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Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale

Posted in the database on Thursday, July 14th, 2005 @ 10:42:38 MST (3182 views)
by Fintan    BreakForNews.com  

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There is a huge flaw in the official theory that suicide bombers staged the multiple blasts which rocked London. A flaw which casts grave doubt over the conclusions being presented by British authorities.

It's a flaw easily missed, because we are all dulled by the habitual media use of the term: "suicide bomber." But it is a flaw immediately obvious to any competent terrorism analyst.

Here's a trick question:

How many suicide bombers died in the 3/11/'04, Madrid train attacks?

Choose: Only one; Three died, or Five.

Correct answer: None.

Here's another: How many suicide bombers died in the decades-long IRA bombing campaign in Britain?

Choose: Twelve; Nineteen, or Thirty-Five.

Correct answer: None.

Why, in both cases?

Because they didn't need to!

That's why.

If you are an Iraqi determined to kill lots of fellow Iraqis at an enlistment center for the U.S-led Iraqi forces, you are probably going to have to give your life. The people in the center are not going to let you walk in, drop a big parcel and walk out again. Suicide is the only option.

If you are a Palestinian determined to kill Israeli security forces, then wearing the explosives on your own body may be the only way to get close enough. Suicide is the only option.

But, suicide is also the last option.

Suicide missions are only ever used where there is no other military alternative. Perpetrators are dedicated, fanatical and ruthless.

But they are not stupid

Let's take a close look are the emerging story of four Asian Britons alleged to have inexplicably turned themselves into human bombs.

Even the press and ordinary people are puzzled:

Shehzad Tanweer

Bombers were `normal' Britons ..Knight Ridder, Jul. 13, 2005

LONDON - One loved cricket. Another was a young father. A third happily told his parents last week that he was off to London "with his mates." All three had a deep Islamic faith, but no one thought of them as radicals.

Police described the alleged bombers as friends and said they suspect that someone else planned and arranged the attack, possibly someone from outside England who would have had the expertise to make bombs out of military explosives and who likely left the country before the attacks.

According to closed -circuit television evidence the bombers arrived at King's Cross shortly before 8:30 a.m. They were dressed like campers, each with a backpack, and were talking easily as they gathered, before splitting off in four directions.


Volunteers who are prepared to engage in shootings or bombings are pretty committed individuals. They know that if caught they face decades in prison. That sort of individual is hard to come by.

And it's even harder to come by such persons who have no record of political involvement, no profile in police intelligence and banal, unremarkable lifestyles.

Dick Leurdijk, a security expert with the Dutch research center Clingendael Institute, said..."Suicide bombings aren't known in Europe... All organizations have limited resources. That whoever organized this was willing to spend four men in a single attack makes it pretty clear that there are others - and maybe a lot of others."

British authorities speak of a "terror mastermind" who made the bombs and slipped away.

The term "terror dummy" comes to mind instead.

Those four alleged suicide bombers, would have been the perfect terrorism cell. No record, no profile, no problem. Any terror group would dream of having such individuals in place and on active service. Four such persons could wreak havoc, and if carefull -never be caught.

And yet we are to believe that these priceless terror assets carried out a single suicide blitz -instead of a relentless bombing campaign?

Now let's take a look at one eyewitness account of suspicious actions by possibly one of these four men:

"This young guy kept diving into this bag or whatever he had in front of his feet," Richard Jones told The Associated Press... The No. 30 bus was stuck in heavy traffic in Tavistock Square, ...

"We banged the back of the bus and the driver then let us off," he said, adding that between 12 and 20 others had joined them. "Immediately, bang, there was an explosion behind me and I turned round and said 'I can't believe it, I just got off that bus'." [source]

So a crowd of people got off the bus, then the bomb exploded. A bomber could simply have joined the crowd getting off the bus -and lived to strike again.

To reliably plant small bombs on the London Underground did not require suicide missions. Much of London's Underground is actually overground. So radio/cellphone detonators could easily have been used.

Even a true underground bombing could have been done with a simple delay timer. Step off the tube just before the doors close and leave the bomb behind.

Then do the same thing again somewhere else next week.

And two weeks after.

Another thing that doesn't add up is that the four allegedly took a train to King's Cross station and were seen as a group -before splitting up to go each their own way. I can't see real terrorists being that stupid.

They would travel singly or in pairs. Even if travelling on the one train to King's Cross, they would be sitting in separate carriages. And they certainly would not group together as described.

News reports say they were "talking easily," just 20 minutes or so before certain death. Some cool characters, if so. And if they were that cool -then they couldn't be so dumb as to totally ignore pretty basic anti-surveillance tactics.

This attack supposedly featured sophisticated military explosives, but inept military tactics.

That just doesn't figure.

And no terror group wastes active service volunteers unnecessarily.

This stinks.