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Terror Expert: London Bomber Was Working For MI5
by Paul Joseph Watson
Entered into the database on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 @ 15:09:24 MST


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Khan used as informant for security services

A noted terror expert has told the BBC that Mohammed Siddique Khan, the alleged ringleader of the 7/7 London bombings, was working for British intelligence agency MI5 as an informant at the time of the attacks.

Charles Shoebridge is a 12-year veteran detective of the London Metropolitan Police, a former graduate of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst, and now a broadcaster and writer on terrorism in the UK.

Shoebridge told the BBC Newshour program that from the evidence little else can be assumed other than that Khan was working for British intelligence.

"The amount of information coming out and the quality of information coming out. The fact that that has been so consistently overlooked it would appear by the security service MI5, to me suggests really only one of two options."

"Either, a) we've got a level of incompetence that would be unusual even for the security services. But b) possibly, and this is a possibility, that this man Khan may even have been working as an informant for the security service."

"It is difficult otherwise to see how it can be that they've so covered his tracks in the interim."

Click here to listen to the full interview.

During our coverage of the London bombings we outlined how the attack was most likely constructed, using the patsies, described as nice guys with families and good jobs, in the capacity of role players testing security on the London Underground.

This meshes with the inconceivable coincidence of exercises which drilled the same targets being attacked at the same time being conducted by Visor Consultants and eyewitness reports suggesting the accused displayed no behavior conducive with suicide bomber.

The alleged bombers bought return train tickets, left pay-and-display valid tickets on their cars in Luton, and their movements captured on CCTV gave no indications that they were nervous about their imminent deaths. Even Metropolitan Police investigators now believe that the bombers were dupes set up by somebody else and didn't know they were carrying live explosives.

7/7 links with British intelligence agencies don't end with Khan. Terror expert John Loftus told Fox News' Dayside show that alleged London bombing mastermind Haroon Rashid Aswat was an MI6 intelligence asset that British security helped protect and hide before the bombings.

Recent media reports concerning Khan's movements have brought to light evidence that Khan's Honda Accord was bugged by MI5 prior to the bombings. Though denied by the Metropolitan Police, this would again sync with the supposition that Khan was doing the bidding of British intelligence when four bombs ripped apart three trains and a bus on July 7, killing 52 and injuring more than 770.


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