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The Post 9/11 Saturation Of Our Culture In Torture

Posted in the database on Thursday, December 08th, 2005 @ 15:56:22 MST (1107 views)
by Steve Watson    Infowars.com  

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Torture Doublethink At All Time High

So much torture, bloodshed, deceit. You cannot make your young people practice torture twenty-four hours a day and not expect to pay a price for it.
Jean Paul-Sartre

Hundreds of stories and reports are now emerging everyday concerning renditioning, secret prisons, camps on foreign soil and fresh detainee abuse. Such reports are continually framed by endless "debates" in the media of when is the right time to use torture and who do we use it on? Add all this to the TV dramas that depict torture as necessary and the government hanging sword that is the "terrorist threat", and it is clear to see that our culture has become saturated in torture.

The fact that we are even having to face the question of whether torture is a consideration of any modern civilized State is mind-blowing in itself. Even the most heinous of bloodthirsty empires throughout history have dismissed the use of and even outlawed torture.

According to an AP poll released today, most Americans and a majority of people in Britain, France and South Korea say torturing terrorism suspects is justified at least in rare instances. Almost two-thirds in the United States support such interrogations in the U.S. by their own government. Unbelievable.

The attitude of "if it saves lives any measures of interrogation should be permissible" is fundamentally flawed. Under torture a person will say anything he thinks his captors want to hear, whether it is true or false, if he believes it will relieve his suffering. Torture never produces reliable results, it only creates false leads and implicates the wrong people. Furthermore, and this perhaps the most critical and bone chillingly dangerous point, torture is the MOST degrading, demoralizing, hideous thing one human being can do to another. Almost two-thirds in the United States support such interrogations in the U.S. by their own government. Unbelievable.

There is a coordinated, outlined agenda underway at the hands of the globalist crazy Neo-Cons to redefine the meaning of torture for a "post 9/11 world" and make it commonplace within our culture. Torture has always existed since the dawn of time, yet no authority throughout the history of the planet has ever openly admitted to its practice - until now. Not even the Nazis had the gall to go as far as the Neo-Cons have.

Manfred Nowak, the U.N.'s Special Rapporteur on Torture has said that

"Now we have for the first time both an academic and a political debate saying 'We are living under new conditions. Sept. 11 has changed the rules of the game and that's why we have to rethink the absolute prohibition on torture.'"

The Orwellian Newspeak emanating from the globalist Neocons is literally redefining and undermining the entire ethical beliefs system of the Western world. Washington says the Geneva Convention does not apply to foreign captives in its "war on terrorism" because they are "enemy combatants". Human rights activists say the US is still bound by the 1984 U.N. "Convention against Torture," to which it is a signatory. Yet the Neocons say they are not torturing, preferring to refer to a practice of "torture lite" or "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques". And so round and round the false debate goes on whilst the agenda sinks into the cultural mindset.

Amid the furor of the rendition issue, the weekend saw the release of the "CIA Guide to torture" which revealed several techniques employed by officials.

The most severe of such Enhanced Interrogation techniques is known as "water boarding", whereby a prisoner is bound to a board, feet raised and head slightly below the feet, ABC said. Cellophane is wrapped over the prisoner's face and water is poured over him, inducing a feeling of drowning.

"The cellophane is a modern addition to a technique that had its origins in the Spanish Inquisition," said Tom Malinowski of Human Rights Watch, adding that the State Department itself defines the technique as torture.

Not only is this another admission of torture, it contains another admission that the CIA under globalist control is torturing people TO DEATH as it was revealed that more detainees in Afghanistan and Iraq have died because "inexperienced officers miscalculated the time detainees could endure under the treatment."

According to Human Rights First, the U.S. Government has acknowledged 28 confirmed or suspected homicides of detainees in U.S. custody. Only one of these homicides occurred at Abu Ghraib. The Government admits 108 People Have Died in U.S. Custody. 63 of the 108 detainee deaths occurred at locations other than Abu Ghraib. Many stories of torture, leading to death have also emerged from Guantanamo Bay.

Think about that for a minute, the government is openly killing people. TORTURING PEOPLE TO DEATH.

The LA Times reported that no leaders of Al-Qaeda were found at Guantanamo Bay. Most of them were shoemakers, farmers who had never even heard of America and people who were given guns by the Taliban and shoved onto the front lines.

The official army report on Abu Ghraib said that between seventy five and ninety percent of prisoners were totally innocent and just hadn't had their papers in order. The Former General there, Janis Karpinski, confirmed this in a recent interview on the Alex Jones show:

"That's correct and I believe that it remains so today because they are still doing these raids, these round ups where they will go out and target an individual, and whoever happens to be around that individual, they bring them all in. And then there is no avenue to release them, once they are tagged as security detainees, they fall into this relatively new and unsupervised category."

Karpinski also revealed that the torture has continued, long after the scandal broke.

Human Rights First has also voiced deep concern over the amount of other secret detention centres all over the world in which torture is very much operational and continuing full speed ahead.

And as if this wasn't enough, the renditioning issue, which we have been reporting on for around two years now, has broken into the mainstream and is much larger operation than at first thought.

Over 300 flights operated by US intelligence agency CIA that we know of have landed at European airports, whilst revelations of camps in eastern Europe have come to light.

Specially designated torture planes transport nameless victims of the faux 'war on terror' between different third world dictatorships for their security services to work the cattle prod magic on poor bewildered goat herders and shoemakers.

Meanwhile, the real Al-Qaeda or Al-CIAda miraculously escape from maximum security prisons.

Condoleeza Rice has indicated that these camps are not even secret, and that they operate with the full cooperation of elements of the respective Sovereign Governments in the different countries they are located. Once again this is all out in the open. Rice does not deny rendition flights are taking place, she simply denies they are secret. Furthermore Rice is adamant that the detainees are not being moved to be tortured. This is in some bizarre and twisted way true because the Administration is redefining the meaning of torture.

When Donald Rumsfeld was asked about the force feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay recently, a brutal practice that involves inserting tubes as wide as fingers directly through stomachs and nostrils without any anesthetic as prisoners convulse and vomit blood, Rummy replied, "I'm not a doctor."

Rumsfeld didn't deny that this torture was taking place, he simply claimed ignorance of the exact nature of the procedure. The Administration is twisting and contorting what torture actually is, just as they did with preemptive war and preventive war, just as they do with everything. If something does not fit the agenda, the attitude is not to alter the agenda to work around it, but rather to alter the real meaning of something to fit it into the agenda.

Condoleeza Rice this week asked the world to "trust her" on the issue of torture. This is a woman who said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction capable of producing a "mushroom cloud" over an American city. A woman who said Saddam Hussein sheltered al Qaeda terrorists in Baghdad and helped train some in chemical weapons development.

By not denying anything Rice is as good as admitting it.

"The Bush administration has made it abundantly clear that it believes, with no apologies, that the ends justify the means. Lying is simply a means to an end. What Condi Rice is telling Europeans is "pay no attention to our lies; just accept that we are liars for a good and proper cause." Says Paul Craig Roberts, former US Secretary of the Treasury and Wall St. Journal editor.

When directly questioned by MPs on the CIA flights this week, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he has accepted US assurances and the practice of transporting terror suspects for questioning in foreign countries is a long-standing U-S policy. If Tony Blair knows this to be the case, and he knew British airports were being used for stop offs, then why is the British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw writing to Condoleeza Rice demanding to know what is going on with these flights? These two actions do not add up. The reality may be that Tony Blair's authority has been overruled by his elite higher ups whilst Straw is acting under pressure as he is directly under the spotlight of all European Foreign Offices with Britain currently chairing the EU presidency. Blatent covert activity is influencing the actions of politicians at the highest levels.

So we should trust the Administration over the renditioning then. OK, what about the admitted botch job involving the innocent German citizen Khaled al-Masri who was grabbed whilst on vacation in Europe, shipped away on the rendition plane and shoved into a cell in Afghanistan and tortured for five months?

Or what about Mamdouh Habib, an innocent Australian citizen, a former cafe owner who was grabbed and moved between Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay until his release at the beginning of 2005? Habib told the BBC he was "brain-washed, beaten and given electric shocks." "I just repeated what they wanted me to say," he admitted.

There are countless other stories of torture from Guantanamo Bay, where the military intend to build court and execution chambers, once they are done torturing detainees.

Our culture is now saturated with the torture agenda, it is everywhere and it is dangerously sinking into reality. Scott McClellan tells us that the Bush administration is unequivocally against torture under any circumstances and yet it is Bush and his handler Dick Cheney, the Vice President for torture, publicly blocking the legislation that would outlaw torture.

Former CIA chiefs, military Commanders and Generals and Government officials have asserted that the government is now in the hands of torturing psychopaths.

In the meantime, the most popular talk show host in America calls Gitmo a holiday home and says that the Abu Ghraib prison guards were "just blowing off some steam" when they raped children and beat detainees to death. The BBC's Flagship radio news program also backs torture by the CIA and MSNBC like to debate torturing children.

24, Threat Matrix, and the British drama Spooks, which is a drama about the British MI5, feature plots in which the use of torture is advocated as a morally just measure.

When the evidence for the Iraq war was revealed as LIES, the back up was to claim the removal of Saddam alone was worthy justification. This was because he was a brutal torturer and that is unacceptable. Yet we now have the same group who told us torture is bad, telling us it is OK when they do it. In what way can torture be unacceptable in one instance and acceptable in another?

Torture is torture, it involves inflicting severe pain and distress, and in some cases killing people. No rational thinking person could ever think that is acceptable, especially when in use by a group that claims its aim is to spread freedom throughout the world.

The Doublethink that people are engaging in here is vast and out of hand. All over the US and Europe people are advocating torture. Almost two-thirds in the United States support the use of torture on a suspect by their own government IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

There is a deliberate agenda at hand to reflect an image of America to the world as a corrupt, evil, deceiving, hypocritical and brutal power. The Bush administration is being played like a fiddle and as each horror story scandal emerges, America sinks further into the waiting jaws of its 'savior' - the dark stalker of global government.

We can only attempt to fight against this agenda by exposing the deceit, lies and downright incredulity of those who are pushing it. The enslavement of the minds of the American and European people and the attempt to make them think in the same way these crazies do is hideous and we will continue to expose their agenda until we defeat it or are wiped out in the effort of defeating it.

You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.
Mohandas Gandhi

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