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Venezuela's President Chavez Frias had declared the elitist FTAA as dead
by Bob Chapman    VHeadline
Entered into the database on Sunday, March 06th, 2005 @ 17:22:12 MST


Untitled Document The Presidents of Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela have issued a joint statement saying they are committed to pursuing a South American Community of Nations and expect to seal to seal a trilateral agreement at an upcoming meeting.

Meetings are also being arranged for finance, energy, and social area ministries and with central banks within 30 days.

The framework for a Southern Cone Economic Community (Mercosur) Structural Fund and Venezuela's full Mercosur membership is in the works.

To be discussed is a continental TV Network, Petrosur, South American Development Bank and ways and means to deal with poverty.

In further developments Venezuela will supply Uruguay with 43,600 barrels of oil per day, of which 75% will be paid for in 20 days and part can be paid by goods and services. The other 25% has a two-year grace period and a 15-year limitable. Venezuela will also buy $500,000 of Argentina's sovereign debt as an aid measure.

President Chavez Frias had declared the elitist, US Free Trade Agreement for the Americas (FTAA) as dead.

This is extremely important because it derails the elitists' plans for the amalgamation of NAFTA, CAFTA and now FTAA to form a borderless region to be merged into a world government by 2010.
Unbeknownst to most, the Bush administration is secretly negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA) with Panama. Neither Panamanians nor US citizens know what is being negotiated or what the consequences of such a secret agreement will be until it is presented. We suspect that it is being kept a secret due to recent protests in Guatemala and Peru. The media in Panama has done little to uncover what is going on and we fear the people of Panama will be sold out, unless, of course, you want to take orders indefinitely from world elitists.