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N. Korea and the U.S.: Clash of Authoritarian Titans

Posted in the database on Wednesday, June 21st, 2006 @ 16:49:06 MST (1121 views)
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire  

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In the latest convoluted turn of events in the pissing contest between the insane Stalinist, also known as the “Eternal President of the Republic” of North Korea, and the unitary Decider of the United States, we learn that the “Bush administration is weighing responses to a possible North Korean missile test that include attempting to shoot it down in flight over the Pacific,” according to the Associated Press.

“U.S. officials say they must consider the possibility that an anticipated test would turn out to be something else, such as a space launch or even an attack…. Robert Einhorn, a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said a U.S. shootdown of a North Korean missile on a test flight or a space launch would draw ‘very strong international reaction’ against the United States,” as if such a reaction means squat to the neocon fascists currently in control of the largest military in the world, sociopaths and sadists who make it a habit to break international treaties and kidnap dirt farmers in sovereign nations and torture them.

Bush and crew are chomping at the bit to test out their $91 billion “missile defense” system, an in your face violation of the ABM treaty. SDI, or “Star Wars” (an appropriate name, considering the program is little more than science fiction), is basically an inoperable scam devised by the government to siphon even more money to the likes of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, TRW, Raytheon, and other death merchants. If North Korea didn’t exist as an excuse to steal our money and squander it on a worthless weapon system, the death merchants would need create another sinister enemy. Kim Jong-il, an Asian version of Jim Jones, is a near perfect boogieman.

Like a mischievous child acting up to get the attention of adults, North Korea is attempting to use the test of its Taepodong-2 long-range missile to kick-start “bilateral talks” with the United States. “South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said the North wanted talks with the United States over its planned missile test, a sign Pyongyang might be ready to step back from the mounting crisis,” explains Reuters. “Through a long-practiced policy of brinkmanship, Pyongyang might be trying to improve conditions under which it could return to … six-party talks, analysts said.”

Of course, such talks are hardly serious, as the United States and North Korea, like ill-mannered kids on a grade school playground, have traded colorful insults over the years. Bush called Kim Jong-il a “pygmy” and the North Koreans have called Bush a “political idiot” (not far off the mark) and the United States “the world’s worst violator of human rights,” an astonishing declaration coming from a nation with a deplorable human rights record, to say the least, where slave labor, starvation, detention camps, rape, and murder is routine behavior.

Of course, the neolibs and their neocon kissing cousins are not unaccustomed or squeamish about such things, as slave labor and starvation fit perfectly in their global mise en scène.

North Korea’s alleged feverish development of nuclear weapons in response to its categorization as a “rogue regime” and prime candidate for the neocon shock and awe treatment (as it sits atop the “axis of evil” roster) should be considered completely natural and logical, as the United States is bristling with nukes (and the neocons appear itching to use them). Of course, prior to Bush’s appointment to the position as unitary decider, it was claimed North Korea was developing weapons of mass destruction, although more than a few experts believe the claim the shut-in nation has nukes-to-go is dubious speculation at best (see Greg Elich, US Subversion of Diplomacy and North Korea’s Phantom Nukes).

Simply put, North Korea and Iran, regardless of their authoritarian and retrograde governments, represent two hold-outs against the New Neoliberal Order with its demand that all go prostrate before the globalist bankster dictum of brazen looting and theft.

For the people of the former nation, it hardly matters, as they are already locked in crushing servitude—not inflicted by the predatory financial class on Wall Street but rather the Stalinist personality cult of the maniac Kim Jong-il, the “peerlessly great man” who forces his subjects into detention camps where they are used as guinea pigs for chemical weapons experimentation (according to Kwon Hyok, a former North Korean army intelligence officer).

Of course, such egregious crimes against humanity are hardly reason to refuse to do business with North Korea, as China, perched high with its Most Favored Nation status, runs Laogai forced labor camps and tortures dissidents, inhumane behavior approved by the likes of Wal-Mart and Apple, darlings of the New Neoliberal Order.


Bush tells North Korea ‘Don’t shoot – or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll . . . ’ vacation in Crawford.'

The Truth Will Set You Free

Americans better get a clue because while we're busy working for a living, our government is busy spending our hard earned money on defective 'defense' products.

When you pay for a product that goes by the name of 'defense shield', you're entitled to receive a shield that DEFENDS. But, apparently Bush and his cronies haven't figured that out yet.

As the Bush administration warns North Korea not to test a long-range missile, the U.S. missile-defense system remains a patchy and unproven shield, government studies and outside experts say.

President Bush ordered the Pentagon to start fielding prototype anti-missile rockets in 2004 to have at least some chance of destroying an intercontinental missile heading for the USA. Although there are 10 of those interceptors on bases in Alaska and California, their hurried deployment prevented complete testing and contributed to technical glitches and manufacturing problems, congressional investigators reported this year.

Unbelievable. First, Boy blunder asks for an over-priced system that has only "some chance" of defending the nation. Then - after 2 whole years - handsomely paid experts blame "hurried deployment" for their failure to produce a working product.

"Our system is still developing," Pentagon spokesman Eric Ruff said Tuesday. "It's a limited missile-defense system right now."

It's limited, alright! – It doesn't work!

Ruff and other Defense Department officials would not confirm reports by The Washington Times and Reuters that the missile-defense system had been switched to operational mode. "It's not like we can press a button and go on alert," spokesman Lt. Col. Brian Maka said.

What were we thinking? Aggressors must wait until our government and its contractors get their sh*t together.

The Pentagon now spends about $8 billion a year [!!!] toward development of a network of systems designed to destroy enemy missiles, particularly those from Iran and North Korea. One of the most developed parts of that system is the handful of ground-based missile interceptors at Fort Greely in Alaska and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The interceptor rockets are meant to boost a "kill vehicle" into space, where its own sensors and ground-based radars would guide it to smash into an oncoming missile at 15,000 mph. The last successful test of the idea was in 2002.

Those interceptors have never been fully tested under real-world conditions, and the past two tests fizzled when the interceptors failed to launch.

Umm, WHAT exactly did they test in 2002 and under what "conditions," if not real-world?

Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry Obering, the Missile Defense Agency's commander, told the Senate Armed Services Committee in April that he was confident the interceptors still provided "an initial defensive capability" despite the manufacturing problems blamed for the aborted tests. He said he had suspended testing and reviewed the program because of the failures.

"I believe we are back on track, but we will pause again if necessary," Obering said.

How pathetic. If by "initial defense capability" he means the deterrent effect that accompanies merely having the capability to defend ourselves, then he can rest assured that after this report, even that is gone.

Americans should sue the government under the Uniform Commercial Code for breach of the implied warranty of merchantability.

Philip Coyle, a longtime critic of the missile-defense program, said there's no firm evidence the interceptors would work against a North Korean missile.

If North Korea test-fires a missile to the south, it would be out of range of the system anyway, said Coyle, a former director of weapons testing for the Pentagon.

"Suppose North Korea launches a missile and the MDA tried to shoot it down, and like in some of the recent tests, it failed," Coyle said. "It would be totally embarrassing. It would cause a huge uproar in Congress."

What a moron! Thousands might be killed, but all he cares about is the national embarassment and the uproar in Congress??? Who gives a sh*t about Congress. They're mostly cowardly traitors who run for the hills at the first sound of alarm.

The ground-based missile-defense component was over budget by more than $365 million last year and delivered fewer interceptors than planned without proof they would work, according to a review by the Government Accountability Office this year. Inadequate oversight could have allowed some shoddy parts to be installed in the interceptors, the report said.

The story of our life. One government f*ckup after another.

Rep. Duncan Huner, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, says a limited anti-missile capability is better than none at all. The California Republican said the system is worth the billions spent.

SOLD! to the Republican with the brown nose!

"We're going to have to be able to stop an incoming ballistic missile," Hunter said. "That's a truth that liberals are going to have to accept."

The TRUTH is that it doesn't work, you moron. Even Democrats know that the only good defense shield is a defense shield that works.

Rep. Ellen Tauscher, a California Democrat on the Armed Services panel, dismissed Hunter's statement. "We want something that works," she said.

So, essentially, when Bush warns North Korea not to shoot, the only thing that backs it up is his Texas swagger.

What a joke.

Too bad the only people laughing are bankers and defense manufacturers.


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