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Provocateur forces in New Orleans? The case builds
from Total Information Analysis
Entered into the database on Sunday, September 04th, 2005 @ 15:30:34 MST


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On Thursday, there was a report on the net Delta Force had just dropped into New Orleans. This was at about the same time this website noticed a couple helicopters full of unidentified troops being dropped off the helipad at the Superdome. If the "Delta Force" story is true (and even Army Times says forces are engaging in combat in New Orleans), or another small special ops force were dropped into New Orleans, they would be well placed, for provacateuring more than anything else. Such as laying down sniper fire on boats evacuating patients from a hospital or setting fires, or sniping at firefighters.

This item is from the LiveJournal blog of someone holed up in a functioning datacenter on Canal St. at 1pm CDT Saturday:

"The Riverwalk may be on fire (shopping mall at the river at end of CBD/Quarter). Everytime we talk to the police, we hear about sniper fire at the fire scenes. I cannot confirm that there is any. This is all hearsay, but it's coming from the police. The police we talk to, while consistent about claiming there is sniper fire, are conflicted about whether it's police sniper fire trying to take out arsonists or criminal sniper fire trying to take out police and fire rescue teams. Again, this is rumor for now, but we're hearing a lot of this rumor.

Delta Force is a criminal organization, having previously engaged in the murder of Americans at Waco, so any fire from them would by definition be sniper fire.

It seems like someone is going up and down the river, setting prime real estate on fire and laying sniper fire to make sure it burns down. First the warehouses, now the Riverwalk shopping mall, a structure orginally constructed for the 1984 World's Fair.

Are there other special forces teams out there that could take out these provocateurs? Anyone that gives a damn about America or New Orleans? Could someone call France and ask for a hand?