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by Icone    Bush Wired
Entered into the database on Friday, October 07th, 2005 @ 16:31:53 MST


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As if on cue, about a year after the BULGE was sighted during the Presidential Debates of '04... our pesky Presidential Bulge has made a special "anniversary" appearance.

Today President Bush held a full-fledged hour long news conference, complete with a question and answer session. While the President's speech seemed to go quite smoothly, Bush seemed to slip up ... a dozen or so times... during the Q&A session. It was the classic Bush pauses and slow speech as the 'hard' questions rolled in... nothing new there.

However, today the President seemed to go back to that odd speaking style that brought us "BulgeGate" in the first place. If you look close at the way Bush spoke today, the frequent stalls then sudden "blurting out" of facts and talking points, the idea of wireless prompting of answers almost seems obvious.

The video can be found on the White House site . There are especially interesting "stammer and pauses" throughout the video, but the idea of answer prompting really seems plausible at approx: 45:30.

Better yet! As the President turned and walked off I thought I saw that tell-tale Bulge shape that we all know so well by now. Within minutes of the conference I received a few dozen e-mails from people who thought they saw the Bulge on TV. Apparently, it was quite obvious on the multi-angled CSPAN coverage... I can't say, I didn't see it. The video on the CSPAN website is too fuzzy to see anything well... but here is the CSPAN VIDEO link.

I did some screen grabs and light enhancing with Photoshop... the compression makes it difficult to tell exactly, but it looks like the Bulge is back!!!

Updates if anything develops.