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PICNIC in Herzliya
by xymphora    xymphora.blogspot
Entered into the database on Friday, May 05th, 2006 @ 15:41:27 MST


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From a question asked by a real journalist (whose name we do not know) of John Bolton (my emphasis in red):

“REPORTER: Sir, you talked quite often about the credibility of the UN ...

JOHN BOLTON: And so has Secretary Rice.

REPORTER: yes and Rice has as well but that seems to work in your favor when they do what you want them to do but you violated the UN Charter when you went to war against Iraq and you consistently lied to us about the reasons that we went to war. And this war was drawn up in Herzlia, Israel, in 1996, with the Project of a New American Century; and why do you have credibility other than that you've just got the biggest guns?

JOHN BOLTON: Can, may I ask what media outlet you're from?

REPORTER: [unclear] news weekly.

JOHN BOLTON: I see. We did not violate the UN Charter in the war to overthrow Saddam Hussein and that plan was not drawn up in Herzlia, the Project for a New American Century ...”

Herzlia (or Herzliya), Israel is a city north of Tel Aviv which is of some interest:

It contains the Israeli offices of Odigo, the company with foreknowledge that something was going to happen at the WTC on September 11

It contains the headquarters of the Mossad

It is named after Theodor Herzl

It is the site of the Interdisciplinary Center, a think tank/university set up with a large amount of American ‘Israel Lobby’ money, including money from Lobby-ist Marc Rich

It is the site of the annual ‘Jerusalem Summit’, a plot-fest of various extreme but mainstream right-wingers from around the world (note this typical plea for ethnic cleansing).

The Project for a New American Century was officially founded in Washington in 1997. Almost immediately, it tried to stir up an American attack on Iraq. Is the reporter telling us that PNAC and the attack on Iraq were actually planned at the 1996 Jerusalem Summit held in Herzliya? Should PNAC in really be called the Project in Connivance of a New Israeli Century, or PICNIC?