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Son of Osama: Demonizing Hezbolla
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Thursday, August 03rd, 2006 @ 13:52:18 MST


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Like father, like son. Or maybe the acorn does not fall far from the tree.

“A son of Osama bin Laden has gone from Iran to Lebanon with the mission to organize terror attacks against Israel,” reports the New York Post, a reliable source for neocon nonsense.

If we are to believe the latest in a long line of absurd fairy tales, Saad bin Laden “was released by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard” and tasked with killing Israelis. “From the Lebanese border, he has the task of building Islamist terror cells and preparing them to fight with Hezbollah,” according to the German daily Die Welt. “Apparently, Tehran is counting on recruiting Lebanese refugees in Syria for the fight against Israel, using bin Laden’s help,” never mind that it was reported bin Laden the Younger was purportedly arrested in Iran, a natural occurrence considering the numerous threats issued by “al-Qaeda” and its dead lieutenant, Abu Musaab al-Zarqawi, against Shi’ites, regarded as heretics and infidels by fanatical Wahhabi Sunni Muslims.

Instead, according to the neocons, Iran has “harbored” Osama’s minions, same as Saddam harbored them, never mind the boneheaded inconsistencies and demonstrated fact these sort of things are flimsy pretexts for invasion and mass murder. “Iran’s government have denied Bush administration assertions that Tehran was harboring al Qaeda terrorists,” Bill Gertz, working for the Moonie Times, er Washington Times, reported in 2003. “American intelligence officials said Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and the Qods Division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, a unit of hard-line Islamist shock troops, are deeply involved in supporting terrorists, including al Qaeda.” But of course—such baseless accusations will make it easier to shock and awe the Muslim country back into the Stone Age, as planned.

“Defense and intelligence officials said the senior al Qaeda members the secretary has mentioned include at least two hiding in Iran—including Sayf al-Adl, who is believed to be the official in charge of al Qaeda’s military operations and has been linked to the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in East Africa,” Gertz continues. “A second top al Qaeda leader in Iran is Osama bin Laden’s oldest son, Saad bin Laden, who also arrived in Iran in 2002. Many U.S. intelligence analysts say they believe he took over al Qaeda’s leadership after the U.S. military’s destruction of al Qaeda strongholds in Afghanistan in October 2001.”

“Whenever we find al Qaeda members, we arrest them. This group has as much hatred and enmity toward Iran as it does the U.S.,” Iranian president Khatami declared in the wake of nine eleven. “According to [Mohsen Armin, head of the parliament’s National Security Commission], President Mohammad Khatami considers the improved relations with Saudi Arabia one of the most important achievements of his presidency. He will not permit anyone to place these relations at risk by protecting al Qaeda members,” explains Ali Farassati, writing for the Jamestown Foundation. “Iran has declined to reveal the identities of the al Qaeda suspects it is holding, but it is widely speculated that Saad bin Laden, Osama’s eldest son, and Sulaiman Abu Gaith, al Qaeda’s Kuwaiti-born spokesman, are among the high ranking members in Iranian custody.”

Obviously, Iran is aching to be invaded and, if we are to believe this latest bit of nonsense published in the New York Post, it is now stupidly providing the United States with yet another pretext to shock and awe them, as if its dabbling in nukes wasn’t enough.

In standard fashion, Osama’s kid, vying for the Emmanuel Goldstein award, is described as a mirror reflection of his old man: “A CIA profile reportedly describes Saad, a founding member of al Qaeda as just a teenager, as ‘the mirror image of his father, physically and mentally,’” that is to say he is a CIA-ISI patsy. “It says ‘his readiness to kill was a prerequisite for him to be groomed for leadership.’” I guess it runs in the family. “Saad learned English and received most of his formal education in Sudan, then moved with his father back to Afghanistan in 1996, when he was 17. They fought British and U.S. troops side by side when the war on terror began, then fled into Pakistan… Osama reportedly sent Saad to Iran because it became too difficult for him to direct operations from the mountains of Afghanistan.”

It appears the neocons are engaged in a full-court press to demonize Hezbollah, especially now that they are holding their own against the invading Israelis. Naturally, this comic book demonization will not matter to the Lebanese resistance group, as they will fight on, regardless of the sloppy propaganda paint job. In the end, Hezbollah will once again evict the Israelis, no matter the cheap shots leveled by the neocons and their collaborators in the American corporate media.


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