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Political Humor of the Day
by Eli Stephens    left i on the news
Entered into the database on Saturday, June 17th, 2006 @ 13:11:35 MST


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MAD Magazine compares the war in Iraq to previous wars:

Troops in WWI were defended by foxholes...

...troops in Iraq are defended by Fox News.


The Korean War was caused by post-WWII instability...

...the war in Iraq was caused by post-9/11 gullibility.


During the Revolutionary War, a young woman named Molly becuse famous for her pitcher...

...during the Iraq War, a dumb woman named Lynndie became famous for her pictures.


During Vietnam, draft-dodgers abruptly fled the country...

...during Iraq, draft-dodgers corruptly led the country.


In WWII, the liberation of Paris caused songs and revelry...

...in Iraq, the liberation of Baghdad caused bombs and rivalry.


During WWII, the Reich blamed their problems on the Jews...

...during Iraq, the right blames their problems on the news.


A great image of the Revolutionary War is of Washington on a boat, courageously crossing the Delaware...

...a grating image of the Iraq War is of Bush on a boat, outrageously lost and unaware.


During the Gulf War, the Patriot missile was used to repel our enemies...

...during the Iraq War, the Patriot Act is used to repeal our liberties.


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