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Pretty White Girls Don't Drown in Attics
by Gerald Celente    Independent Media TV
Entered into the database on Sunday, September 04th, 2005 @ 11:32:44 MST


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If only New Orleans had a higher population of upper class pretty thin white girls, rather than poor overweight black ones, the people might have been spared the hideous fate that Uncle Sam has dealt them.

Despite the spectacle of "officials" claiming to be on the job, the vivid pictures showed thousands of stories that proved the depth of their lies:

A superheated Super Dome of stench, crammed with tens of thousands of suffering black people without food, water, and toilets - left with only the clothes on their backs and robbed of all their dignity, even in death.

Freeways crammed with dazed, wandering people & ragged, worn, baking in the brutal sun with not a drop of water, morsel of food, or place to go & not even a place to rest their soaking, aching baking bones. Infants, elderly, the infirm - all of different ages, shapes and sizes, but their primary color was black.

Flooded streets filled with sewage, toxic chemicals, disease and lost slogging souls. Some aimlessly wandering in search of higher ground. Others pushing grannies, grandpas, the sick and the crippled to safety in anything that could float.

Hospitals short on drugs, no electricity, water, food, and left behind to fend for themselves and deal with the dead and dying.

People, by the hundreds, dying in the streets and left there to rot.

Where was the mightiest military in the world that spends several hundred billions of its people's money to shock and awe a foreign enemy but not a military dime to air-drop or send in the Marines with food and water for hungry and destitute American "refugees?"

A military that can penetrate opposing forces, surgically bomb and repel barrages of artillery, pardoned for its absence by the Homeland Czar, because of the difficulty to traverse flooded roads.

With water up to their rooftops, floating on doors and standing atop the last piece of anything dry, the poor sweltered in the heat and suffered in fear, wondering why no one is coming to the rescue. Despite the vivid enormity of the disaster, the government deployed less than a dozen helicopters and 200 National Guardsmen to rescue hundreds of thousand of people.

Then, as the New Orleans levees began breaking, the "authorities" could not find one spare chopper to drop the three ton sand bags into the breaches despite promising for days, on camera, they were doing so.

"I don't want to alarm anyone that New Orleans is filling up like a bowl. That isn't going to happen," said FEMAs director Michael Brown, as New Orleans filled up like a bowl.

After the levees tore open, the governor, mayor and all the other officials, who confuse their political position with brain power, wisdom and worth - and spend precious camera time arrogantly dismissing all those who dare question their lies, ineptness and lofty positions - once again told the people to evacuate.

But they directed their announcement to their TV audience and not to those who needed to hear them. Left in the dark, with no electricity, telephones, radios, or other communication devices, the people whose lives were at stake never heard the news that in a few hours they would be drowning.

America, the country that brags, "We're Number One," kept its navy beached, army barracked and air force grounded. No help was on the way. No troops went street-to-street or house-to-house warning the citizens that "the waters are coming."

None of the military's famous leaflet drops they readily perform to tell foreigners to leave town before they bomb their country, were dropped on New Orleans' out-of-touch residents telling them to leave.

Instead, the elected officials and appointed bureaucrats retreated to dry land, and left the unknowing & young and old, sick and poor and all others in between, with the ghastly fate of dying a slow water torture.

Thinking they were safe after the rain and winds had died down, and with no reason to believe otherwise, as the waters drained from Lake Pontchartrain and began to flood their streets, sidewalks, and first floors, the soon-to-be victims fled upstairs. Trapped on top floors and attics, they were unable to climb any higher.

No living human can retell in words or replicate in sounds the gruesome horror of waiting to drown to death, or the screaming pain of watching loved ones suffer and gasp their last gurgling breath.

There was no help coming. The many days of broadcast coverage proved it: CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC: Miles O'Brien, Shepard Smith, Brian Williams, Anderson Cooper, Martin Savidge, Jim Scarborough. One after another, they saw the truth, spoke it, and the cameras recorded it.

Yet despite the hard facts and ugly truth, a parade of plastic government bureaucrats and pathetic politicians continued their shameless public circle jerk & an indecent spectacle of backslapping each other for the "incredible" job they are doing. It took President Bush four days and relentless national criticism to backtrack from his lavish praise and empty promises to admit, "the results are not acceptable."

It is as clear as black and white. If Katrina had ravaged Boca Raton, Palm Beach or South Beach & Homeland Security, FEMA, the Army, Navy and Marines would have snapped into action in a military minute. This is "amateur hour," said MSNBC's Scarborough when compared to the US government's "ruthless efficiency" in the four hurricanes he covered in Florida.

With the water still rising in New Orleans, and chaos spreading, Greta, Rita, Nancy and other media masters and mistresses still found time to pick up where they left off before Katrina struck & reporting on the pretty white girl who's still missing in Aruba & and has been since May.