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July 8, 2006

London Bombings - The Facts Speak For Themselves - Who Dunnit?

July 7, 2006

Questions About 7/7 The Tanweer Video Doesn't Answer - By now we know the drill - pardon the pun."Al-Qaeda" only chooses to release its video productions at the most politically expedient times to maximize the benefits enjoyed from them by the Bush and Blair administrations.

June 27, 2006

Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5 - A noted terror expert has told the BBC that Mohammed Siddique Khan, the alleged ringleader of the 7/7 London bombings, was working for British intelligence agency MI5 as an informant at the time of the attacks.

April 11, 2006

Official version of 7/7 London bombings does not make sense - Is all the terror the work of some group within the security services?

March 11, 2006

London bomber used to work for the Government - This is the latest in a long line of evidence of government involvement...Was Khan the perfect patsie?

March 8, 2006

Police Re-Authorize Targeted Assassination on Streets Of Britain - The Association of Chief Police Officers in Britain has concluded in its inquiry that the shoot to kill policy which was carried out in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is acceptable and should not be altered. Since de Menezes' behavior gave no sign whatsoever that he was a potential suicide bomber, this is a strong statement of intent.

February 9, 2006

FBI "gave prior warning to Britain about 7/7 bomber" - Further evidence suggesting that British security forces were alerted in advance to the danger posed by the leader of the London suicide bombers emerged yesterday.

January 29, 2006

Police "faked Tube death log" - Special Branch "altered record" in attempt to switch the blame for de Menezes shooting

December 20, 2005

7/7 Final Final Word: British Intelligence Inside Operation - With the major stories of torture/rendition and spying on US citizens, one important revelation has slipped away virtually unnoticed - the fact that the Blair Government and the British Intelligence services had prior knowledge of the London bombings on July 7th of this year.

November 16, 2005

Police used "dum dum" bullets to kill de Menezes - The Brazilian man shot dead by police in the mistaken belief that he was a suicide bomber was killed with a type of bullet banned in warfare under international convention...

November 1, 2005

Latest footage of London Bomber: More evidence of a frame up - These revelations are yet more evidence to suggest that the so called "suicide bombers" had little or no idea that they were going to die on 7/7.

August 27, 2005

Tube shooting leaks to be investigated - Am inquiry has been launched into the leaking of sensitive information on the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes following police pressure on those heading the investigation.

August 23, 2005

Police and Tube firm at odds over CCTV footage of innocent Brazilian's shooting - Police officers and station managers were at odds last night over the existence of crucial CCTV-footage of the shooting of a Brazilian man wrongly suspected of being a suicide bomber.

August 17, 2005

Timeline: Tube shooting - Leaked documents appear to throw new light on the "mistaken" shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes. What is most interesting in the new "official story" is that he was not running trying to evade police, nor was he wearing a heavy jacket as some early "eyewitnesses" stated.

August 9, 2005

Shoot to Kill: Britain Brings Home Its Dirty War - The 14th Intelligence Company and SAS (or Special Air Service) have a sordid history, including organizing massacres of republican fighters in Northern Ireland. It should be noted that the SAS officers commanded some of the infamous "pseudo gangs" that terrorized the civilian population in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion-in other words, they created fake terrorist groups

August 6, 2005

London CCTV Evidence: Please Yank My Chain - Dick Fojut has written Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, and several British publications demanding the police and the Israeli security company Verint release CCTV video footage of the London subway bombings. Of course, the British government will do no such thing, as the United States government refuses (nearly four years later) to release the video footage (taken by a nearby security camera) of the supposed plane hitting the Pentagon.

August 4, 2005

Army 'involved' in Tube shooting - A NEWLY-established British army anti-terror special forces unit was involved in the operation in which an innocent Brazilian man was shot dead in London last month, a report said overnight.

August 3, 2005

London Bombings: Electrical Surge Connected to Menezes Shooting? - Some tips - the contradiction between the Transport Police, Metronet and the National Grid. The former two declared there WAS a power surge which "caused the explosions". The latter - the National Grid, DENIED there was ever a power surge. Menezes was a contract electrician. See my point? Where did Menezes work at prior to his murder?

August 2, 2005

Bombing Mastermind Aswat Works for MI-6 - As Fox News tells it, at the very moment the British police were supposedly looking high and low for Dewsbury resident Haroon Rashid Aswat, pegged as the London bombing “mastermind,” MI-6 was quietly stowing him away for safe keeping. In fact, they were protecting him as an asset, although we should not expect Fox News to admit this “embarrassing” fact

August 1, 2005

Crisis in America: The Strange London - 9/11 Coincidences - Reviewing these events, 3 key facts about the London attacks seem eerily similar to 9/11

July 30, 2005

Loftus: London bombing mastermind is MI6 agent - Former Justice Dept. prosecutor John Loftus claims alleged London bombing mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat is a "double agent" who "works for the MI6".

Prime Terror Suspects: Israeli Security Companies Have the Means, Motive and Opportunity - A good crime investigator would always question the private guards. They have unlimited access to the crime scene, they know how to handle explosives, and in the case of people who call Israel mother, they have the strongest motive.

Police Admit Brazilian did not Jump Turnstile - The family of the Brazilian man shot dead by police officers on the London Underground say the police have privately admitted he did not jump the ticket barrier, and had not been wearing a padded jacket.

Israeli Security to Protect London's Underground - Along with the fact that the man in overall command of London transport network, Robert Kiley, is a former Executive Assistant to the Director of the CIA, with extensive experience in covert operations, the following details yet another element in what is increasingly beginning to look like a classic false flag operation.

July 29, 2005

Former British MI5 Agent Says 'Many Similarities' Between London Bombings And 9/11 - Jailed in 2002 for blowing the whistle on payoffs by British MI6 to an Islamic terrorist group to kill Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi of Libya, David Shayler this week talks openly from his home on the southern coast of England about how he feels both the London bombings and 9/11 were most likely staged government events. He claims the free people of the world are at war with an enemy within and either democracy will prevail or a facist rule and martial law will take over.

July 28, 2005

RETURN OF THE "POD PEOPLE" - This photo is being sent around the net as proof of video fakery by the London authorities.

July 26, 2005

London Terror:Did Mossad Hit Squad Kill Brazilian? - An innocent Brazilian may have been executed by an Israeli Mossad death squad in the aftermath of the London Bombings.

Did Police Lie About Stakeout on Brazilian? - British police may have concocted an elaborate tale of a stakeout on a Brazilian man they shot and killed last Friday, in order to hide an even more unpalatable truth. That they had just killed a person whose only suspicious act was to run for a train.

Police---institutionally racist - The Killing of a Brazilian man shows that either the British police are nervous, inexperienced and naive, or it was a deliberate act by the police to give a message to foreigners, especially coloured people. It is disgusting to hear all British politicians, including George Galloway, using decades-old stereotypes to praise police and security services.

We will shoot to kill again, warns police chief - POLICE warned yesterday that their shoot-to-kill policy would be applied across the whole of Britain and that more people might die at the hands of armed officers as a result of the investigation into the London bomb attacks.

No Video of the 3 Bombers Inside the London Subway Cars before they blew up? - If the London Police CANNOT produce those videos they SHOULD possess, the accused 4 men, 3 supposedly with rucksack bombs, were NOT on the Underground train cars, did NOT detonate bombs! And the Police are LYING.

Ramping up the fear quotient - A sure fire way of keeping the spotlight off a murderous government that is neither believed nor trusted by the majority of the population, is to have a diversion of enormous magnitude caused by an enemy, preferably of an elemental kind (anarchists, communists, fanatics, fundamentalists, terrorists, take your pick).

July 25, 2005

Bomb Was UNDER The Train Says Eyewitness Closest To It - "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train.

Shoot-to-Kill or Execution? - Pre-planned? If they thought he was a suicide bomber, why did they let him walk into a subway station? Why did they only challenge him - if in fact they did - or run after him after he was in a place where he could do real damage?

Photo of 'Bombers' has been Doctored - At Least one person has been superimposed

Charles de Menezes: Executed to Instill Fear - In other words, if you don’t act in the expected manner, or wear the right clothes, you may get five rounds to the head.

British boy wrongly labelled as London bomber - AN INTERVIEW of a British teenager broadcast on a Pakistani television network has thrown into doubt investigators’ claims that all the three London bombers of Pakistani descent visited Pakistan last year. According to the investigators, the three bombers had died in the July 7 attacks.

July 24, 2005

London assassination-handiwork of Israeli death squad? - They had a specialist hit team waiting at Stockwell.

Part Government-Part Carlye Group owned company in Call for scanning system on tube - Qinetiq - which is 56% owned by the government and 30% by the Carlyle group - is developing a "passive millimetric wave" scan which could screen people in real time and without the radiation risks associated with x-rays, Mr Stringer said.

British Cops trained in Israel - "Operation Kratos": London Met Police Special Operations Unit "Shoot to Kill"

UK Police Want New Draconian Powers - The police body further wants to be able to attack and close down Web sites in order to to "suppress inappropriate internet usage.

July 23, 2005

Did Special Forces Execute Man at Stockwell? - The secret Services do not kill random people, they kill people who know too much.

Man shot dead by police not connected to bombs - Police acknowledged on Saturday the man they shot dead on Friday was not connected to bomb attacks on London the previous day, calling the shooting tragic and regrettable.

How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings - Staged terror events --like magic tricks-- rely on misdirection to throw people off the track. To uncover how the London bombings were carried out by a Western black operations team, we must see through the key misdirections they built into the operation.

July 22, 2005

Prison Planet.com/Infowars Under Attack For London Bombing Coverage - Tech guru Dwayne Coots who oversees the website said it was the biggest attack he had seen in his many years of experience. It has the hallmarks of a government attack.

Another Phony Al-Qaeda Group Claims Responsibility For Latest London Bombings - There is no evidence that the group even exists.

Snake Oil - The Prime Minister has once more displayed his uncanny insight into why evil things get done. "We know why these things are done," he said. "They are done to scare people and to frighten them, to make them anxious and worried." Well, that puts it clearer, to be sure. Whoever they may be and whatever motives they may claim to have, the people who caused today's explosions wanted to scare us, frighten us, anxietise and worry us, and nothing else.

License To Kill: Police Murder In Broad Daylight and Nobody Batters an Eyelid - The man was pursued, tripped, pushed to the ground and then shot five times in the torso area. If the police and special forces pursuing the man knew he had a bomb that he was potentially about to detonate then why would they risk setting the bomb off by shooting at it?

Asian Man Shot in Cold Blood by Police - Friday, 22nd July 2005, Day 1 of ‘open season’ on Asians

July 21, 2005

London attacks prompt debate on use of cameras in US - “These cameras are pigs in the poke. They do not prevent crime,” said Johnny Barnes, executive director of the DC branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

New York to Randomly Search Bags on Transit After U.K. Incident - New York police will begin randomly searching bags and backpacks of passengers on the city's buses, subways and commuter trains to guard against terrorists following today's attempted London transit bombings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said

More Explosions in London: Psy-ops in Progress - In the early confusion about what is actually happening in London, several things are already clear.

Atta's father praises London bombs - Maybe this is a good time to rethink: exactly what role Mohammed Atta and his father are playing in all this?

July 19, 2005

The "Bloody Footprints" at 10 Downing Street - We know that terror serves the greater interests of the state, props up the flagging careers of inept politicians, savages civil liberties, incites violence against minorities, divides society into hostile political encampments and vindicates the war agenda. We also know that Blair’s fear mongering on the attacks has enhanced his standing with the British people and increased his ability to manipulate public opinion. This is consistent with our original thesis that that the imperial tool-chest contains only two implements; fear and deception. Blair is a master of both.

Attack on civil liberties intensifies after London bombing - The British Labour government is advancing new repressive measures in the aftermath of the July 7 London bombings.

By any spin necessary: Why imperialist spokesmen are distancing the London bombings from the Iraq war - With uncanny precision, the various imperialist spokesmen have picked up the new line and are staying “on message” (as they say in the spin industry). In the 24 hours after the bombings the new spin was so uniformly presented that it seemed as though they’d workshopped it in advance, although it’s probably just that you don’t get their jobs without a finely-honed instinct for political manipulation.

July 18, 2005

Who duped the London bombers? - Note that in this variant the manipulator might be either an agent provocateur working for Mossad, an American or British secret police faction, or a genuine Islamist, but the cynicism of the manipulation suggests a state operation, rather than that the men were duped by one of their own.

THE MAGICAL DISAPPEARING TERRORIST BOMBING - The media has demonstrated a remarkable double standard in its reporting of this bombing attack in Turkey. Perhaps the bombing is an inconvenient one for the media, since the official “Islamic” and “Muslim” terrorists were not responsible. In relation to this bombing, the media had demonstrated again how it manufactures consent by presenting a particular bias in its news coverage.

London plot thickens, as does propaganda - "The media obediently follow the cues provided by the US and British governments, and read the handed-down script regarding the London bombings, even as crucial details are being changed daily; not even a pause in the face of mounting inconsistencies. And this includes the "progressive" media, be it The Nation or Pacifica Radio, eager to prove they are, of course, not supportive of 'terrorists.' Read or listen all you want, you will find virtually no reference to many questions being raised about the official accounts. This is quite similar to how the 9/11 events have been treated. If people don't seriously press the media, the latest propaganda will become 'fact,' as has happened with 9/11, whose crucial details remain unexamined, whose official story remains accepted across the political spectrum.

July 17, 2005

Geography of the London Bombings - ...an article was posted on a major Australian news site that the bombers intended to set a "cross" symbol into the ground with their bombings.

July 16, 2005

WAS IT SUICIDE? - Why did they buy return train tickets to Luton? Why did they buy pay & display tickets for cars? Why were there no usual shouts of 'Allah Akhbar'? Why were bombs in bags and not on their bodies?

Photo From London Bus - Note the SUV parked in front that says "Kingtstar"? Guess what they do?

Probability of 7/7 Drill and Attack Coinciding - If I go to a beach, or a desert, or under the sea and pick a single grain of sand. What chance is there of you going to the same part of the world by chance and picking up the same grain? You are trillions of times more likely to do this that the London drill coinciding with this attack at that hour

Greenspan Fingerprint Found on London Bombs - Alan Greenspan may have some explaining to do. Because the fingerprints of Greenspan's Federal Reserve are all over financial transactions just ahead of the London bombings.

July 15, 2005

Grove co. Bechtel runs bombed London Tube - Bechtel builds infrastructure such as roads, bridges and power plants including nuclear. No project is too big. After Bohemian George Bush (the senior) oversaw the destruction of Kuwait during the Gulf War it was Bechtel who won the contract to rebuild it.

Documents and explosives, a few simple questions - Following the "revelation" that the so called London Bombers left personal documents at the scenes of the attacks, plus a car load of explosives at Luton Station, there are a few unanswered questions that need addressing.

Iran ayatollah says Blair government could have bombed London - “There exists the possibility that the British government carried out this work, like the possibility [of American involvement] in the September 11 affair, since they themselves stand to benefit the most”, Jannati said.

London Transport Network Controlled by Known CIA Agent - The man with overall responsibility for public transport in London, the Commissioner and Chairman of London Transport, Bob Kiley, is a former CIA operative and is known to have worked directly for the Director of US Intelligence.

London Stagecoach Employee Says Bus Bombing Suspicious - The bus driver pointed out that the number 30 bus was the only one to be re-routed after the initial bombs went off in the London Underground, every other bus carried on its normal journey, but for some reason this bus was diverted. The driver notes the following about CCTV maintainence.

July 14, 2005

Huge Rucksack for a Ten Pound Bomb - How did a kid from Leeds who stayed in his room reading the Koran get his hands on military explosives?

The birth of the London bomb Official Story - You can practically hear the click at that moment in the life of every conspiracy when the police investigation turns into the Official Story. And the cover-up begins.

Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale - There is a huge flaw in the official theory that suicide bombers staged the multiple blasts which rocked London. A flaw which casts grave doubt over the conclusions being presented by British authorities.

Frame-up: Do These People Fit The Bill Of Suicide Bombers? - A senior security source, who has viewed the CCTV footage, said: "They were chatting. You would think they were going on a hiking holiday."

The London Bombs, The Rogue Network And Iran - (by Webster G. Tarpley) Last week's London explosions carry the characteristic features of a state-sponsored, false flag, synthetic terror provocation by networks within the British intelligence services MI-5, MI-6, the Home Office, and the Metropolitan Police Special Branch who are favorable to a wider Anglo-American aggressive war in the Middle East, featuring especially an early pre-emptive attack on Iran, with a separate option on North Korea also included. With the London attacks, the Anglo-American invisible government adds another horrendous crime to its own dossier.

July 13, 2005

The Convenient Malfunction Of The London Bus Camera - This is classic and obvious op control. Turn off the cameras. Leave no visual evidence.


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