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World War III Nears
from Europe Business Blogspot
Entered into the database on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 @ 10:02:06 MST


Untitled Document Operation Brimstone ~ you know like "Fire & Brimstone", what God in the Old Testament said He would next use to punish the World [I am NOT making this up] ~ is a very powerful US/UK/French naval battle force (three carriers and lots of other warships) engaged in at-sea war games in the Atlantic Ocean at this moment. If by the end of this month ~ a few days ~ Iran does not capacitate to the demands (by six neo-con 'world powers') to end their maybe non-existent nuclear weapons program and legal uranium enrichment program, then a formal act-of-war under international law will be initiated. This shall take the form of a air/land/sea blockade of Iran for certain key economic necessities (such as refined energy products), necessary to ensure the continuation of the Iranian society.

This will almost certainly begin the Third World War. It may take a month or two to unfold and play out over six months or so~ or it may go nuclear and advanced biological in less than two weeks ~ but it is certain to take the entire World into the darkest nightmare in human history.

Watching this play itself out is like watching a slow motion train wreck from before the wreck through to the bitter end.

From 9/11/01 till 9/11/08 has been a 'seven year period' of war, growing police state laws, and now economic crisis of ever growing scope ~ rather like the Tribulation mentioned in the Bible. I mention this because, besides the "Operation Brimstone" name, what is unfolding is so massive and dramatic in scope ~ far greater of an impact, and compacted into a more "intense" shorter time frame of 21st Century warfare, than World War I or even World War II had on the human race ~ that it is literally biblical in scope. The period of regional wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), the Tribulation of the last seven years, is now morphing into global/World War involving nuclear and advanced biological strategic weapons of mass destruction.

Reality in geo-political military strategy and global grand strategy is like space chess ~ played on several levels.

On the level of the stated neo-con objective, using American power to make the Middle East safe for Israel, the neo-con strategy is a failure and about to become terminally so.

On the level of certain globalist super-elites, there is a "need" to "thin the herd". In other words, there are too many "unnecessary eaters" ~ us ~ in the world and a nice brief but hyper intense world war will allow a restructuring of things ~ a global corporatist restructuring of the corporatist one world/New World Order. Too bad most of us have to die to make it happen; of course, the rest get to be corporatist slaves in a new high tech police state with RFID chips/etc/etc.

If you want to live, you will begin to purchase enough food, gas, medicine, water, necessities for at least six months and be ready to self-quarantine yourself and your family. Things are apt to get "most interesting" over the next couple of weeks to six months.


UPDATE: This post has been carried by a number of sites and read by a truly enormous number of people world-wide. One of the sites that has carried the article is OpEdNews and many of the comments have been religious or anti-religious in nature, so I added this comment:

Regardless of your belief system

Regardless of your belief system, World War III is the direction that the neo-cons are taking us. It will not likely happen soon if they do not attack Iran. If they attack Iran, and this includes a Blockade which is an act of war under international law, the probabilities are very high that things will simply get out of hand. I have several in depth articles on the military technology involved posted on OpEdNews and on my blog EUROPE.

Iran already has advanced biological warfare (ABW), which is a new form of global strategic warfare involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD). When the Soviet Union fell apart the Iranians hired many of the "best and brightest" from the highly advanced Soviet biowar program. They have recombination DNA/genetic engineering technology to create new man-made killer viruses designed for mass death. We, thanks to our neo-con overlords, are close to beginning a war with a nation that has a MAD (mutually assured destruction) environment with us.

In all the years, of the Cold War, that we had a MAD with the Soviet Union both sides were smart enough (sometimes it was a close thing) not to start a war with each other because we knew that "victory would be ashes in the mouth of the victor". The neo-cons are charging ahead regardless of the danger to America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, NATO, Israel, and the rest of the world. That is so insane that one can only ask if they are crazy or if they are satanic.

In any case, we are headed for a place that will bring the most horrific deaths in human history, and that is only from an attack on Iran and their counter-attack on the neo-con western nations. If history is any judge, the aftermath of the spread of ABW and nuclear fallout and global economic collapse is apt to push the entire world into a even greater stage of total global strategic war. Sadly what I am saying is a logical analysis of the crisis facing the world today. Regardless of your belief system, either the people of the world will force the neo-cons to stop their insane march to our destruction or we will go through hell on earth.


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