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Photo of 'Bombers' has been Doctored
from infowars
Entered into the database on Monday, July 25th, 2005 @ 11:49:22 MST


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Originally picked up on by citizens for legitimate Government, we now have further evidence to suggest that the above photo has been doctored.

CLG reported: "At first, (almost) everything looks fine, but look closer... look at the guy with the white hat... check out his left arm (HIS left arm).... the lower of the rails of the railing is IN FRONT of his left arm... where of course it shouldn't be! I'm NO image specialist, but this sure looks ridiculous. I'd say it´s a fake."

The CLG has also inspected this image. "The white-hatted man was apparently superimposed onto the photo. Not only is his arm 'behind' a railing that is supposedly several feet behind HIM, but also, upon magnification in Photoshop, part of the bar actually goes into his head. This was 'touched-up,' but pixels of his head mix unmistakably with pixels from the railing." --Michael Rectenwald.

Here is an enhancement of the picture. You can clearly see that the railing appears IN FRONT of the supposed bomber's left arm. Not only this but there also seems to be a railing running through the man's head.

A further analysis clearly shows the railing continuously running visible through the man's head. There is also a noticeable outline above the bomber's cap and around his head, indicating the image has been "cut out" and superimposed onto the original.

Why would the authorities doctor this image? What are they trying to persuade the public into believing? Or is this simply an optical illusion? If anyone has any other explanation for these anomalies, please e-mail the details to us.