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The Terrance Yeakey Cover-Up
by Simpleton Says    Bella Ciao
Entered into the database on Tuesday, February 14th, 2006 @ 15:54:40 MST


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Terrance Yeakey was the first OKC police officer on the scene after the bombing at the OKC Murrah Building. After being harassed for a full year after the bombing he told his ex-wife that they needed to get remarried because he felt he would be murdered and he wanted her and his daughter to get his insurance policy. They didn’t get married in time and Officer Yeakey was found brutally tortured and murdered the day after he called his ex wife informing her that the Feds were on his tail and he was going to attempt to lose them.

His car was found on the side of the road full of his blood

His body was found a mile away on federal property

He had lacerations over his entire body, specifically his wrists and throat had been slashed.

He had been beaten profusely.

He had a bullet whole in the back of his head that entered at a 45 degree angle leaving no powder burns.

No autopsy was done on his body.

The county police searched the area for hours finding no murder weapons.

When the feds arrived they escorted the County police away from the crime.

5 minutes after the feds showed up they say they found a .38 hand gun right next to Officer Yeakey’s body.

The Feds have never actually shown anyone the gun they supposedly found.

The torture and murder was ruled a suicide.


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