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Martial Law No Longer On The Horizon: It's Already Here - Part Two

Posted in the database on Friday, December 16th, 2005 @ 07:23:31 MST (940 views)
by Steve Watson    Prison Planet  

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Global Move Into Police State Confirms Earth As Literal Prison Planet

Along with militarized Federal police roaming around in public nationwide, moves are afoot by the Pentagon to track and trace American citizens whom they deem to be 'Suspicious'.

This once again highlights that America has already moved into a martial law situation.

MSNBC ran a piece yesterday covering the fact that a secret 400-page Defense Department document reveals that the Pentagon now collects domestic intelligence that goes beyond legitimate concerns about terrorism or protecting U.S. Military installations. It has a giant database set up into which peaceful antiwar and counter-military recruitment groups have been entered as possible threats.

Those who attend antiwar demonstrations or Quaker meetings have been monitored and placed on the database. Think about that for a minute, the military is monitoring peaceful US citizens who do not agree with illegal warfare and placing them on a list of possible enemies.

The attitude of the Pentagon can be summed up by arch Neocon, Regan Pentagon adviser and former State Department man Michael Ledeen: "Americans believe that peace is normal, but that's not true. Life isn't like that. Peace is abnormal."

When questioned by the AP on whether domestic surveillance is common practice the Pentagon did not deny it.

We have previously reported multiple times on how the intelligence and law enforcement agencies have "domestic-terrorism files" into which peaceful protesters have been placed.

The ACLU has obtained a number of these files under the Freedom of Information Act. Those who utilize their First Amendment right are now being placed on file by the FBI and the State Department as possible terrorists. The precedent is set, if you protest you go on the subversive list and you'll be first into the forced labor camps when a city or two gets nuked.

Of course, we have known for a long time that The renewed and extended Patriot Act will target protesters and allow secret services a wider latitude at public events. Penalties for such violations would increase from six months to a year in prison.

The House yesterday voted to revise and extend The Patriot Act to give the FBI more powers to track communications, monitor library usage, demand business records, conduct secret searches, monitor telephone calls and e-mails, and obtain bank records and other personal documents.

The Patriot Act as we have exhaustively documented is the key police state weapon the authorities have in their armory. The party line often heard from Neo-Cons in their attempts to defend the Patriot Act either circulate around the contention that the use of the Patriot Act has never been abused or that it isn't being used against American citizens. The Legislation's reach HAS gone beyond terrorism and it IS actively being used to target American citizens.

Remember, section 802 is specifically aimed at US citizens and announces any crime as "domestic terrorism". Citizens can be held without a trial as "Enemy Combatants"

Also under the Patriot Act police are authorized to impose "Free Speech Zones". I thought the entire nation was a "Free Speech Zone." I thought that's what "freedom of speech" meant in the Constitution. Oh sorry, I forgot it's only a "goddammed piece of paper"

It seems that America is now a country where"free speech" means something entirely different if you don`t happen to agree with what your President, and/or his administration, have done in your name.

Of course none of this is entirely new, we have documented it for a long time now, it is simply now more out in the open and more widespread.

America is now under Martial Law, but it does not end there, a large portion of the planet has now shifted into this state. The American model has become the norm everywhere. We are literally living on a prison planet.

Canada has also just implemented armed transit police to keep everyone safe.

Both Britain and Australia also have domestic surveillance databases that gather the information of anyone who criticizes them or who they consider to be subversive (May I just take this opportunity to say YOU'VE ALREADY GOT ME ON IT, I've been doing this for a while now!).

Last year the Scotland Sunday Herald reported that the British Government was considering just banning protest altogether after a major terror attack and making it against the law to criticize the government in a State of emergency.

Free Speech Zones have also been introduced in Britain this year, making it illegal to protest outside parliament. The new draconian laws forbid spontaneous free speech within a one-kilometre radius of the House of Commons.

"I pass protesters every day at Downing Street, and believe me, you name it, they protest against it. I may not like what they call me but I thank God they can. That's called freedom" - Tony Blair, April 2002

And that's what you have systematically killed off Blair.

Here is just a short London Independent list of incidents this year in Britain indicating that we have now moved into a police state. Convicted for reading the names of 97 war dead, Held for shouting 'nonsense' at Jack Straw, Threatened with jail for Iraq protest , Apprehended for 'offensive' T-shirt, Detained for throwing a tea party, feel the freedom of being British.

Add to that list a woman who voiced her opinions against gay adoption on the radio and subsequently got a phone call from the police. I didn't realise that it was a crime to believe giving a small child or baby to two homosexuals is wrong.

Mrs Burrows commented: "I think the issue of gay adoption is something which ought to be spoken about. The idea of telling you you can't talk about it is so repressive, it's like the KGB calling you up."

In addition to repressive new terror laws, including the right to detain people without trial for up to 90 days, being debated and subsequently defeated in Britain, Australia has faced the same situation, sadly with a different outcome.

When the Australian Government was under intense pressure to water down proposed draconian laws, including provisions whereby peaceful antiwar protesters could be jailed for 7 years for "supporting the opposition of the Australian military", Prime Minister John Howard played the terror card.

Since then violence has erupted throughout the country which has been reported as racially motivated both ways. The Government has simply passed draconian laws allowing police to "lockdown" major cities with curfews, stop and search people and vehicles and seize vehicles and mobile telephones.

Similar events in France last month resulted in the hastened passing of anti terror legislation which vastly increases the state’s powers of electronic surveillance of its citizens through the use of closed-circuit cameras in public places, the recording and monitoring of Internet activity, and the retention of data that must be made available to the state.

The bill also included a provision that allowed for the denial of "the right of assembly" i.e. protesting.

Martial law is clearly being implemented globally and anyone who resists is to be categorized as a subversive and possible domestic terrorist. Why is this legislation, that is clearly aimed at the citizens of the respective countries all over the planet, being called anti-terror legislation? The answer is because everyone is a possible terrorist, almost any crime can now be interpreted as terrorism.

If you think this is an alarmist rant, ignore me, pay no attention. But maybe you should listen to the scores of congressmen and women, FBI and MI5 whistleblowers, British MPs, former CIA analysts, former Bush and Regan Administration officials, Army Generals - a few of which are summarized here.

Maybe you should pay attention when Congressman Ron Paul warns that Martial law is being implemented, or when Former Republican Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr says a military dictatorship is emerging. Or perhaps it's worth a listen when Former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal and former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the Government is in the hands of total psychopaths bent on martial law.

The list of credible individuals sounding the alarm is extensive and all we can do is attempt to beef up what they are saying with constant facts and reports and give them a platform to get the word out. But it is primarily you people out there who must spread this information far and wide. If we work together to do that we can move out of the Martial law State that we have been herded into.

We cannot all be placed on the subversive list, they can't herd us all into pens. Remember, we are the majority and no matter how much they attempt to quell peaceful protest and the right to free speech, it is still there because it is God given, not government given.

Martial law is upon us, but as they ratchet up the stakes a harmonized peaceful revolution of information is also emerging.

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