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by Alan Stang    Ether Zone
Entered into the database on Friday, August 25th, 2006 @ 12:39:56 MST


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Did you know that if your doctor is "mainstream" or "orthodox," he probably doesn’t know what he is doing? Did you know there is little or no evidence that today’s $2 trillion-dollar medical system works any better than various cheaper alternatives? Did you know that this judgment applies to problems from heart troubles to back pain to prostate cancer and that orthodox medical doctors have little clue about success rates for procedures like surgery for prostate enlargement?

Did you know that 85% of what these doctors do is not backed by hard evidence, which presumably means that only %15 is; that doctors dangerously over treat patients, because they get paid to treat; they don’t get paid not to treat. Did you know there is a big risk of mental decline after bypass surgery, which some patients endure more than once?

A hundred and fifty years ago, Ignaz Semmelweis claimed that his fellow physicians were killing women delivering babies in Vienna’s hospitals. Women were so terrified of hospitals at the time, they considered a hospital stay the same as a death sentence; their families had to bring them there by force because the women tried to escape. Imagine, if you can, a woman about to give birth, fighting like a cornered lioness to stay out of a hospital.

Eminently respectable doctors of the day were killing such women by going from surgery to surgery without washing their hands. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Semmelweis suspected that was the reason and demanded that they scrub and sterilize; he thereby reduced the death rate to less than 1%, so of course the doctors ran him out of town. Eventually, they drove him crazy; he was confined in an insane asylum, where he died.

By now—more than a century and a half later—you probably figure that issue is settled. You probably figure no medical principle could be less controversial than the certainty that a doctor must wash his hands between patients, especially between surgeries. But of course, you are wrong.

Did you know that hospitals in today’s America are just as dangerous as Vienna’s in the time of Semmelweis, that 80% of hospital infections happen because too many of today’s doctors don’t wash their hands, which kills thousands of people and costs billions a year? For instance, more than one-quarter of the University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s doctors don’t wash. Why? Because proper washing takes time and costs them money they would otherwise be making. They don’t get paid to wash; they get paid to operate.

Thousands dead and billions wasted every year. Doesn’t that mean such doctors are murderers, guilty at least of manslaughter? Shouldn’t such killers be stripped of their right to practice medicine and thrown into jail? Remember that in our system of jurisprudence, "a man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his acts," and the doctors certainly know all about Semmelweis.

How can I dare say such things? I’m not a doctor. Who do I think I am? Friends, all I’m doing here is reading from Business Week. Is there anybody reading this harangue who has never seen a copy of Business Week? It’s one of the biggest, most identifiable magazines in this country. Look at the recent issue of May 29th. Everything I have said here without exception comes directly from the cover story, and the men who say it are some of the nation’s leading doctors.

According to these doctors, some of their colleagues are killing and robbing thousands of Americans a year. Who are these unindicted felons? Are they not the same critics who use the power of government to raid health food stores and throw so-called "alternative" practitioners into jail? Are these not the same killers who use government propaganda to warn disease victims to reject any other treatment but theirs?

Are these not the same killers who in collusion with the monster pharmaceutical companies presently are trying to ban nutritional supplements with something called Codex Alimentarius, already functioning in Europe? Don’t they point with unwashed hands at anyone who disagrees with them? Remember, their own spokesmen say they routinely kill thousands. How many have you killed?

Recently we were reading about 16-year-old Abraham Cherrix, of Virginia, who has a Hodgkin’s cancer. The doctors told him to take chemo so he took it. It failed. The cancer is back. And the chemo left him so weak that for a while he couldn’t walk. He is already six foot one and his dad had to carry him around. Now he wants to take a so-called alternative therapy to restore his immune system, but the totalitarian doctors are using the courts to force him to take the same chemo that has already failed and left him too weak to walk.

Abraham’s dad, who had to carry him around, asked the social worker, "What will you do with my little boy? Will you take him somewhere and strap him down and put duct tape on his mouth and pump him full of this stuff if he doesn't want it?" The social worker replied: "No, I will come to your house with a uniformed officer, and I will take your son by force if he resists. And I will take him to somebody else who will do that."

Recently, Abraham "won." A judge returned custody to his parents. He will be permitted to see an oncologist who also uses "alternative" methods. But the court continues to supervise the treatment. Presumably, the judge can change his mind. I speculate that the only reason he backed down and did not give the racketeers everything they wanted was the spontaneous outrage manifested by the people.

Why do these monsters do it? What do they want? First, of course, they want to maintain their multi-billion dollar monopoly. We are literally talking about one of the most lucrative rackets in world history. Second, they want to conceal that monopoly. In my new book, Electronic Medicine: Cure for Cancer? I call it Monopoly Medicine. It includes the government, the drug companies, the AMA and the medical schools.

Third, they want to conceal other modalities they don’t control, however beneficial those modalities are. For instance, they want to conceal electronic medicine and what it can do. For a complete discussion of the subject, see my book; then go to, and click on Eagle Research for a look at the technology presently available. Electronic medicine could turn the medical industry upside down.

It is always important to remember that forced medical treatment is one of the main principles of Nazism, maybe the main one. The Holocaust did not begin with the Jews. It ended with them. It began with the doctors, when homosexual whore Hitler was still in jail, during the Weimar Republic established after World War I.

The Allies had promised Germany there would not be a punitive peace. Typically, they lied and imposed a ruinous war debt at the Versailles Conference. Germany could not pay. The doctors decided to do their patriotic part by eliminating "useless eaters." They started with handicapped children and moved up the feeding scale to criminals and beyond. Because doctors ran the program, it was exquisitely "humane."

It is sardonically humorous in retrospect that, in the beginning, Jews were excluded from the program; because it was so "humane," the Jews "did not deserve it." Only many years later did it become known as the Holocaust, which many people today wrongly believe only exterminated Jews. The utterly perverted media and historians deliberately caused their confusion, along with Jews who have always lived in American luxury and promote the immensely lucrative Holocaust racket.

There are encouraging signs that Monopoly Medicine is losing control. The fact that Business Week could publish such a cover story is proof. This is an issue that cuts across all political, ideological lines. Everyone gets sick. Americans now visit so-called "alternative" practitioners much more than they do so-called "orthodox" practitioners. More and more doctors are refusing to serve as medical clerks for bureaucrats thousands of miles away who have never set foot in a medical school.

But, like many large beasts, Monopoly Medicine is more dangerous than ever now that it is dying. Realistically, we should expect more raids on vitamin stores and doctors’ offices, more "alternative" practitioners thrown into jail, more totalitarian propaganda spewing from government and Big Pharma. I expect the toxic mess to break open when the people become aware that Big Pharma is trying to ban vitamins.

Look for little, old ladies in tennis shoes arrested as international drug racketeers for selling megadose vitamins. Look for suspicious guys downtown who open their rain coats to reveal, not French post cards, but bootleg vitamin C. "Psst! Hey, pal! Vitamin C powder. Uncut! Mainline tonight!"

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