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Weather Modification a Long-Established, Though Secretive, Reality

Posted in the database on Sunday, December 04th, 2005 @ 11:47:13 MST (1688 views)
by Mary-Sue Haliburton    Open Source Energy Network  

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New legislation not designed to foster pleasant or productive weather, but planned as tool of weaponized weather control, already well tested and in use since 1976. Amateur and hostile weather-makers alike likely to lose their technology to the military.

New Weather-Control Board to Set up Shop in U.S.

It’s late fall of 2004. Fred McKenna* surveys his beloved radionics equipment with sorrow. “I am expecting a visit from the boys in black,” he sighs to me. Because he has been engaged in storm mitigation and deflection, he’s sure that military and other authorities know of his location and activities. Fred has already begun to dispose of the reagents, the active principle used for the “broadcast” of specific corrective energies to persons or the environment. By transferring their activity to the land itself, he hopes this might at least protect a passive aspect of his operation. But he fears that the machines themselves may no longer be in his possession by the end of the following year.

It’s for good reason that Fred is concerned about confiscation of his radionics machines. He has received numerous threatening phone calls; his computer has been sabotaged while connected to satellite weather-data sites; and he has even been subjected to a psionic attack intended to cause a car crash – which would have happened if he had not serendipitously made an unplanned turn off the highway. Just as he was stopping the car, he was suddenly plunged into unconsciousness (for which no medical explanation could be found). Had he continued on the road, he said, the car would have smacked into a rock face.

Long before there was any public announcement, Fred and others like him have been aware of planned legislation in the United States. Just because Fred lives in Canada, he is not exempt from interference or even being arrested. The U.S. military has a very long arm. As evinced by many examples, the US feels it has the right to reach into any nation on earth to take whatever it wills by force, whether this is oil fields or weather-influencing technology. Set forward as Bill S. 517 on March 3, 2005, and scheduled to take effect on 1 October 2005, is the Weather Modification Research and Technology Transfer Act.

What Kind of Weather Control Will this Be?

Bill S.517 sets up an eleven-member board of directors to oversee all the research on weather control, and to direct funding to projects. The wording sounds typically bureaucratic and innocuous. Except for the fact that the title of the act includes the words “technology transfer”, there is no specific reference to possible confiscation of privately-held equipment. However, there are gray areas, such as "and for other purposes" and other vague phrases that periodically appear in the text.

This is what rings alarm bells for independent, benevolent weather modifiers like Fred who want to normalize rainfall for farmer, and to lessen storm damage. For example, under Section 5, DUTIES, the following statement appears:

(2) assessments and evaluations of the efficacy of weather modification, both purposeful (including cloud-seeding operations) and inadvertent (including downwind effects and anthropogenic effects). (Ref.)

Note the reference to cloud-seeding, an old method largely superseded by new technology, but still popularly equated to weather control as it is the only one discussed in the mass media. However, some aerial spraying continues, of which the nature and purpose are hotly debated. (Refs)

The statement only partly conceals an expectation that they will be recording evolutionary – probably genetic – changes, and that this will regarded as merely be a “normal” part of data collection. Because the word "anthropogenic” refers to "the origin and evolution of humans" we should be asking, “What sort of testing is planned here?” Is this new Board going to be approving weather experimentation that includes genetic modifiers, treating whole human populations as guinea pigs? If so, we should all be as concerned as Fred.

Transfer of Technology to Whom?

Not explained in the text is why "Technology Transfer" is in the title. Unless that is related to the right of the Board of Directors to “receive, use, and dispose of gifts" (emphasis added), we are left to guess what this means.

If the government’s objective is to control the weather for military advantage, then some of these transfers may be involuntary. There is also no mention of any upper limit on gift value, or whether the board members could take them for personal use, which would be gross conflict of interest if this were for the public good. Will owners of radionics and other types of equipment be expected to “give” their equipment, inventions and patents over to the Board? And why would the words “dispose of” be included in relation to these “gifts” – possibly of technology? Does this mean that the Board has a carte blanche to destroy confiscated technology? Remembering that the military document on weather control is titled “Owning the Weather by 2025”, (emphasis added) it is implied that no one else will be allowed to own anything that could influence the weather for either military or non-military purposes. We must all be at the “mercy” of the distinctly unmerciful Armed Forces.

According to one website, crediting as its source another site that no longer carries this report, Canada and the U.S. have entered into an agreement to exchange information about these technologies and their transboundary effects. (Ref.) Article IV of this agreement requires both parties to inform the other of weather-control experiments and activities "prior to" the commencement of such activities. However, apparently to cover their backsides, Article VII states:

"Nothing herein relates to or shall be construed to affect the question of responsibility or liability for WEATHER MODIFICATION activities, or to imply the existence of any generally applicable rule of international law. " (Ref.)

Also on the books in Canada is a law concerning public notification of weather-modification activities. Apparently this means that people must submit proposals with full details of what they plan to do, how large an area will be affected, and other details. As worded, the act appears to be designed to allow people in the affected area to be informed and to raise objections if they are negatively affected. An example is the use of a hail cannon, which uses a powerful supersonic shockwave to break up the hail formation process in the clouds. (Ref) Due to the high decibel level, a warning whistle must be sounded in advance of each firing of the cannon so that any people who are nearby can protect their ears.

However, when citizens of Canada have attempted to use this act to obtain information about the weather-modifying activity known as chemtrail spraying, the public disclosure principle does not seem to be applicable. One caller in Ontario ended up talking with a someone in an office in Manitoba who attempted to persuade him that this was only crop-dusting, one of the usual disinformation tactics. Whether or not the information exchange agreement between Canada and the U.S. means that the Canadian government is being informed about this program, the information is not trickling down to the public. The spirit of this act is more honored in the breach than in the observance.

What will happen to this agreement and the information legislation when the new American Weather Authority comes into being? Given all the qualifiers and the national security acts that override all other laws, it doesn’t likely have a future. And if the planned annexation of Canada and Mexico by the U.S. goes ahead, the question will be academic anyway.

A Brief and Partial History of Weather Control

The official recognition given to weather control technology by setting up a Board to oversee it at this time might suggest to some that this technology is a new field, and that the research is just beginning. However, weather control has a long history, and if various observers and researchers are correct in their interpretation of documents and data, we have been seeing it in use for at least three decades.

The ancient way to govern weather was for especially trained and disciplined individuals to interact with the spirit dimension.

"In many cultures, weather-working ability seems to be part and parcel of the shaman's job description and is considered necessary for the survival and well-being of the community. Successful weather-working also demonstrates the shaman's strong relationship with the spirits and the forces of nature. Implicit in these demonstrations is not an opportunity for self-aggrandizement, but ideally, an opportunity to support the community in the certain knowledge that the spirits are really at work and that miracles can indeed be expected! "

The co-authors point out that compassion and relationship were part and parcel of the shaman's weather control. This aspect of supporting the human social fabric is entirely missing from to the weaponized, inhuman imperative to manipulate weather, usually for the domination of one group over against another. (Ref)

Wilhelm Reich – discoverer of an actual, scientifically verifiable "life energy" he named "orgone" – developed a device he called the Cloud-Buster. This consisted of pipes grounded in water, and connected to layers of material from living and inorganic sources which functioned as an orgone accumulator. He was able to use this device to both shut off and bring rain. It was so powerful that it had to be used sparingly and with caution, to avoid creating either drought or flood. Some of Reich’s experiments had remarkable results. In 1954, he brought rain to drought-stricken Tucson. Even before the rain actually arrived, the grass had reached a foot in height due to the enhanced and balanced life energy (orgone). (Ref)

Trevor J. Constable continues in the Reich tradition, but mounts the pipes on aircraft and flies them through the area to be treated. His site describes Operation Clincher, a series of smog-reduction operations conducted in California under the auspices of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. In 2004 Constable authored an article rebutting the heavy-handed conventional ideas for control of hurricanes. He writes:

"Lunatic suggestions to explode atomic bombs against the eye wall of these immense vortexial systems, attest to orthodoxy’s dangerous bankruptcy, and also to orthodoxy’s perpetual readiness to embrace the murderous."

Constable's work, arising directly from that of Reich, draws on life-energy principles, which orthodox mechanistic science still refuses to acknowledge as existing. (Ref.) Since Descartes first dissected living dogs without anaesthetic, ignoring their howls of pain because he had convinced himself that “lower animals” had no conscious awareness, mechanistic scientists have regarded living and dead as being essentially the same.

Even when confronted with evidence, film, time-lapse video, and data, the conventionally-educated scientists and engineers still refuse to accept that the "etheric" technology – based on this life-energy concept – is able to diminish storms, even though it is etheric forces that play a role in creating them, according to Trevor Constable.

"The cardinal technical principle involved in any hurricane control measures, is to use the colossal energies of etheric force in a hurricane, AGAINST THE HURRICANE. A science that thinks an octave too low, with no understanding of what vital energy actually is, cannot access and technologically utilize that force. The chief characteristic of vital energy is that it flows from low potential to high potential – the reverse of conventional, standard concepts of energy potentials."

Constable wrote this in 2004, indicating that with some minor resources provided and "protected status"-- to avoid the fate of his mentor and predecessor Reich who died in prison --

"with a year of such preparatory work, our entire posture vis-à-vis the Florida hurricane season, would be totally transformed from terror to confidence that we were finally doing something meaningful about hurricane diversion and control, instead of just standing in the rain." (Ref.)

Of course he did not receive any permission, recognition, or protection. And as we all know, Florida storms continue unabated – some say, with an extra push from one or another covert secret weather controller with nefarious intentions. (Ref.)

Weather Control As A Weapon

For many, weather control suggests the ability always to have pleasant weather and to avoid serious storms or long droughts. Due to the frequency destructive storms, hurricanes and the consequent floods, or to their total absence and consequent droughts, such people assume that weather control has not been mastered and therefore is not being used. This naive view assumes that weather would always be controlled for the good of humanity.

Human nature seems to dictate otherwise. The discovery of any new power is considered to confer a military advantage, and therefore its very existence is kept secret for as long as possible. While the general public is being told that all phenomena, including some highly anomalous ones inexplicable by natural forces, are "Mother Nature" at work, various military and even private agencies have been flexing their technological muscles and playing havoc with the weather.

Although the American military has actually published a detailed document "Owning the Weather by 2025", many people will simply say "I don't believe it" when confronted with this. Why? They may say because it has not been reported in the mass media, it must not be real. (Some others will say this is a prime indication that it is real, because most of what the mass media publishes is fantasy.) But normally any military power must be kept secret, and the major media outlets are well aware that they must not cross this line or they could be shut down. Freedom of the press is allowable only if "national security" policies are not breached.

Some apologists attempt to argue away the frightening contents of this policy document by focussing on the disclaimer that it represents only possible future scenarios and should not be taken to be factual:

"2025 is a study designed to comply with a directive from the chief of staff of the Air Force to examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future. Presented on 17 June 1996, this report was produced in the Department of Defense school environment of academic freedom and in the interest of advancing concepts related to national defense. The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States government. This report contains fictional representations of future situations/scenarios." Emphasis included in original. (Ref.)

But such theoretical reports have a tendency to be implemented behind the scenes, even while being denied in public. In his article The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for Military Use, professor and independent analyst Michel Chossudovsky cites other official documents to arrive at his conclusions that weaponized weather control is already in use. He also explores how public opinion is being misled. At the time this was written, the UN was avoiding dealing with the issue of deliberate human-caused climate change. (Ref.)

More recently, the UN has showed more concern about weather and climate change. In July of 2004, they granted official advisory status to the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE), which served as "NGO in Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations". PACE members with scientific expertise have been doing analyses and opinion concerning the overriding nature of the climate-change issue. (Ref.)

Covert Harassment of Humanity?

Evidence from the environment and from independent researchers and analysts suggest that this type of weather control is already being exercised as – in effect – a weapon of mass destruction. Public disclosure occurred at an April 1997 counter-terrorism conference. Secretary of Defense William Cohen stated:

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations and it's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts." (Ref.)

According to Lt.Col. (Ret'd) Tom Bearden, the Russians developed weather control several decades ago, and have been using it over North America since 1976. Using over-the-horizon (OTH) radar, the beams are transmitted in the 3-30 megaHertz band. His website explores the theory of scalar interferometry, and explains how such beams can be used to direct the weather patterns as well as to transmit disease patterns of interaction to cells of living beings, affecting bio-electrical functioning. (Ref.) No chemicals are necessary to cause disruption of living tissues, if this alarming theory is true.

Bearden also alleges that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russian scientists sold this technology to other hostile elements such as the Yakusa. And Russia continues to operate its “Woodpecker” system. In his view, it is these outside rogue weather controllers working hard to make our lives difficult by causing storms and droughts. However, some of these economically displaced Russian scientists are attempting to benefit humanity and agriculture. One group ended up in Mexico, where they have built an effective rainmaking system that has gained the blessing of that country. Mexico plans to have 19 more of these rainmaking stations installed in the dry north by 2006. (Ref.)

HAARP: Pure Research or Active Manipulation?

Ostensibly, HAARP — the High-Altitude Active Auroral Research Program – is a research station, gathering data about the atmosphere and “radio propagation conditions”, presumably for the benefit of scientists in general as well as for civilian and military communications. Their public website states that they are “monitoring and archiving the naturally occurring variations that take place in response to the sun's day-to-day and long term variability.” This phrase “in response to” implies that this is passive research. Continually-updated, colorful charts are available online (Ref.) for each type of instrument, ranging from magnetometer readings to spectrum monitors and total electron content.

However, there seems to be much more going on behind this public face. Weather-control patents have been issued for several decades. Patent No. 3564253 is summarized as: "A system and method for generalized irradiation of relatively large surface areas of a planet, such as the earth, the moon, etc. for illumination, heating, weather control, etc., employing one or more planet-orbiting self-erecting planar-reflector satellites controlled in attitude and orbit position to reflect energy from the sun to a desired area on the planet's surface." (Ref.) Although this patent called for a satellite, HAARP ground installations are capable of directing energy to any spot on the planet, as is the Russian system.

That “Woodpecker” system uses the 10 Hz frequency, which by coincidence or otherwise is the frequency at which the human brain operates when in “alpha” rhythm (made famous by the “Silva Method of Mind Control”). This mental state fosters active imagination, and if the user learns to work with guided imagery, he or she can achieve some interesting effects both in personal health and also in influencing others’ moods and behavior. Some believe that it’s also possible for human thoughts and empowered wishes to influence even the air, water and earth. Why not? If 10 Hz/alpha is the same frequency that HAARP and Russian weather-control systems are using, perhaps we humans need not think of ourselves as victims of any weather-weaponry systems. Maybe we should all try sending out our positive thoughts for equalization of rainfall, for the health of the planet and for the integrity of its vital envelope of ozone.

Looking for Evidence from Meteorology

One of the primary indications of manipulated weather is the anomalous blocking high, a “ridge” in the jetstream that stays locked in one place for months instead of moving around in its normal fashion. These stationary high-pressure areas tend to occur just off the coastline, and are noted for preventing rain systems that would normally come inland from bringing much-needed moisture.

Typically, the weather reporters on TV refer to this as “Mother Nature” being contrary, but it’s neither maternal nor natural for the jetstream to lock in place like this, guiding all rain to be dumped uselessly over the ocean instead of onto land. Such a stationary high persisted over British Columbia for several months in 2003 and 2004, drying out the coastal rainforest as well as the interior to the point of creating two of the worst forest-fire seasons known. Why on earth, you might well ask, would anyone want to burn up the forests of B.C.? In reply one can only ask another question: “Who would benefit from doing this?” Would it have anything to do with the “softwood lumber” dispute between Canada and the United States? American lumber businesses don’t want competition and have vigorously opposed imports from the north. Despite the “free trade” deal between the two countries, the American lumber industry succeeded in having an exorbitant tariff charged against Canadian wood products.

Tom Bearden’s website presents numerous photographic evidence of cloud and weather patterns apparently being controlled by non-natural means. Grids, radials and other peculiar structures do not seem to be created by winds. (Ref.) While admitting that in a few cases it might be possible for natural forces to form unusual shapes, he believes overall, there are too many such occurrences to be accounted for by unassisted nature.

Meteorologist Scott Stevens has also gathered examples of cloud anomalies that do not have a natural explanation. (Ref.) His examples of clouds being directed by a scalar grid include both photographs from the ground, and wide-image satellite cloud formations showing where the clouds are adhering to square grid lines.

The author of this essay has also observed anomalous cloud forms that are impossible to explain based on wind direction, such as a square configuration, with one bar of cloud lying at right angles to the next, covering an area too wide to capture in a photograph (unless one had a panoramic or video camera). Further, just in watching the weather channel one sees anomalies, which the anchor person does not notice, or to which he or she does not want to draw attention.

One example was the so-called "Pineapple Express", which for a few weeks early in 2004 was bringing what the on-air personalities described as "regular pulses" of rain across the Pacific to British Columbia. This kind of description ought to be a red flag. When does nature produce "regular pulses", and how would natural forces explain the neat arc shapes of those cloud pattern crossing the ocean, each equidistant from the next? They looked exactly like those diagrams of how broadcast radio waves expand outward from a central point, the transmitter, like rings of ripples from tossing a stone into a pond. These cloud arcs suggested that a synthetic but benevolent weather-making system of some kind must have been operating in Hawaii. The Pineapple Express stopped running when the blocking high moved in that spring.

News Blackouts Feed Public Frustration

Numerous individuals and “indy-media” web publishers are observing anomalies in the sky and in weather patterns, and publishing their concerns. These articles and image banks express a wide range of manner from the careful, sober analysis and data collection, including documenting the existence of patents and other material evidence (Refs) to equally thorough documentation but sensationalistic and attention-grabbing in tone. (Ref.)

The edge of emotional indignation and sometimes active fear-mongering may be simply an "equal and opposite" reaction to the dead-eyed stonewalling of the major media outlets. Occasionally a snippet leaks through, and the gap is firmly closed. Hearing a radio report of anomalous surface heating of the sub-arctic ocean in November two years ago, I promptly wrote to the broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, to ask for further details and analysis. I specified that we should find out whether this was an accidental or deliberate effect. However, I never got a reply, and the story was not either repeated or followed up. Apparently even the public broadcaster does not have the right to give out this kind of information.

It is not that these independent investigators are all inherently wild-eyed fanatics or crazy "conspiracy theorists", but frustration builds up in the absence of trustworthy information when people can see something happening and know that we are not being told the truth about what it is or why it is being done. Whatever the tone, all agree that something is going on, and it does not appear to be beneficial to humanity. Where do we go from here? Unless we learn, en masse, to use our innate human abilities to, in effect, return to the most ancient way and compassionately balance our environment through mental/spiritual means, there will be no place to hide from the storms and droughts to come.

Post Scriptum (Sept. 27, 2005)

To the extent that the ocean warming and the increased violence of the hurricanes is caused by direct and deliberate targeting by HAARP and/or some other similar powerful world-scale technology, that is the extent to which we are under attack from agencies that can only be called "weather terrorists" -- because they operate in secret in an undeclared war on humanity. And that is the extent to which we must resist that unnatural dimension of the weather.

It is equally important to seek to expose these hidden agencies and their purposes, sources of funding, supporters, and last but not least their minions and mouthpieces holding public office. For this reason I feel that we have to be suspicious about the reason anyone would have to suppress this information, and to expect us to bow to the self-appointed weather gods wielding their technology in secret.

Why should we accept being told not to take notice of or to question anomalies in the weather, much less try to mitigate these crimes against humanity and nature? Yes, storms are generated by natural forces and are part of the planet’s self-balancing dynamics. But there is an added dimension in these new storms.

I believe human beings must exercise our human right to lessen the destructive power of these extreme, weaponized storms -- down to the level nature would be using to accomplish purposes of balancing the environment. I affirm that this right is "inherent" and "inalienable" by virtue of our being alive. Life doesn’t lie down and give up, or humanity would have vanished long ago. Life seeks to continue and to defend itself.

Therefore, any simple method of directing heart-energy in co-operation with the Loving Creator (ref.), or directing “orgone” or life energy, or employing radionics for benevolent purposes is totally legitimate, and we must defend the rights of all who do so.

Taking away weather-mitigation concepts, beliefs and technologies from ordinary citizens is the same thing as taking away legally-owned guns. It leaves the people defenceless and completely under the heel of this weaponized weather-control/mind-control/total domination system. Pretty much in the same position of the citizens of New Orleans, who found themselves suddenly homeless, without food or shelter, and being treated as criminals even when they were not offering resistance. That's the position into which we may all be put, if this agenda goes ahead as it has begun.

The propaganda machine puts forward the loss of freedom as inevitable due to these alleged "natural" effects of "global warming". An article in the weekend newspapers owned by the right-wing CanWest Global chain in Canada argues for the weather war. It states: “A Pentagon report, written well in advance of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, says weather catastrophes will create a new world order.” (Ref.) This was hardly a “prophecy being fulfilled” if it was a military plan based on secret war technology. The appearance of this major feature article on the day that Rita was expected to have devastated Houston is a dead give-away that weather manipulation is being used to achieve political and financial goals, circumventing all laws and constitutions.

We can't sit on the fence. We have to make a choice: either condone this or reject it, based on as much information as can be gathered.

In my view, the only ILLEGITIMATE use of weather control is this "force multiplier" concept: to cause droughts, floods, famine and enslavement of whole populations. Unlike farmers and small operators, this is not done for altruistic or benevolent reasons: multiplying force in this way enables a few wealthy companies and individuals to profit from expropriation and even genocide while blaming it on "the weather" and getting off scot-free.

As long as Weather Control is kept secret, it can and will be used for nefarious purposes, Bringing it into the public eye is the first step toward accountability, and toward ensuring that weather is controlled for beneficial purposes, to balance the needs of humanity and the planet.

So, while working toward public accountability for all weather-management activity, pray earnestly to God, use your radionics, or your orgone-generator, or even just your alpha-rhythm and imagination. Let's mitigate all these super-storms.


Fred McKenna, not his real name, has many years of experience with weather modification, working mostly for and with farmers.

http://www.theorator.com/bills109/s517.html The official wording of the act to create this weather-control authority.

http://proliberty.com/observer/20040501.htm , http://www.willthomas.net/Chemtrails/index.htm http://www.holmestead.ca/chemtrails/digital.html

Wording of Canada-U.S. Agreement on Weather Modification.
This Toronto-based site includes an introduction to the topic.

The Weather Modification Information Act:
The various websites featuring this act have a disclaimer: “These documents are not the official versions.” Even clicking on Environment Canada’s link takes one back to these “unofficial” versions. It makes one wonder how seriously this legislation is being taken.

Normally “right to farm” legislation is considered to deal with issues such as the smell of manure, but this technology brings noise issues to the forefront.

Shamanism and the Spirits of Weather, by Nan Moss and David Corbin.

Reich’s work was suppressed, even to the extent of burning his books, a blot on the history of a supposedly free society.

Click on links for “Clincher” and "Hurricane Control" in the sidebar; the URL does not change for these articles.

A believer in esoteric philosophy, this author has an unusual insight into possibly dynamics leading to Katrina’s apparent targeting of oil rigs.

http://www.letxa.com/issue_2025.php Promotes orthodox view, denies all evidence and allegations to the contrary, employing standard memes.
"Owning the Weather" for Military Use

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for Military Use

Washington's New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change, Third World Resurgence, January 2001, http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO201A.html

PACE as consultants to the U.N.:
"Over the next decades, the instability of the planetary environment will be of greater concern than wars, threats of war and terrorism.
"The ways of handling these perturbations, however, requires more ingenuity than what has been attempted to date. Our international collaborative network of advanced scientific thinking aims to be part of the remedy."
-- Dr. A. Michrowski, PhD, in private email 12 August 2004

. http://www.freepressinternational.com/wc.html

Many pages from Bearden’s book Fer de Lance are online, giving overview of cold-war technologies.

Russian Scientists create successful rain technology in Mexico.

http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/data.fcgi The public face of HAARP: innocent data collection

Observational data about HAARP substations and weather manipulation
Sober accumulation of evidence and argument by Dr. Nick Begich,

See Bearden’ index of cloud photographs that appear to indicate scalar engineering, at http://www.cheniere.org/clouds/

http://www.weatherwars.info/ The meteorologist’s professional eye picks out the grid lines in satellite photos as well:

http://www.chemtrailpatrol.com/cp_altering_earths_atmosphere.htm Several of the weather patents are numbered and described on this site. http://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm reports analysis of samples collected.

http://www.geocities.com/marksrealm/project337.html The history of weather engineering. Frequent use of exclamation points indicates that the writer is very concerned about the significance of these collected data.

This site has as its thesis the “New World Order” which is said to be taking control of the world and to be ready to overturn or enslave all existing governments and peoples. Weather anomalies causing social and economic devastation are said to be evidence of world-takeover policies being covertly implemented.

Ephesians 3:20. God as a loving Father knows our needs, and can do “infinitely more than we can ask or imagine” -- as Saint Paul affirms. It is totally legitimate -- perhaps the most legitimate human recourse of all -- to cry out to God our Creator, repent of the abuses we may have committed that got us into this mess, and ask Him to intervene on our behalf.

“The Climate Revolution” by Donna Jacobs. The Ottawa Citizen, Saturday Observer section, Saturday September 24, 2005. Page B2.

Still More References
(Added from email by Mary-Sue, Sept. 25, 2005)

1. < http://www.enterprisemission.com/weblog/weblog.htm >
This site includes content from a network of independent data collectors who have recently found "smoking guns" in the radar images captured from official sources and from televised weather reports that strongly indicate use of advanced scalar technology. Most of these images are rapidly purged from official sources, but have been archived and are (at least up until this moment) visible at the above site.

Two major revelations:

(a) a radar signature, impossible to explain with Newtonian physics, preceded arrival of Katrina and may have drawn the storm to New Orleans as to a target.

(b) a radar oddity, as if of a "fence" set up between Rita which was tracking toward Houston, apparently deflected the storm northward.

There is of course no way to determine who was actively manipulating the weather in either incident, but apparently some agency was using advanced, possibly a hyper-dimensional weather-control method.

Some additional background:
2. This site has data for tracking current storms:
< http://hurricane.terrapin.com/ >

3. This one has archives of previous storms going back over many years, with the ability to generate an animated storm track from the archived data using Java: <http://weather.terrapin.com/hurricane/process_name.jsp> E.g. Select 2004, and enter "Hurricane Ivan" in the search bar and watch what that one does.

4. And not least, based on the concept that human beings can actively intervene with our psychic/spiritual innate abilities given by God, this site urges action:
< http://educate-yourself.org/pnl/hurricanforcereduction08sep05.shtml >,
with a corollary at:
< http://educate-yourself.org/cn/cnnhurricanerita22sep05.shtml >

More Documentation

Captain May's "Battle of New Orleans page, just for the record:

He states: "The fact that the National Guard now bars entry (by journalists) to
the very places where people last week were barred from LEAVING (The
Convention Center and Superdome) is a kind of perverse and perfectly
backward postscript to this awful chapter in American history."

Further links from Captain May:
Medical Worker said that by Sept. 6, 43,000 body bags had been used in New Orleans alone (not all of them for single bodies)

Pathologist involved in body ID-ing forbidden to talk about body count

Go to Original Article >>>

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