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New York Cops Murder the Fourth Amendment
from Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Friday, July 22nd, 2005 @ 17:53:39 MST


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Isn’t it nice of New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to allow citizens to “turn around and leave” the subway system instead subjecting themselves to massive violations of the Fourth Amendment of the (now almost completely dead) Constitution. In the wake of the Gladio-style bombings in London, New York will serve as an incubator for the dismantlement of our once cherished rights, guaranteed by the cornerstone of the republic, the Bill of Rights. “I would not be surprised if New Jersey saw searches in the near future on the trains,” an official (undoubtedly sworn to uphold the Constitution, but never mind) said. In other words, New Jersey will allow events to unfold in New York and then implement the same repressive, police state measures. Ditto Washington (see this article), San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, etc. “A Manhattan stockbroker says he doesn’t mind if police make the searches for the right reasons, saying they’ve been needed ever since the 9/11 attacks,” reports the Associated Press. For the right reasons? And what reasons would those be? Oh, stopping al-Qaeda “suicide bombers,” the sort of bombers who supposedly struck London, even though the story pedaled in the corporate media is total rubbish, predicated on hysterical supposition linked to a documented myth of al-Qaeda terrorism. How long before New York police begin executing South Asian men or Arabs like the Brits did? Precedent set, New Jersey and Washington will take a “wait-and-see” attitude and then begin executing its Muslims too for jumping turnstiles or wearing bulky jackets on warm days.