

World Bank Contributing to Extinctions and Overfishing - New Report Documents Damage to the Pacific Ocean from Investments in Destructive Longline Fishing

September 15, 2005

Studies link global warming with increased hurricane intensity - "The best way to put it is that storms are lasting longer at higher intensity than they were 30 years ago."

September 17, 2005

Ozone hole approaches record size - The hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica has grown to near-record size this year, suggesting 20 years of pollution controls have so far had little effect, the United Nations said.

A Polluter's Feast - Bush has reversed more environmental progress in the past eight months than Reagan did in a full eight years

September 18, 2005

Landmark environment law in peril - "The Bush Administration takes the same approach to the Endangered Species Act that it takes to all the other major environmental laws that protect our air, water and lands. Their approach is to appease, abuse and assault."

September 20, 2005

Global warming "past the point of no return" - A record loss of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has convinced scientists that the northern hemisphere may have crossed a critical threshold beyond which the climate may never recover.

September 22, 2005

Air Pollution Found To Pose Greater Danger To Health Than Earlier Thought - Experts may be significantly underestimating air pollution's role in causing early death, according to a team of American and Canadian researchers, who studied two decades' worth of data on residents of the Los Angeles metro area.

September 23, 2005

This is Global Warming, Says Environmental Chief - Super-powerful hurricanes now hitting the United States are the "smoking gun" of global warming, one of Britain's leading scientists believes.

September 28, 2005

Is the U.S. creating cloud cover? - They call it Project Cloverleaf. At night, giant planes with no pilots roam the sky over the U.S. Instead of a mere vapor trail, they are filling the sky with unknown chemicals designed to darken the earth.


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