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Posted in the database on Monday, September 05th, 2005 @ 22:07:05 MST (3748 views)
by Spice Williams-Crosby    Spice of Life  

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In a perfect world...
Everyone would be full of love.
Everyday would have blue skies.
Every country’s bird would be a white dove.
And Corporate America would tell no lies."
Spice Williams-Crosby MFS

Let’s go back a couple of million years. From the Paleolithic period to about 8,000 BC, people hunted, fished, and gathered their food. There were no convenient stores or packaged foods, nor did the real Fred Flintstone throw his catch of the day into a stone refrigerator to keep it fresh. Early man most likely woke up, went to the nearest tree and ate of the fruit. On the way, if he got lucky, he was able to catch and kill an animal where he ate it on the spot. There was no time for rigor mortis to set in or rot and putrefaction to take place. Sure, human beings got sick back then, but the planet was in a more pristine state. There was a better balance between Mother Nature and the Circle of Life.

As man began to evolve, he also multiplied. A family, a group, a community of human beings began to have needs. They required food, tools, clothing and living quarters. The transformation from nomadic hunter-gatherer to cultivator was, at last, at hand. Groups of people established permanent villages near riverbeds and fertile valleys, and eventually, agriculture-based civilizations began to be formed. And around 2,500 BC, communities began to hybridize corn to increase their yields, sort of the early beginnings of genetically engineered food. People started building irrigation canals. They even created dry farming, the art of cultivating non-irrigated lands by moisture-retaining tillage. Farmers began shifting the flow of rivers, rich in minerals, to accommodate their desired areas of farming. During the 15th century, the owners of English estates began to enclose their lands with hedges. This procedure was more efficient than farming strips and allowed landlords to experiment with crop rotation and other agricultural technologies.

By 1799, man had been ravaging the earth’s soil for so long it was obvious to farmers and growers that they now needed to use fertilizers such as bat guano, lime, gypsum, and sandy clay. The once mineral rich soils that had been keeping man healthy for thousands of years was now coming up short. As civilization continued to find ways to make life a little easier, food was rapidly becoming a big business. Food-processing techniques, such as canning, flour milling, and refrigeration were developed during the 1840’s. From the ground to the table, man began to slowly remove the very nutrients he so desperately needed to keep his body in tow. It wasn’t long before the Industrial Revolution would hit the world like a diseased meteor and the rippling effect would be well under way. Cancers and pandemic epidemics would become the talk of the world. Experimental vaccines popped up everywhere. Animals and humans became expendable, only to create more diseases through mutations like the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 that killed over 25 million people.

By the 1960’s, farmers required a huge outlay of capital to meet the demand of food distributors in a mega-network known as AGRIBUSINESS. High-powered machinery, feed with drugs, fertilizers with toxins, and carcinogenic pesticides began to be used. Poultry was raised in completely controlled environments with the help of steroids and drugs. There were, however, a handful of farmers that initiated organic farming, using nonpolluting, nontoxic methods of cropping and animal breeding, but they were far and few between. These enlightened farmers recognized a future holocaust, tried to make a difference, but they were grotesquely outnumbered and struggled to survive. Civilization was beginning to bring death into the human race, plain and simple. Diseases seemed to be coming out of nowhere. The world was becoming out of balance. Perfection was no more.

Think about it. From 1346 to 1350 AD, man messed around with the food chain and millions of people died from the Black Plague. Why? Because a group of religious fanatics began killing all the cats throughout Europe thinking that they were demonic creatures. This was not a good idea since the source of the pestilence was caused by their own filth and flea-infested rats that were no longer being kept in control by the cats. The term "look out below" was the call shouted just before human waste and garbage was thrown out of second-story windows. People were dropping like flies and bodies were literally being catapulted out of cities. The interesting fact is that the monks taking care of these sick and dying people never got sick themselves! That’s because they grew and ate large amounts of organic garlic, which not only repelled the fleas, but also kept their immune system strong and able to fight the epidemic.

It wasn’t until the middle of the 1800’s that a great professor, Antoine Bechamp, professed that the body produced a place for microorganisms to become diseased bacteria. He told us that by improving the body’s internal environment, we could alter those bacteria into harmless, even useful "microzymia." Unfortunately for us, it was Louis Pasteur that came along with his stolen germ theory. He believed that germs come into our bodies from external sources and make diseases that we must fight to stay healthy. According to Pasteur, "Germs live in the air, and every once in a while they get into a human body and cause illness. Nothing to it at all. All you have to do is kill germs and diseases are licked."

Bechamp believed that the germ theory was false and that illness was practically always due to errors of diet or manner of living. To him, germs were present solely as scavengers of dead and waste tissues and foods, and not as the cause of the disease.

Regrettably, Pasteur was a friend with Napoleon III and he knew how to play the political game. The rest is history, thus opening the door for the world’s medical and pharmaceutical industries. The ‘fork in the road’ had presented itself and the war between believers and non-believers was on. The Natural Healers of the time believed that, if given the proper tools, the immune system had the ability to heal itself. They believed it was important to put back the nutrients into food that man had removed. These healers were known as Empirics, Eclectics, Naturopaths and Homeopaths, and they were constantly being attacked and challenged by the "the others" or Allopaths.

The Allopaths believed in "heroic" medicine, and they were not about to sit back and let a silly little thing like an herb or a plant try to heal or prevent disease. They were going to blast maladies out of their patients with all their might! They were going to show Mother Nature a thing or two! To do this, they used heavy metal solutions and purgatives like mercury and arsenic that would cause the patient to vomit, sweat, and have diarrhea, trying to "heroically expel the disease from the patient." With mercury, the tongue would swell up to three times its size and make it hard to breathe. Bloodletting and leeches were also employed to cast out diseases. This would often kill the patient, but what the heck! It was in the name of science. Many people feared the Allopaths, for the treatment was often worse than the disease. Nevertheless, these doctors began to organize and set up what they believed to be a course of standard medical practice. The American Medical Association was formed in 1846, but it wasn’t until 1901 that extensive reorganization enabled it to gain power over how medicine would be practiced throughout America. The AMA utilized Gestapo tactics by accrediting only certain medical schools and determining the standards and practices of all doctors. Like it or not, those who refused to conform to the "club rules" lost their license to practice medicine.

Political medicine was well on its way and the human race was being suckered into the battle of the doctors. Even our illustrious president George Washington was killed by a treatment involving bloodletting, leeches and a heavy metal solution of mercury and arsenic. In the end, poor George was asking the allopaths to please leave him alone so he could die in peace.

During this period, Naturopaths, Empirics and Homeopaths did their best to stay in practice. They tried desperately to carry out the work of Mother Nature until a man named Dr Morris Fishbein came into the picture. Fishbein was the virtual dictator of the AMA from the mid-1920’s until he was ousted on June 6, 1949, at the AMA convention in Atlantic City. Nicknamed "Medicine’s Mussolini," Fishbein started a virtual war against the Natural Healer. His product endorsement procedure became common practice within the AMA. Products were seldom tested for their real effects on health, only advertising revenues were considered. The AMA for many years abused its position of power by selling its "approval" seal to advertisers whose products were unsafe and unhealthy. It was all about money. Competing products that contained virtually the same ingredients would be found on both the AMA’s "approved" and "disapproved" lists at the same time, the only distinction between them being whether a particular manufacturer advertised in the Journal of the AMA. Phillip Morris was the AMA Journal’s biggest advertiser in the 1940’s, which made it impossible for any doctor who preached that "smoking was bad for you" to stay in good standing with Dr Morris Fishbein.

Fishbein waged war against anyone that wouldn’t play his game. And when natural formulas were successfully used instead of drugs, Fishbein wanted in on it, or all hell would break loose. His motto was "If I can’t have it, no one will." Morris, who failed anatomy in medical school, did everything he could to downplay the value of nutrition. From Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Max Gerson, to Harry Hoxsey, they were all put on trial and politically slaughtered for curing cancer without Fishbein’s permission. It really was a crime when you realize that one out of three people today die from complications of cancer. What will the numbers be in 5 years?

In 1906, the Pure Food and Drug Act was born (later known as the Food and Drug Administration). The FDA’s mission statement was to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of food. They did this by testing product samples to see if any substances, such as pesticide residues, were present in unacceptable amounts. If contaminants were identified, the FDA supposedly took corrective action. Today, the FDA regulates over one trillion dollars worth of products, which account for 25 cents of every dollar spent annually by American consumers. Hmmm, where was the FDA when 65% to 99% of US cattle were given hormones to speed up and enhance their growth? This action perpetrated estrogenic and androgenic burdens on humans that unquestionably cause cancer. Puerto Rico in the 1980’s was suddenly dealing with an epidemic level of premature puberty in eight year-old children due to the high estrogen levels in chicken and pork. DES (diethylstilbestrol) found its way into our animals, and in 1980, there were shocking reports of children experiencing hormonal imbalances at two and three years of age. The United States banned DES in 1979, but that didn’t stop 49 drug distributors from continuing to use it. By 1983, DES was still being used illegally by American cattle ranchers in 318 feedlots in 20 states. Dimetridazole, ipronidazole and carbodox, all known human carcinogens, are still used in livestock. And the government still has not approved 90% of the nearly 30,000 animal drugs now in use.

How can we trust the FDA when they continue to allow dangerous drugs into our food supply? Products like Aspartame have over 92 adverse reactions, including death, and over 10,000 complaints registered. I find it interesting that several board of inquiries were overruled by Dr Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr. who ended up leaving his appointed FDA position for greener pastures as a consultant with a subsidiary of the GD Searle Company, manufacturers of aspartame! The FDA also apparently feels that it’s in our best interest to allow the Monsanto Corporation to market rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone), a genetically engineered hormone that is injected into dairy cows to increase their production of milk. According to "The Politics of Cancer, Revisited," published in 1998 by East Ridge Press, it is directly linked to breast, colon and prostate cancer.

The National Cancer Institute Act of 1937 was established "to provide for, foster and aid in coordinating research relating to cancer; to establish the National Cancer Institute (NCI); and for other purposes." The key word here would be "other" for whenever the NCI could interfere with possible investigations into alternative health care methods, they did so. It was Rockefeller interests that founded the influential American Cancer Society (ACS) in 1913, which spent quite a bit of money on trying to discredit unconventional cancer therapies and blacklisting them as "worthless remedies" and "cancer quackery."

The ACS annual budget is around $380,000,000 and its cash reserves total nearly one billion. For each $1 spent on direct services, the ACS spends about $6.40 on salaries and fringe benefits. Moreover, in 1998, the ACS was found spending close to $1,000,000 on political lobbying, an apparent violation of its legal status as a nonprofit organization. Is this where you want your donations to go? Then there is the National Institute of Health (NIH). Begun as a one-room Laboratory of Hygiene in 1887, the NIH today is one of the world's foremost medical research centers. Its mission is to uncover new knowledge that will lead to better health for everyone. It all sounds good on paper, but why did it take an independent activist group called ACT-UP, dealing with the HIV epidemic, to pressure the NIH in the mid 80’s to look into alternative treatments for AIDS?

In 1987, the World Health Organization (WHO) allowed high dose EZ Measles vaccines (10 to 500 times stronger than standard concentrations) to be administered to young babies in Haiti, Mexico, Senegal, and Guinea Bissau. It killed close to 32% of all the children it was given to. My God, when will it end? And the Center for Disease Control (CDC) finally changed their guidelines to stop using the oral polio vaccine in January 2000, after 40% of all the polio victims actually got the disease from the vaccine. These are just small examples of many events that go on that we, the public, are not aware of. We have been brainwashed into believing that these organizations are heroes in helping us to fight the dreaded disease known as cancer. As we will soon come to learn, as quoted by Dr Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate winner, "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts."

The war on cancer was declared by President Nixon in 1971 when 337,000 people were dying annually from Cancer. With billions of dollars put into play to wipe this disease out, the investments proved fruitless. By 1986, 472,000 were dying annually from cancer and the only winners in the equation were the mega-drug companies. Linus Pauling, the only person in history to win the Nobel prize twice in his life is quoted as saying, "Everyone should know that the war on cancer is largely a fraud." By May, 2002, about 1.2 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer, and 560,000 will die of the disease, according to an (NCI) report. The pharmaceutical industry grossed $182,000,000,000 in drug sales in the year 2000, yet it cost approximately $183,000,000,000 to treat the adverse reactions from all of those drugs.

The chemical revolution has replaced Mother Nature and the world is beginning to see her wrath. Now, more people are dying of cancer annually than ALL the wars ever fought on American soil. Heart disease is running a close second. With our soils destroyed, our nutrition lost, and our environment toxic with the likes of DDT, Dioxin and PCB’s, human beings continue to go to their Allopathic doctors for answers, only to be treated with more toxic drugs and laughed at if they want to know about nutrition. We’ve become a society that believes pretty much anything we’re told by the very organizations that our tax dollars support. We’ve been conditioned to believe that chemotherapy will cure cancer, women can’t live without hormone replacement therapy, milk does a body good, today’s beef and poultry is a healthy source of animal protein, aspartame is safe, children are born with ADD/ADHD and need Ritalin (one crystal off from cocaine), fluoride is safe and helps prevent cavities, filtered drinking water is safe (it is virtually impossible to filter out chemotherapy drugs, cholesterol drugs, birth control pills, antibiotics, and pesticides from our waters), the American diet is healthy, and that all of our government supported agencies are protecting us from harm. When will the lies stop? Wake up, people! When it comes to nutrition, everything we’ve ever done to go against Mother Nature has caused not only the cancers in our bodies, but also the cancers in our societies. The almighty dollar has caused the best of men to look the other way. As Dr Samuel S Epstein, MD, the world’s cancer expert indicates, the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society are responsible for us losing the cancer war. And why? Because the disease of cancer is not going to be killed by a magic bullet. We’ve been looking for an invisible needle in the haystack of flawed science. You don’t catch cancer. Cancer, as with all diseases, is nothing more than a metabolic imbalance of the immune system. We’ve taken God out of the equation, end of story.

The human body needs four basic components to stay healthy; air, water, food and sleep. Well, we’ve managed to destroy the air, water and food, and we don’t sleep well because we’re so hormonally out of balance. Our bodies don’t know whether they’re coming or going. We know more about our cars than we do about ourselves. We don’t take the time to read labels, ask questions and find healthy alternatives. We’re chemically intoxicated sheep believing that anyone with an MD behind their name is an expert in life extension. We live in a green harvest where all our fruits and vegetables are cut green, forced-ripened by gasses, and colored by dyes, and we wonder why they don’t have any taste. We have no idea how much protein per gram of body weight we should eat, what carbohydrates are high or low glycemic, and we’ve been told by the so-called experts that fat is bad for us without the understanding of essential fatty acids and how crucial they are for optimal health. We use chemicals, eat candy and live with our eyes blindfolded to the ideas of prevention. In order to prevent disease, we have to eliminate the very items that we’ve become accustomed to. True, change is not comfortable for the human race, but it’s inevitable when one comes down with cancer. And even then, you become a victim of the heroic medicine that is still accepted as truth.

At over $110,000,000 a year, just in the US alone, cancer is big business. Chemotherapy was created out of mustard gas that was discovered in 1860 and utilized in WWI. It is an indiscriminate killer of ALL cells, cells that make up the very immune system that, ironically, has the ability to diagnose, heal and meliorate any disease in the body. We know that 90% of all people that receive chemotherapy, only 5% will have a 3 to 5 year survival rate. To me, that isn’t good enough.

We learned in 1998, published in the Lancet, that Tamoxifen (used to stop breast cancer) is a structural analog of DES (diethylstilbestrol), a "rip-roaring carcinogen" that will actually stimulate the growth of cancer cells after two to five years of use. Why, then, are doctors still prescribing this drug? Who’s behind their education? We’ve been told it’s so very important to have annual mammograms to prevent breast cancer, yet a Canadian study found a 52% increase in breast cancer mortality in young women given annual mammograms. What exactly is that electronic equipment doing to our bodies? Dr John Gofman, MD, professor emeritus of molecular and cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley (who worked on the atomic bomb and at the Atomic Energy Commission), concluded in his 1995 book, Preventing Breast Cancer, that "our estimate is that about ¾ of the current annual incidence of breast cancer in the US is being caused by earlier ionizing radiation, primarily from medical sources." We know there is overwhelming evidence that the dramatic increase in cancer rates is linked to increased chemical production over the last century. Annual production rates for synthetic, carcinogenic and other industrial chemicals increased from one billion pounds in 1940 to more than 500 billion pounds annually during the 1980’s. Yet, science introduces between 1,000 to 2,000 new formulas each year, and only a mere 3% of them are formally tested for safety.

And if you are under the impression that the testing done on animals is accurate, I hate to burst your bubble! Believe it or not, mice, rats, and dogs are quite different from humans. It has been claimed by the Shell Chemical Company and other segments of the chemical industry that the mouse is an unsuitable animal for carcinogenicity testing of products such as pesticides because it is unusually sensitive. Now, I don’t know about you, but if they are going to do tests on animals, which I’m not okay with to begin with, wouldn’t you want that animal to be extremely sensitive to see just how safe us humans would be? For example, if you are over 40 years old, you might remember the horrifying pictures that appeared on the covers of Life and Time magazines depicting the children born without arms and legs. The devil drug was called "thalidomide" and the lowest dose of it inducing birth defects in pregnant women was 0.5 mgs; the corresponding values for the mouse, rat and dog were as high as 30, 50, and 100 mgs respectively. According to Doctor Epstein again, "There is no known method for predicting a safe human level or threshold for carcinogens on the basis of experimental animal data, if indeed, such safe levels for humans exist at all." So, how do we turn this around?

Collective consciousness is our only tool for hope. As with Adolph Hitler, yes, six million Jews were gassed to death, but the cold-blooded murderer didn’t push the button on all the ovens himself. Hundreds of thousands of Germans thought this man had a good idea. It wasn’t until, finally, some political folks in the free world could no longer look the other way. Their positive thoughts became the verbal daggers that burst the Hitler bubble and caused an overpowering movement to bring this evil entity to an end. Now, we must do the same in our own lives. We must take responsibility for the monsters that have been taking over our planet. We need to go back to the basics of nature and start understanding how this great gift, our bodies, work. It really doesn’t take a Harvard genius to understand that putting unnatural material into your body will create a metabolic imbalance. Say no to more chemicals, read labels, and express your desire for only natural materials. The FDA finally admits that it is necessary to supplement in today’s world. Find yourself some good supplements, eat healthy clean foods, and for God’s sake, get your butt out of the chair and find some form of exercise you can do on a consistent basis. America is #1 for ALL Cancers, #1 for Obesity, and #1 for needing oversized coffins. We may be the richest country in the world, but we are also the fattest, sickest and most ignorant to health. The only way to prevent most cancers is to stop putting them into your body.

Don’t focus anymore on how sick you are. Find a way out of the diseased population, for what we have in this country is managed "sick" care. Remember, your health insurance company only manages sick people. Health is something you’ll have to find on your own. After all, there’s really no money to be made on healthy people. Most importantly, never feel embarrassed about telling your doctor about alternative therapies or medicines. Someday, he may need to make a decision about his own health or a loved one’s health and you may help to plant the seed that saves a life.

"The doctor's union (AMA), the cancer bureaucracy (NCI), the public relations fat cats (ACS) and the cancer cops (FDA) are conspiring to suppress a cure for cancer.... It would be easy for any Congressional committee, major newspaper, television network or national magazine to confirm and extend the evidence presented here in order to initiate radical reform of the critical cancer areas -- the hospitals, the research centers, the government agencies, and especially state and local legislation regarding cancer treatment. But that will not happen without a struggle. Neither Congress nor the media desire to lift the manhole cover on this sewer of corruption and needless torture. Only organized, determined citizen opposition to the existing cancer treatment system has any hope of bringing about the long-needed changes. I expect the struggle to be a long, difficult one against tough, murderous opposition. The odds against success are heavy. The vested interests are very powerful.... "

Barry Lynes Taken from the introduction to The Healing of Cancer - The Cures, the Cover-ups and the Solution Now!


  • Find and eat only organic fruits and vegetables - preferably vine-ripened (good luck)
  • Never eat any dairy or anything that comes from a cow
  • Avoid flesh foods that are not organically fed or those that are raised with drugs
  • Avoid chemicals, toxins, dyes and pesticides
  • Drink safe and clean water (at least 6 to 8 glasses a day - as much as 1 gallon is good) "Trinity Water" is especially good. Check them out at: http://trinitysprings.com/why.htm It is virtually impossible to filter out drugs from our waters. Trinity Water is the closest Iíve found to pure.
  • Learn about glyconutritionals, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids
  • Understand your bodyís ph levels (cancer cells canít live in an alkaline environment)
  • Eat every 2 to 3 hours
  • Exercise 3 to 5 days a week
  • Get a minimum of 6 hours of good sleep and strive for 8
  • Meditate or do emotional work with positive energy
  • Avoid refined white foods and high glycemic foods. STOP eating junk food or going to convenient junk food restaurants.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and medicines that could be substituted for natural products
  • Learn about who controls your education and ask yourself why
  • Stay away, when possible, from X-ray machines
  • And... open your eyes!

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