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Wondering about mail-in voting? Diebold's new VoteRemote
Entered into the database on Tuesday, July 26th, 2005 @ 14:08:51 MST


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Top secret documents obtained by Black Box Voting -- As state after state has passed cookie-cutter mail-in voting legislation, here's what's been flying under the radar: Diebold's new Vote Remote Suite.

As we add more to this, you'll see that components of VoteRemote are already in use, as shown by accounting entries with completed billings for VoteRemote services.

Most of the VoteRemote technology has been around for 40 years (basic mail processing automation, like envelope stuffing and bar coding). What is new for elections is Diebold's automation of signature comparison.

Note that the VoteRemote suite interacts with the Voter Registration database, which happens to have party affiliation, and that you can selectively set the tolerance for signature comparison to reject lots, a few, or hardly any voters.

More on Vote Remote in future reports. Here is an introduction to the technology:

A little mystery: Who certified THIS? (And when?)