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9-11 -

Mounting Public Opinion Forces Fox into Retreat

Posted in the database on Saturday, August 05th, 2006 @ 11:23:23 MST (3717 views)
by Aaron Dykes    The Jones Report  

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Disbelief Caused by Bush 'Hatred' Say 'No Spin' News Heads Descending Deeper into the Defensive

The campaign to discredit the 9/11 Truth Movement has gone from manageable to desperate for the administration. The push for more evidence had been dammed up by the premise of the Moussoui Trial. But since its completion, pressure has forced an ever-defensive government to dole out evidence.

So, we have seen the handled release of more Pentagon footage and now, the release of some of the NORAD recordings from 9/11. Fox News has had on many guests regarding 9/11 since the Pentagon footage was released, including 9/11 Scholars for Truth members James Fetzer, the founder, and Kevin Barrett, whose un-tenured teaching position has come under attack.

Both scholars raised questions that Fox News couldn't fully address, but Fox was still able to maintain the catch all defense summed up in the label "Conspiracy Theorist."

But now the Bush administration's parrot has been forced to descend deeper into the circles of illogical defense-- showing the forced hand in trying to suppress information about the truth of the September 11 attacks.

The recent Scripps-Howard/Ohio State Poll found that 1/3 of the American public "suspect federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East."

Fox News, then, must hobble backwards over itself in the name of damage control.

This only compliments the May 2006 Zogby Poll that reveals a shocking 42% of American adults believe in a cover-up of 9/11. It further revealed that over 70 million Americans would support a new investigation.

This has forced a new line of defense in a crumbling and deceptive government to hide the truth-- that Americans don't believe the Official 9/11 story solely due to their 'hatred for Bush.'

The Propaganda-Peddling Ring known as Fox has one primary organizational purpose-- to maintain a public confidence that the administration's house of cards is structurally sound. The executive-branch records any approximate mandate as carte blanche on its asset sheet, and there is a vested interest in a nation torn apart by wedge issues-- one that asks only questions within the realm of the Socratic shadow world.

A populous nosing around the metaphysical light is a troubling one-- national security doesn't really justify much outside of the cave.

So, Fox News must continue to rationalize and write-off all forms of dissent, especially regarding 9/11-- which they continually characterize as the doubts of fringe conspiracy theorists.

Now that this is no longer possible, they must pawn off legitimate doubts as 'blind hatred.' Fox, of course, still cannot debate the facts of the case. To do so would be to fight an unwinnable case.

Fox News' John Gibson addresses several major concerns of 9/11 conspiracy theorists-- including faked Bin Laden tapes, controlled demolition of the 'Twin Towers' (building 7 is not mentioned here), missiles at the Pentagon.

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But he dismisses them collectively on two faulty fronts, first categorizing the belief that the 'U.S. government had something to do with the 9/11 attacks' as "madness" put forward by "America haters in Europe and Canada and Arab nation. A best selling book in France started it." (referring here to Thierry Meyssan).

After re-enforcing the idea that doubting the Official 9/11 story is Un-American, Gibson dismisses collectively claims contrary to the official account as being 'much closer to alien spaceships than they are to observable and verifiable fact.'

Fox News would like you to believe that the 9/11 case is one still rooted in rhetoric when in fact the situation is one of mounting evidence--piles and piles of indescrepancies and proven-evidence (as is in the case of thermite being found in molten steel samples) that is simply ignored by a government facade that claims, as John Gibson did, that "hundreds if not thousands of experts have told them exactly what happened on 9/11."

During the same news cycle that the Scripps-Howard poll shows a third of Americans believing the government took part in the attacks, partial tapes from NORAD on 9/11 have been released.

Even Fox News had to concede in its coverage that the Pentagon lied about the NORAD timetable. Sean Hannity acknowledged this point-- without analizing it--but was quick to assert, falsely, that it "doesn't prove there was any wrongdoing."

This weakening defense is readily reinforced by the easy "incompetence" rationale.

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Hannity wants to ask questions like: "Would the government ever be ready for some thing like that, do you think, or is it one of those things that are so unpredictable that that seems almost the natural response?"

Vanity Fair reporter Michael Bronner, who was on to cover his coverage of the NORAD tapes, covers the incompetence rationale with statements like: "It's the breakdown between the FAA and the military trying to figure out where the planes were that caused them the biggest problems all day."

This gives a false impression that contradicts the standard operating procedure of NORAD to scramble jet fighters whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact is lost. NORAD's official website also claims that they will "detect, intercept and if necessary engage any air-breathing threat to this continent."

There is also the testimony of Norman Mineta, who was the Transportation Secretary during 9/11. He claims to have been in the bunker with Vice President Dick Cheney while an inferior officer reported the closing distance of the hijacked planes, asking the Vice President "if the orders still stand."

Click to view video

Hannity's whitewash in the interpretation of the NORAD tapes signals a new line of defense in the cover-up of 9/11 that cannot stand. There are simply too many discrepancies for the public to ignore any longer.

The ignorance of the general public the administration has relied upon is unravelling. One third of the American public suspects that the government was involved in the attacks--that number without any admissions, accusations or attention by any leading Democrats or Republicans.

The truth, then, is out in massive numbers without the help of politics. This implies strongly that the hopes of the administration to keep this thing under wraps in an open-ended War on Terror is simply over. They will be forced to show their hand or give up. Either way, the public will no longer be deceived about the truth of 9/11.

Fox News would love to really believe that sentiment and rhetoric are still the controlling devices behind the shifting public belief on 9/11. Unfortunately for Fox and the remainder of complicit mainstream media, the debate is being driven by evidence that cannot or is not being refuted by those in government in a position to do so.

Unfortunately for the criminal elements in and around the government who actually attacked the United States on 9/11, the truth of that evidence is coming out-- it is only a matter of time.

Hatred for Bush may be one of the consequences, but it is not the cause of public opinion on 9/11. This excuse will only bide time.


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