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April 6, 2005

Killing folks the old-fashioned way - As representatives of a superpower devoted to (and enamored with) war, it's hardly surprising that the Pentagon and allied corporations are forever planning more effective ways to kill, maim, and inflict pain - or that they plan to keep it that way.

April 9, 2005

Top US scientists urge halt to funding for missile defense deployment - A group of top US scientists, including nine Nobel Prize winners, called on Congress Thursday to stop funding deployment of interceptor missiles for a controversial ground-based missile defense system, saying it was incapable of defending against a real attack.

April 10, 2005

Imperial Reach - As the Defense Department begins to look beyond the war in Iraq, a major priority will be to commence a systematic realignment of US forces and bases abroad. This massive undertaking will result in a substantial reduction of American forces in Germany and South Korea, and the establishment of new facilities in Eastern Europe, the Caspian Sea basin, Southeast Asia and Africa.

April 13, 2005

Big Brother to watch US campuses - The Department of Education is considering a plan to maintain files on virtually every college and university student in the country: 15 million students from 6,000 schools.

April 14, 2005

NWO Plans To Depopulate The Earth - To implement their 'final solution' to depopulate 4-5 billion people from the Earth, the world's elite will undoubtedly harness the newly emerging biotech and nanotechnology industries to create a super 'bioweapon' virus creating a global 'kill-off' pandemic through which only they will have the cure.

The Mysterious Deaths of Top Microbiologists - Molecular biologists and microbiologists are being murdered. The official silence on the question of how so many microbiologists and top experts in infectious diseases could die in such a short time span is deafening.

April 18, 2005

U.S. Military's Elite Hacker Crew - The U.S. military has assembled the world's most formidable hacker posse: a super-secret, multimillion-dollar weapons program that may be ready to launch bloodless cyberwar against enemy networks -- from electric grids to telephone nets.

Cancers from US nuclear testing set to double: study - Hundreds in the Marshall Islands have developed cancer as a result of US bomb tests, and many more are likely to contract the disease

Thousands of Missiles Fired by Russian and American Forces over Earths Arctic Regions - Completely unannounced, both the super powers are launching thousands of missiles from both land based and aircraft launched these missiles that are being directed out of the earth’s atmosphere into the outer space regions of our planets atmosphere.

April 19, 2005

Did An Airline Mechanic Stumble Upon The Truth? - An airline mechanic accidentally discovers an extra, unexplained plumbing system in an airliner. This plumbing system was designed to discharge something through the wings. It is not a normal part of any known airliner plumbing system. Is this the system used to create "chem-trails"?

April 20, 2005

Battlespace America: The new Pentagon can peruse intelligence on U.S.citizens and send Marines down Main Street. - The creation of NORTHCOM, as part of the "unified plan" in the wake of 9/11, established the military's first domestic combatant command center. This precedent departs from a long-standing tradition of distinguishing between the responsibilities of the military and those of law enforcement.

April 21, 2005

The New American Militarism: The normalization of war - At the end of the Cold War, Americans said "yes" to military power. The skepticism about arms and armies that pervaded the American experiment from its founding vanished. Political leaders, liberals and conservatives alike, became enamored with military might.

April 25, 2005

Bush's Most Radical Plan Yet - WIth a vote of hand-picked lobbyists, the president could terminate any federal agency he dislikes.

Newsweek: Spy agency giving out Americans' names - The National Security Agency is not supposed to target Americans; when a U.S. citizen's name comes up in an NSA 'intercept,' the agency routinely minimizes dissemination of the info by masking the name before it distributes the report to other U.S. agencies. But it's now clear the agency disseminates thousands of U.S. names

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official? - Bolton was verbally and physically abusive to his colleagues over the past several years. It is time to take a close look at some violent deaths of State Department and CIA officials who tangled with the Bush administration over Iraq policy.

Warning on spread of state surveillance - US and European governments are building a "global registration and surveillance infrastructure" in the US-led "war on terror", civil liberty groups warned yesterday. The aim is to monitor the movements and activities of entire populations in what campaigners call "an unprecedented project of social control".

April 26, 2005

20th Century Wars: A Pattern of Deception - Four major 20th century "wars" possess a strange amount of similarities. World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the War on Terror, all came about after presidents had deceivingly pledged opposition to such ideas. Moreover, each war had a convenient pre-text that propelled the nation into the conflict, and each one served the purpose of the architects of internationalism.


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