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Pentagon "witness", Gannon pimp, Eberle moving up in Texas GOP
from Total 911 Info
Entered into the database on Saturday, December 24th, 2005 @ 10:04:48 MST


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Bobby Eberle gave the most definitive "eyewitness account" of an American Airlines Boeing jetliner hitting the Pentagon on 9/11, despite voluminous physical evidence to the contrary. His history as a preeminient BS artist leaves him well-qualified for a top spot in the Texas Republican hierarchy.

Raw 12/23/2005 :

"The GOP operative and conservative website owner who hired a onetime prostitute to cover the White House has decided to run for the vice chairmanship of the Republican Party of Texas, RAW STORY has learned.

Jeff Gannon, a $200-an-hour gay male escort, resigned from Eberle’s Talon News last February after pictures and stories emerged which revealed that he once toiled as a gay male prostitute. Eberle shut down the news site shortly thereafter, although his satellite Website remains active.

After "Propagannon" erupted, many Texas Republicans claimed that they never heard of Bobby Eberle even though he had a long history of activism for the party and many GOP operatives worked (or volunteered) alongside him at

Eberle has already launched a website touting his candidacy. Oddly enough, it was registered on Feb. 7, 2005, one day before Jeff Gannon resigned from Talon News. It’s unclear when the site went live.