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Dirt Starting to Fly Around Alito's Supreme Court Nomination Saying He Is A "Mafia Friendly Insider"
by Greg Szymanski    The Arctic Beacon
Entered into the database on Thursday, November 03rd, 2005 @ 01:38:27 MST


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Former Italian government informant talks about Alito's shady past, including dishing out favors to known underworld figures.

The dirt is starting to fly around the Supreme Court nomination of federal court judge Samuel Alito, Jr., called by some a “mafia friendly insider” who takes a liking to shady, smoke-filled backroom dealings with thugs in the New York Gotti crime family and other New Jersey mobsters.

Alito, 55, familiar with the underworld’s influence in New Jersey politics as well its racketeering and bribery operations in other states like Illinois and Pennsylvania, has been linked to “going easy, turning the other cheek and knowingly turning loose” crime family thugs when he served as a U.S. Attorney in New Jersey, primarily handling organized crime cases.

One former FBI/CIA undercover informant, living in Italy and who will remain anonymous, came forward this week, saying talk on the street when he was on the East Coast during Alito’s tenure as a supposed crime-busting U.S. Attorney was that he wastight and friendly, dishing out legal favors to known crime members.”

Although certain FBI reports since have internally cleared Alito of any mischief or wrongdoing, critics including the former Italian informant, claim “official investigations” don’t tell the real story behind Alito’s backroom legal antics.

“He was close to everything and a lot of connected people walked when he was a U.S. Attorney,” said the informant from an undisclosed location in Italy. “He knows how to play the game and he plays it well. Getting the truth is going to be tuff. Alito has a lot of friends, the kind of guys who don’t talk.”

Further reports have also surfaced from the U.S., Italy and elsewhere that Alito is a key member of a renegade but influential worldwide group called “Propaganda-Due” or P-2, well-known overseas for orchestrating assassinations of key figures in order to advance its jaded notion of world supremacy.

The shady activities of P-2 has for decades been on the front pages of Italian newspapers, linking its members to numerous Vatican finance scandals and assassinations as far back as the murder of former Italian leader Aldo Moro.

And now stories are beginning to surface that Alito is a part of P-2, a group that considers itself above the law, consisting of influential politicians, bankers and businessmen from countries like the U.S., Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In light of his conservative legal record as a federal judge in the 3rd Circuit which has appeased the right wing closet neo-cons, many critics consider it “small potatoes” if not irrelevant since Alito appears to “fit in quite well” with the fascist-minded Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia, as well as the other four high-court justices who illegally installed George W. Bush as President in 2000, in a ruling considered by certain judicial watchdog groups investigating the installment of Bush as “fraught with corruption, bribery and illegal judicial profiteering.”

With the emotionally charged issues of abortion and other social concerns about to take center stage in the Alito nomination hearings, watchdog judicial groups are now starting to demand Senators delve deeply into Alito’s past ties with organized crime as well as his underhanded dealings with politicians like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY), both interconnected with corrupt financial affairs involving the New York and New Jersey underworld.

Another interesting aspect of Alito’s past, showing the “good old boy’s club” at work in the Bush administration, is his relationship with the corrupt and unscrupulous Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security.

Chertoff, who took over administering what has been termed by many Americans as a “Gestapo-like” homeland surveillance agency after 9/11, served as Alito’s First Assistant in the New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney’s office where together they supposedly arranged cover-ups, benefiting financially from many shady dealings with the underworld, as well as Israeli fronted companies dealing in the illegal arms trade sanctioned by the Mossad and the CIA.

According to a report released by a judge-busting investigator privy to inside information, Chertoff and Alito’s association was far more about breaking the law than upholding to the principles of justice, an oath Alito again must take “with perhaps his fingers crossed” if and when he is added to the Supreme Court.

Citing specifics and circulated on various internet outlets including, the shady report on Chertoff and Alito alleged:

“They jointly arranged apparently to cover up and personally financially benefit from numerous crimes committed by renegade groups of officials and agents of Israeli Intelligence, The Mossad, operating front companies for various scams.

“These criminal gangs arranged rackets skimming off vast sums from runaway corruption among Judges and other court officials in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. Also Alito and Chertoff reputedly profitably engaged in clandestine and corrupt weapons deals with supposedly Israeli weapons and defense contractors located in New Jersey. In favor of Gestapo tactics, Chertoff after 9-11 became head of Homeland Security.

“Alito, with the help of Chertoff, likewise reportedly covered up various rackets perpetrated by Israeli gangsters more or less resident in New Jersey, victimizing suckers; quoting them lowball figures for furniture moving and then at the destination demanding a huge price which if not paid, the Israeli criminals would threaten to empty the contents of the moving vans into the Hudson River.”

The choice of Alito comes four days after Bush’s first appointee, his personal friend and lawyer, Harriet Miers, resigned because of legal incompetence. Alito, originally appointed to the federal bench in 1990 by Daddy Bush is seen as a strong conservative voice nicknamed “Scalito” for his philosophical similarities with Justice Scalia, also called my many of his critics the “Go To Hell Judge” for his insensitive and underhanded rulings.

Regarding abortion, Alito is most definitely opposed to it, backing a Pennsylvania law as a federal judge in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, that required women to inform their husbands before they sought an abortion.