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Archive for the Month of September, 2005.
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September 5, 2005

my wife and I last night at the astrodome - thought you might like an inside view

The Media Discover the Poor - Perhaps this tragedy will mark a turn in values and priorities for the nation’s news reporters. Perhaps. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Iraq: US Influence "Too Much'" - U.S. influence in the process of drafting a constitution for Iraq is excessive and "highly inappropriate", a United Nations official says

Unconfirmed Reports of Explosives Being Used to Blow Up Levees - Out of all the stories of the tragic deaths of New Orleans...there are some unconfirmed reports of explosives being used to blow levees

Things That Bosses Say - Just Another Day in the Life of a US Worker - 1. Look, it doesn't matter if the fumes are making you sick. OSHA says everything is OK...2. I already told you that you can't have the morning off. Your Father's funeral can wait till the weekend...

Rehnquist Paved the Way for the Imperial Presidency - Forget the state ceremonies for the deceased Chief Justice. Just put a crease in the soil at Potter’s field and kick a few leaves over the hardening carcass. If it was up to me, Rehnquist would never be buried on American soil. The man betrayed his country and his name should be struck from the history books.

More University Professors Killed - And the police have not yet solved the mystery behind any of the previous 55 murders of Iraqi university professors.

Report says US data secrecy expanding and getting costlier - The government is withholding more data than ever from the public and expanding ways of shrouding information. Last year, federal agencies spent a record $148 creating and storing new secrets for each $1 spent declassifying old secrets, a coalition of watchdog groups reported yesterday.

Venezuela Governor Seizes Heinz Plant - A state governor has ordered troops to seize an abandoned tomato processing plant owned by U.S. food company H.J. Heinz Co. in Venezuela, a state official said Monday.

The Clinton-Bush Hurricane Fund Public Relations Scam - Bill "Bubba" Clinton is one sick human specimen.

Iraq a new transit point for drugs - Fears that lawless postwar Iraq is becoming a haven for international drug trafficking have escalated after the country's biggest seizure of heroin.

80,000 Rodney Kings in New Orleans - If You have Nothing, You are Nothing

Why Chavez is in U.S. crosshairs - Media reports often suggest the Bush administration dislikes Chavez because it considers him undemocratic. The fact that he's sitting on the biggest oil reserve outside the Middle East while thumbing his nose at America might actually be more of a factor.

September 6, 2005

Where the Rumsfelds Retreat, The Cheneys Soon Could Follow - The house, listed at $2.9 million, backs up in spectacular fashion to an inlet of the Chesapeake Bay. "Right out by [Defense Secretary Donald H.] Rumsfeld's," said Charles Mangold Sr., whose Benson & Mangold agency brokers high-end estates in the area. "It's under contract, but he hasn't settled yet."

Claims of Saddam's Genocide Far from Proven - Is it really true that Saddam Hussein "gassed his own people" while committing genocide against Iraqi Kurds, images that have become woven into the fabric of the American perception of Iraq?

Barbara Bush: Things Working Out "Very Well" for Poor Evacuees from New Orleans - "And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury on New Orleans: "Americans Are Being Brainwashed" - Mentality is "like that of the brown shirts that followed Hitler"

New World Orleans: Microcosm for the "New America" - Special report on the elite police state takeover

An Embarrassment of Riches - The estate tax affects only the richest 2 percent of Americans. But Congress wants to repeal it to make sure its "base" doesn't pay another penny.

Soldiers "killed Iraqi in gratuitous attack'" - Seven British soldiers entered a small southern Iraqi village and killed an 18-year-old man during a "gratuitous" and "unprovoked" attack on a group of civilians, it was alleged in court today.

Why the American dream is one of the biggest lies - In a breathtaking display of racism, some white British students who were trapped in the hell of the city’s Superdome stadium, being used for refugees, were removed to a safer place in a basketball arena by a white policeman who one student described as having “broken all the rules” to help them.

Prisoners fell on barbed wire in bid to find water - "They were hanging out of the windows and trying to get water. Some of the inmates were so desperate for water that they tied their t-shirts together and lowered a boot into the diseased water that they had just relieved themselves into."

Murder and rape - fact or fiction? - New Orleans police have been unable to confirm the tale of the raped child, or indeed any of the reports of rapes, in the Superdome and convention centre.

Denmark Tells CIA to Stay Out of Danish Airspace - The decision comes as a reaction to the "rendition" of terror suspects from Europe to locations that allow less-restrictive interrogation.

September 7, 2005

FEMA Turned Away Aid, Rescue Crews, Cut Emergency Communication Lines: Witnesses - FEMA Agency draws ire of frustrated volunteers and donors for stopping relief efforts.

The All-Too American Tragedy of New Orleans: Empire, Inequality, Race and Oil - Truth be told, the US has been sinking in a toxic stew of Empire and Inequality for quite some time.

American Labor's Rebirth - In Los Angeles, as well as other cities across the country, a powerful new labor movement is emerging -- one that has already claimed a number of victories for working families.

Bush’s Constitution and not Iraq’s - Historically, constitutions have always been written in order to consolidate the principle of nationhood, nationalism and citizenship; and establish a single identity that binds a single sovereign state together with its people. A given constitution also seeks to fulfil the aspiration of the people in terms of equality and justice. The draft constitution for Iraq, which was recently put before the parliament, came in total contradiction to the above axiomatic basics.

Study: 1.7 Million Children in U.S. Live in Homes With Loaded, Unlocked Guns - About 1,400 children are killed by firearms each year, according to CDC estimates. It's not known how many of those are killed by guns left around the house, the researchers said.

GREEKS BEARING GIFTS: Paul Krugman at the New York Times and Clinton FEMA Director James Lee Witt Leading America Into the Next Slaughter - - by Michael Ruppert - Intelligent critics from both left and right have for years painstakingly documented FEMA’s paramount leadership role in Continuity of Government (COG) operations and planning. Better described, COG is what will happen if Congress is nuked, if a major catastrophe makes "normal" government operations impossible, or if there is major civil unrest (or total economic collapse). Much of FEMA’s infrastructure is really dedicated to this task and not to disaster relief.

"You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government" - Reagan, like George W. Bush after him, failed to understand that when people come together into community, and then into nationhood, that they organize themselves to protect themselves from predators, both human and corporate, both domestic and foreign. This form of organization is called government. But the Reagan/Bush ideologues don't "believe" in government, in anything other than a military and police capacity. Government should punish, they agree, but it should never nurture, protect, or defend individuals. Nurturing and protecting, they suggest, is the more appropriate role of religious institutions, private charities, families, and - perhaps most important - corporations.

FOCUS - Oil prices at 100 usd/barrel no longer unthinkable in wake of Katrina - Oil prices at 100 usd a barrel are no longer an unthinkable prospect in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Asian demand is part of the reason, analysts said.

Dear Boss Man: Stick'em Up! - I have you in my crosshairs. I’m your bodyguard, your cook, your barber. I’m the guy who cleans your pool, the woman who washes your clothes and takes care of your kids, the doorman who let’s you in your high rise tower while keeping out your undesirables. I’m the guy from across town that mows your lawn, the masses that allow you to feel superior, gifted and worthy. I’m the guy who fixes your car and drives you around, who calls you sir and treats you with respect. In short, I’m the one who knows where you sleep, what you eat, when you go to work and come home, whom it is you love and hang out with, and what you’re doing to the planet. In other words, I’ve got you more than you got me. I go places and do things you’re afraid of. Your money has made you a counterfeit man. You’re nothing without me, but without you, I’m free.

Leave My Child Alone ! - When parents are properly informed, opt out rates reach 90%

Government Intervention in Stock Market is Detailed by New Report, GATA Says - A major Canadian financial management firm that a year ago published a compilation of evidence of central bank manipulation of the gold price has just done the same in regard to the U.S. stock market and has reached a similar conclusion.

Day 1 FEMA concern: Convey positive image - The government's disaster chief waited until hours after Hurricane Katrina had struck the Gulf Coast before asking his boss to send 1,000 Homeland Security employees to the region — and gave them two days to arrive, according to internal documents. Brown said that among duties of these employees was to "convey a positive image" about the government's response for victims.

Group: Internal memos show oil companies limited refineries to drive up prices - The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) today exposed internal oil company memos that show how the industry intentionally reduced domestic refining capacity to drive up profits, RAW STORY has learned.

Guess Who Castrated FEMA? - Here's a timeline that outlines the fate of both FEMA and flood control projects in New Orleans under the Bush administration. Read it and weep.

Exxon's $10B fill-up: Cashing in on crunch - Oil companies came under new fire yesterday when it emerged that ExxonMobil's profits are likely to soar above $10 billion this quarter on the back of the fuel crisis.

CIA Publishes Its Own "Assassin's Manual," Proving It Condones Killing Those Who Oppose U.S. Policy - The CIA "Killer's Manual" "art' of assassination as if it was a mandatory college course.

September 8, 2005

Top War Profiteer Doug Feith Retires Wealthy - Douglas Feith, the recently resigned undersecretary of defense, who just happened to be one of the main people who for years on end advocated for a war in Iraq, and who in large part developed the disastrous policies for the war in Iraq, planned ahead for his retirement and will not be seen in the unemployment line.

Life "worse for world's poorest" - Many of the world's poorest countries are doing worse in 2005 than they were 15 years ago, a major UN report says.

The Bigotry of Low Expectations - As Katrina wiped out New Orleans' communications infrastructure, panicky rumors of violence in evacuation centers quickly filled the airwaves. The only problem--few of the reports were true.

Amnesty accuses oil firms of overriding human rights - A consortium of western oil companies, led by ExxonMobil, has drawn up legal agreements with African governments that potentially override the human rights of the local populations, according to a report published today by Amnesty International.

Big Brother might watch your laptop - Police and security agencies would be able to surreptitiously track unwitting Canadians via their cellphones, BlackBerrys and laptop computers, even when the devices are turned off or their location features are disabled, under a "creepy" measure contemplated as part of the federal government's planned electronic surveillance bill.

Katrina + Oil = Profits for Our Kings - by John Perkins - It is time, my fellow Americans, to listen to the words of our Founding Fathers. Profiteering without representation must go. The destruction of our world, for the short-term benefit of a new type of royalty, is unacceptable.

Is the US military preparing another massacre in Tal Afar? - The largest US military offensive on an urban area since the attack on Fallujah last year has been underway since September 2 in the city of Tal Afar, an ancient metropolis with a predominantly Sunni Muslim, ethnic Turkish population of some 300,000.

UN hits back at US in report saying parts of America are as poor as Third World - Parts of the United States are as poor as the Third World, according to a shocking United Nations report on global inequality.

FEMA packed with W's pals - Campaign pros get top jobs

WSJ: White rich elude Orleans chaos, don't want poor blacks back - "The new city must be something very different, Mr. Reiss says, with better services and fewer poor people. "Those who want to see this city rebuilt want to see it done in a completely different way: demographically, geographically and politically."

FEMA: Corrupt, Negligent, Criminal and In Charge - FEMA is not an elected body, it does not involve itself in public disclosures, and it even has a quasi-secret budget in the billions of dollars. It has more power than the President of the United States or the Congress.

Radiological materials not secured for months after Iraq invasion: report - The US Defense Department failed to secure sources of radiological material in Iraq for six months after the US invasion in 2003, during which period some were looted or scattered, a congressional watchdog said.

The Militarization of New Orleans. From Victims to Vandals: Mass Media and New Orleans - The mass media made an abrupt turn, adapting and shaping the images of the Administration’s catastrophe. In seven days the magic of the media transformed the Bush team from incompetent and ignorant leaders to decisive and caring officials. At the same time the desperate, dying and furious were converted into an unruly, crime-ridden, ungrateful and chaotic mob. The political message was clear: Repression and militarization were priority conditions for survival and humanitarian aid. The city had to be under de facto martial law before it could be saved. Viet Nam and Falluja come to mind.

Censored! - Project Censored presents the 10 biggest stories the mainstream media ignored over the past year.

September 9, 2005

Living Paycheck to Paycheck Made Leaving Impossible - "I don't own a car. Me and my wife, we travel by bus, public transportation. The most money I ever have on me is $400. And that goes to pay the rent. And that $400 is between me and my wife."

Locals believe Levees were Intentionally blown - Could the levees in New Orleans have been INTENTIONALLY blown out in order to save sections of the city deemed to be more important?

NBC: FEMA chief relieved of Katrina duties - Report follows controversy over Brown’s qualifications, agency’s response

Hunger strikers pledge to die in Guantánamo - More than 200 detainees in Guantánamo Bay are in their fifth week of a hunger strike, the Guardian has been told.

Dusted - Long after 9-11, some people say the dust is still making them sick. Now they want the EPA to do something about it.

Heavy Metal Holdup - The Bush administration advanced two phony arguments to support its industry-friendly approach: 1) that mercury isn’t really toxic; and 2) there’s no "commercially available" technology available to clean it up.

Future Storms May be More Destructive - Global warming is changing the realities of life within a hundred or more miles of those coasts. We may find that either we will have to quit building developments and start recovering coastal wetlands, or establish ongoing massive evacuation plans for entire regions.

Dallas meeting plans reconstruction of New Orleans without poor African Americans - The Dallas meeting focused on rebuilding and rezoning New Orleans without the "criminal element," a code word for the city's poor African American community.

Bush allows contractors to pay lower wages - US President George W Bush issued an executive order on Thursday allowing federal contractors rebuilding in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to pay below the prevailing wage.

New Orleans Begins Confiscating Firearms as Water Recedes - No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns or other firearms, said P. Edwin Compass III, the superintendent of police. "Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons," he said.

Physician who told Cheney to go F*ck Himself Lost his Home in Katrina, Detained, Cuffed by Cheney's M-16-carrying Goons - Hey, at least Marble was polite. After all, he referred to Cheney as "Mr. Cheney."

Former Green Beret Comes Clean About Mafia-Like Hit On Military Officer Who Knew Too Much About Kennedy Assassination - "The mafia and the CIA together were involved in the Kennedy assassination."

September 10, 2005

Afro-Americans, oil is more valuable than you! - ...in 1974, within 24 hours notice, the American government sent thousands of brand new military assets, tanks, planes, rockets, artillery, with all the ammunition required, to aid Israel against Egypt. Therefore, the US does have a proven track record for mobilising major logistical programmes, even to help a nation across thousands of miles away, in the relatively less capable US, 30 years ago, but it took five days to help the poor people in Louisiana and Mississippi in 2005.Palestinians.

Minister: Bush must be "shot down" - A conservative German minister in a southern state has caused uproar by saying U.S. President George W. Bush should be "shot down" for his handling of the crisis in hurricane-struck New Orleans.

Food and the US Arsenal: If You Want to Eat, You Got to Come Out - In New Orleans food aid is provided only to those who leave the city and in the Astrodome US military recruiters are attempting to recruit young men and women without too many alternatives into their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Green Zone - The chickenhawks have put the war back in class warfare. Under globalization, Baghdad and New Orleans really are interchangeable. It’s not just the American worker, but the American citizen, who is being brought down to the same level as a citizen of the Third World. Apparently, human rights are only for those with the money to buy them -- and the price is going up, up, up, right along with oil.

Ukrainian president fires his entire government - Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko fired his entire government yesterday, including firebrand Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. He acted in response to a simmering power struggle among key lieutenants of the country's 7-month-old Orange Revolution that erupted into extraordinary infighting about alleged corruption among top officials.

Neoliberalism, the New Social Darwinism, and New Orleans - The "laissez faire age" of classical liberalism created mammoth social crises. Void of any social protections, that earlier era of dog-eat-dog aggrandizement for wealth and privilege led to unprecedented upheaval, economic dislocation, and social violence. The situation became so bad that during the height of depression in the 1870s and 1890s, Federal troops had to be mobilized to crush strikes and "insurrection" in America's major cities.

FEMA Chief Brown Paid Millions to Fla. Residents Unaffected by ‘04 Hurricane to Help Bush Win Majority of Votes There - ...the most interesting charge against Brown is that he helped speed up payments in Florida and purposely bypassed FEMA’s lengthy reviews process for distributing funds in order to help Bush secure votes in the state during last year’s presidential election.

New Katrina Contracts Awarded; Include Fluor, Bechtel - Once again, the same massive corporations that have screwed up the Iraq reconstruction, screwed up numerous US projects, and been fined for overcharges and wage and safety violations, have been rewarded by the Bush Administration.

New Orleans becomes a war zone - A dress rehearsal for martial law? - Just last month, the Washington Post published an article revealing that the US military’s Northern Command had developed a series of "war plans" for the military "to take charge" in domestic crises. While apparently these plans involved a response to supposed terrorist attacks, including the detonation of a nuclear device in a major American city, the catastrophe that struck New Orleans provided ideal conditions for testing the plans out.


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