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Cooked Terror Plot Recycles Politics Of Fear
by Paul Joseph Watson    PrisonPlanet.com
Entered into the database on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 @ 13:00:35 MST


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'Al-Qaeda' plan to fly planes into London skyscrapers concocted by government lobbyists

In another bizarre example of Tony Blair's government playing with the politics of fear, a discredited terror plot concerning Al-Qaeda plans to fly planes into London skyscrapers, an admitted fairy tale manufactured by government lobbyists, resurfaced today as a new story.

The BBC reports that a Department of Homeland Security dossier verifies a previous 'Al-Qaeda' plan to hijack planes from Heathrow airport and fly them into nearby Canary Wharf buildings.

The fact that this story was thoroughly discredited back in November 2004 as a collusion of imaginative government lobbyists and lapdog media collaborators is completely omitted.

Immediately before the Queen's speech Blair's government needed to inject a dose of fear into the political landscape in order to enable their ID card and anti-terror legislation to hit the ground running.

So it was that two Daily Mail and ITN news journalists, renowned for fraternizing socially with Blair's hierarchy, met with government lobbyists to cook up the terror plot and it was reported a week later as bona fide news.

At the time police and intelligence officials were baffled as to where the information had come from and totally distanced themselves from it.

"To say we were surprised at the report is an understatement - this is the first we have heard of a plot like this." Another said: "No one has been charged for this so- called plot which suggests it never happened," said one.

Even Labour's own Peter Hain, the Leader of the Commons, declared the so-called attack plot to be bogus.

"Despite having the information for several days, and possibly longer than a week, the newspaper and television program held the stories until just before the Queen's Speech, which contained Bills to introduce an ID card, an FBI-style organised crime agency and other anti-terrorist measures," said the London Independent, noting the suspicious timing of the leak.

In another bizarre parallel, an earlier May 2004 BBC Panorama documentary simulated a terror attack on Canary Wharf, causing many shocked viewers to believe the event was real, provoking hundreds of subsequent complaints.

The fabled Canary Wharf plot is just one in a never ending deluge of phony terror alerts pumped out at politically expedient times in an attempt to quell dissent against a Blair government that can now only claim the support of 15% or less of the entire population.

An alleged Al-Qaeda cell was arrested on suspicion of preparing to poison the London Underground with Ricin in January 2003. The government used the incident as a scare tactic to rally Britons behind the imminent war on Iraq. It was eventually disclosed that no Ricin was ever found and all the members of the supposed plot were released with no evidence or charges against them.

In April 2004 police in Manchester arrested a group of Kurds and subsequent newspaper headlines claimed that they were an Al-Qaeda cell planning to bomb Old Trafford football stadium (pictured above). Their evidence for such a claim was based on police interviews with one of the individuals who had attended a Manchester United game two years previously. Simply because he had attended a football game because he supported the team, the tabloid newspapers invented the story that he was planning on bombing the stadium. All of the suspects, who ironically had come to Britain to escape the regime of Saddam Hussein, were released without charge and with no evidence against them.

The London Guardian reported,

"Of the 701 people arrested under the Terrorism Act since the September 11 attacks, half have been released without charge and only 17 convicted under the act. Only three of those cases relate to allegations of Islamist extremism."

Despite this fact we are regularly bombarded with screaming headlines about mass terror sweeps, and it goes unmentioned that in nearly every case every so-called 'terrorist' is released with no evidence against them. The arrests are at the top of the evening news for days but there is no clarification or retraction when the suspects are set free. This leaves the viewer with the impression that terrorists are everywhere and that only a draconian police state can protect them against the threat.

London Metropolitan police had to apologize for a bungled raid three weeks ago in which an innocent man was shot and no evidence of terrorism preparation was found at a Forest Gate home. The raid, which involved nearly 300 armed police, was based on the testimony of a retarded government informant.


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