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Feith to Teach Next Generation of Neolib Marauders
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Saturday, May 06th, 2006 @ 18:34:40 MST


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As if to underscore the fact there is little difference between neocons and neolibs, consider the fact Douglas Feith, warmonger and water carrier for the racist Jabotinskyites in Israel, will “teach a course on the Bush administration’s strategy for the war on terror” at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, according to the Guardian. In other words, Feith will instruct the next generation of globalists how best to invade countries, kill thousands of people, and plunge the remainder into misery and hardship. “I think it’ll be enjoyable and useful to teach Georgetown students about the administration’s national security policies and policy making,'’ Feith told the British newspaper. “I may be able to shed some light on little-understood topics that have generated enormous heat in the public debate.'’ Feith, who oversaw efforts to provide “strategic intelligence” at the Office of Special Plans, will teach students how to lie and get away with it.

He may also teach students how to steal American secrets and pass them on to the Israelis (Feith stands accused of collaborating with Larry Franklin and leaking classified information to the Straussian neocon house organ, the Weekly Standard; see Laura Rozen’s Ye of Little Feith). In addition to passing on classified information, Feith has obstructed a Senate investigation (the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence) into “bungled pre-war Iraq intelligence’ (as Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story deems it), in fact a contrived passel of lies and deceptive fabrications engineered to trick the American people into allowing the invasion of Iraq and the wanton murder of its people and destruction of its infrastructure (to say nothing of poisoning the Iraqi people with depleted uranium).

Robert L. Gallucci, dean of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, told the Guardian: “He brings a combination of legal, foreign and defense policymaking experience that I am confident will enrich campus discussions on a wide range of critical international issues of the day.” As for the sort of curriculum taught at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and its ultimate practice, consider the school’s alumni and former students: Bilderberger presidential selectee Bill Clinton, neocon Frank Gaffney, Kissinger lickspittle Alexander Haig, Abdullah II of Jordan, and former spook and subversion bossman George Tenet.

Doug Feith should be in shackles and an orange jumpsuit, convicted as an engineer of mass murder and working as an Israeli mole. Instead, since “leaving the Pentagon he has been a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University while writing his memoirs and working on a counterterrorism strategy project at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government,” Feith has been allowed to walk free, arrogantly pedaling his sociopathic hatred. Allowing Feith to teach the young and impressionable will be akin to allowing a known pedophile to run free on a grade school playground. Imagine Ted Bundy set loose in a sorority.

Instead, this criminal will remain at large, allowed to pedal his venomous philosophy. “When history looks back,” he told Jeffrey Goldberg of the New Yorker, “I want to be in the class of people who did the right thing, the sensible thing, and not necessarily the fashionable thing, the thing that met the aesthetic of the moment.” For Feith and the Straussian neocons, the “right thing” consists of invading and destroying nations, especially Arab and Muslim nations, for the Zionists at the heart of the Straussian movement are rabid haters and destroyers of Islamic civilization. As an example of how deep the Straussian corrosion has penetrated, consider General Peter Pace, the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, believes Feith is a “true American patriot” (see previous link).

In Bushzarro world, selling out America to a foreign power is considered patriotism. But then this should not be surprising, since JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) awarded Pace its “Scoop” Jackson Distinguished Service Award last year. JINSA, where Feith “advises,” does a fine job of brainwashing high-ranking American military and police officers by sending them on trips to Israel where they are inculcated in the Zionist worldview, that is to say lectured on the necessity of mass murdering Arabs and Muslims. Now this Zionist worldview—Feith’s father, Dalck Feith, was a militant in Betar, the Zionist youth movement founded by the fanatical Ze’ev Jabotinsky, an admirer of Mussolini—will be passed on to the next generation of American diplomats.

Finally, it should be noted that the founder of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Edmund A. Walsh, had a soft spot for Nazi ideologues. Walsh made sure General Karl Ernst Haushofer, a favored geostrategist of Hitler responsible in part for the Nazi policy of Lebensraum (i.e., invading countries, killing or running off their inhabitants, and populating them with “racially pure” Germans), was not prosecuted at Nuremberg for war crimes. Considering Feith’s connection to the fascist Jabotinskyites in Israel (even Ben-Gurion routinely referred to Jabotinsky as “Vladimir Hitler,” according to Lenni Brenner), the students of Georgetown will receive the appropriate brand of education for the “long war” ahead—an interminable conflict engineered by Straussian neocons and opportunistic neolibs, although it appears the latter have finally realized the former are “f-ing crazies,” as Colin Powell has famously declared.