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by villy    Bella Ciao
Entered into the database on Thursday, July 20th, 2006 @ 19:23:51 MST


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In college my History professor constantly advised us to "follow the money" if you want to know what causes international conflict. In the current Mid East fiasco this could never be more obvious.

The U.S. sells an inordinate amount of expensive sophisticated weaponry to Israel each year, and the truth is...we ALSO sell it "sub rosa", via neutral third countries...to various Arab quasi-terror organizations!

Everyone in the upper 1% of the world’s elite power structure (read: Cheney and friends, Saudis, various Iranian and Syrian businessmen and U.S. government insiders)...is making out like a bandit. In fact, "bandit" IS the operative word here. There is enormous and obscene profit to be gleaned from weapons sales worldwide, and everyone who can manage it is participating.

War is good for business. Everyone knows that. Just ask Halliburton(Cheney) and the Carlyle Group (Papa Bush).

One could well ask: Would the Neocons be the slightest bit interested in the Mid East conflicts and the promotion of a "democratic" solution...if there weren’t huge profits to reap in the process? I say "No!"...after all, did you ever hear of a "poor" or "middle class" Neocon?...or politician?


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