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Al-CIA-Duh DVD Hits Toronto Streets
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 @ 14:36:54 MST


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Obviously, the attempt to frame-up teenage paintball Muslims in Ottawa, including shipping them a load of fertilizer, is only the beginning of a full court press designed to attack Canada’s “fantastic, open society.” According to Keith Weston, the former head of the counterterrorism unit of London’s metropolitan police force, “al-Qaeda” and other haters of our freedom to shop, run up our credit cards, and watch American Idol 24-7, will “start looking at areas where they’re going to have an impact and where it’s going to be easier for them to attack,” for instance Canada, not sufficiently “target-hardened,” that is to say not sufficiently stripped of civil liberties, its population deluged with terrorist propaganda, and well on its way to becoming a police state, a process well advanced in Britain and the United States.

“We live in a world where (terrorism) is inevitable,” Weston told delegates during the third and final day of a disaster management conference on June 21—especially state facilitated terrorism of the sort experienced recently in Canada and Britain (where supposed terror suspects, shot and abused, were eventually released, sans criminal charge). Never mind the supposed Canadian terrorists were more or less harmless pretend jihadists, logging into chat rooms under screen names such as “c4explosive” and “irhabi007? (irhabi is Arabic for terrorist), that is if we are inclined to believe anything the Canadian government tells us.

“Canadians still know next to nothing of the doings and utterances” of the accused terrorists in Ottawa, writes Marjaleena Repo, “…they were on chat lines (watched by the police), they played paint ball and did target practice in the woods (watched by their neighbors), they wore camouflage and military style boots, they had ordered a large amount of ammonium nitrate, a potential component of bombs, some of it delivered to their door by a police agent…. Having watched the 17 men and boys for several years, with no terrorist acts having occurred, they appear to have helped the suspects along by entrapping them, including delivering an order of ammonia nitrate to one of the suspects (although with contents substituted). Perhaps we will find out that the purchaser was reluctant but the agent was ardent in his determination to make the terrorist charges hold.”

With the defense of the current accused already thwarted, we can expect a show trial and a kangaroo court to justify the terrorism hysteria that is so aggressively being cultivated, day in and out, by authorities and much of the media. With several other Muslims being held for years on dubious “security certificates”—challenged now in the Supreme Court of Canada—we will likely see more Muslim men end up in the no-man’s-land of Canadian justice, without trial and due process. A galloping police state is emerging, in a fashion, familiar to those who know their history, of 1930’s Germany.

Meanwhile, DVDs containing regurgitated Afghan mujahideen and Osama bin Laden footage “are being given out to followers on the streets of Toronto,” according to CityNews. “Muhammed Heft claims it was handed to him by Fahim Ahmad outside of a Scarborough mosque, just two months before Ahmad and 16 others were taken into custody in the G.T.A. terror plot.” Naturally, the DVD appears at a fortuitous time and adds much needed color to the kangaroo court frame-up of the Ottawa patsies, now under way.

The “al-Qaeda” DVD, amateurish and cartoonish, is yet another propaganda ploy chucked into an unrelenting and turgid stream of propaganda concerning the mostly imaginary exploits of crazed Wahhabist Muslims, determined to convert us all to Islam or off our heads in the process. Naturally, it is all nonsense, part and parcel of a determined propaganda campaign launched by the neocons, who are working feverishly behind the scenes to launch World War Four, as they are wont to call it.


A Video Recruiting Terrorist Converts To The Cause Makes The Rounds In Toronto

City News

(To see video, click here.)

"Come forth to kill the Jews and Americans."

"Killing them is the greatest form of worship."

"Do not consult anyone about killing the Americans. Go forth with the blessing of Allah."

It's the kind of message you'd expect to hear on the streets of a terror-plagued country in the Middle East.

You wouldn't be surprised to see it being peddled to some radical believers in a dark corner of the world.

But a 45-minute-long DVD containing those words and more are being given out to followers on the streets of Toronto.

Muhammed Heft claims it was handed to him by Fahim Ahmad outside of a Scarborough mosque, just two months before Ahmad and 16 others were taken into custody in the G.T.A. terror plot.

The video praises Osama bin Laden and calls September 11th a 'blessed day'.

It's been used to fuel the anger many radicalized Muslims here feel and get them to join the violent cause.

But Heft doesn't believe those distributing the videos are real terrorists.

"I just thought they were brainwashed," he attests calling it a twisted version of the Islam he practices.

"Their solution is to act in a vengeful manner, not rational and not with knowledge from the religion," he explains. "They've taken their anger and they've been blinded by hatred."

It's a hatred he hopes others won't be drawn into by a video that distorts the truth and attempts to fan the flames of hatred.


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