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Huge Rucksack for a Ten Pound Bomb
from Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Thursday, July 14th, 2005 @ 16:13:32 MST


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Here’s a still supposedly released from the CCTV footage showing the demonic terrorist (i.e., patsy) Hasib Hussain “on his way to carry out last Thursday’s Tavistock Square attack,” according to the Guardian. Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist branch has poured over “5,000 tapes of CCTV footage” and come up with one image for public consumption. Of course, considering how the British government lied about Saddam’s imaginary weapons of mass destruction and Blair’s “intelligence dossier” on Iraq was lifted, word for word, from an American student’s thesis, there is absolutely no reason for us to believe this single frame image means anything at all or is what Scotland Yard tells us it is and not fun with Photoshop. Anyway, let’s for a moment buy Scotland Yard’s assertion this is an image of Hussain “on his way” to kill people at Tavistock Square. Is there a reason this guy would need a huge rucksack (plainly visible in the above image) if he was carrying a mere ten pounds (or less) of explosives? Or maybe Hussain had his dirty laundry in the backpack too. “The explosives appear to be of military origin, which is very worrying,'’ Christophe Chaboud, chief of the French Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit, explained two days ago. How did a kid from Leeds who stayed in his room reading the Koran get his hands on military explosives? ‘’Either by trafficking, for example, in the Balkans, or they had someone on the inside who enabled them to get them out of a military establishment.'’ Or maybe the military establishment pulled off the attacks. Of course, now that I have said that, I will be quoted on right-winger blogs as an American (or British) hating nutter.