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The WTC Dust
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Deceiving with the Truth

The WTC Dust

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is tracking the health of 71,000 people exposed to the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

Reports disagree on how many people have already died, but some reports admit to three deaths as of January 2005:

On 2 February 2006, a federal judge scolded the former chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christine Todd Whitman, for not warning New York City residents about the health dangers of the dust:

It was demolition debris, not dust

Those clouds of dust were not ordinary "dust". Rather, the explosives inside the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 pulverized the buildings and their contents.

The people who breathed that "dust" were inhaling microscopic shards of glass windows, computers, asbestos, mercury, fluorescent light bulbs, coffee makers, carpeting, firemen, toilets, garbage, electrical wires, and other dangerous items.

Omitting some truth to deceive

The reason most people don't realize how dangerous that dust was is because most of the 9/11 "Truth Seekers" are trying to suppress evidence that the towers were demolished with explosives.

A clever way to deceive people is to tell them the truth about an issue, but don't tell them the complete truth. A simple example is a person who says to you:

"Somebody just stole your car!"

That statement could be 100% correct, making it appear as if the person is being honest. But by leaving out the statement "My friend stole your car", he is deceiving you into thinking he is honest.

Deception with the WTC Dust

This type of deception is happening with the dust from the World Trade Center towers. For example, a woman named Jenna Orkin was invited to speak about the dust at a meeting that Jimmy Walter held in New York City on September 11, 2004.

Jenna Orkin was honest when she explained to the audience that the Environmental Protection Agency officials reassured the residents of New York City that the air was safe to breathe. She also honestly explained that the dust was actually quite dangerous.

By speaking honestly about the dust in the EPA officials, she gave everybody the impression that she is an honest person who cares about the residents of New York City.

However, she avoided the issue that the towers were pulverized with explosives, and that is the reason the dust was so dangerous.

Your first reaction might be to assume that she simply did not realize that the towers were blown up. However, she was speaking at a meeting where evidence was presented that the towers were indeed blown up, so what are the chances that she did not know about this evidence?

She certainly knew about the evidence, so the only issue to wonder about is: why was she ignoring it? Do you think she truly believed that fire caused the towers and Building 7 to collapse?

Making a mistake in this type of situation can be dangerous. If you trust her, and if she is part of the criminal network, that means you are trusting criminals, and you are allowing them to run free.

Are you a good judge of people?

The inability to figure out who among us is lying and who can be trusted is one of the major problems the world is facing. Take a look at government leaders around the world. Most of the human population is incapable of figuring out that most of these government leaders are liars, criminals, pedophiles, incompetent nitwits, or emotionally disturbed freaks.

Deceiving with the Truth

Suppressing the truth is lying

There may be tens of thousands of people suffering health problems from breathing that demolition debris. Some have already died, and others are suffering painful, miserable lives.

However, instead of investigating the truly suspicious people, such as Larry Silverstein, the media executives, Governor Pataki, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and hundreds of other people, many residents of the New York City area may blame Christine Todd Whitman, who was working at the Environmental Protection Agency at the time.

Furthermore, Jenna Orkin is directing anger towards the Environmental Protection Agency. If Whitman had nothing to do with the 9-11 crime, that would mean she is yet another victim of the September 11 attack.

Solving the 9-11 attack requires more than simply investigating the truly suspicious people. It also requires avoiding the deception from people like Jenna Orkin. We must not fall into the trap of assuming that these "Truth Seekers" are on our side.