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Entered into the database on Tuesday, July 12th, 2005 @ 15:40:26 MST


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July 12, 2005 -- ROVEGATE -- With the Washington main stream media's newly-found focus on Karl Rove and the leak of highly classified information on the CIA, a few issues are being missed. First, some members of the Washington media were not acting as journalists in the Plame/Brewster Jennings leaks but as purveyors of White House information and providers of classified information to the White House to discredit Amb. Joseph Wilson and his wife. That is why the special prosecutor has been so aggressive against journalists who may have been involved in much more than mere news reporting. Informed sources claim that the investigation has gone from looking at what Karl Rove told Robert Novak (word is that Rove may have used a media intermediary to spread details on Plame and BJ&A to Novak and others) to a criminal conspiracy involving other White House officials, including Lewis "Scooter" Libby and, specifically, Vice President Dick Cheney. Second, Rove was called before the grand jury three times (not including his late 2004 requested meeting with the special prosecutor). This indicates he is far more than a "person of interest" at this stage.