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Stop Globalization -- I want to get off
by SivO'Neall    Axis of Logic
Entered into the database on Sunday, October 09th, 2005 @ 13:40:13 MST


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The hired hands of Big Business, the thugs who make up the somewhat credible-looking façade of the government of the United States -- and many other countries -- are well on their way to changing the mechanisms by which the world is run.

Their buddies in Europe, in this Mafioso enactment of the big scheme, are the new socialists -- Gerard Schröder of Germany and the New Labour apostle, Tony Blair of Britain. The so-called rightist governments of France, Italy and, until recently, Spain are not noticeably different from the ‘new socialists’. They seem to have reunited themselves in what is known as the ‘third’ way. Left and right seem to be concepts without any meaning and, at this stage of the game, the world seems to be charging forth to accommodate the cold-handed robots who have bought up our politicians. It’s a champagne and caviar party for only 1% of the 1% of the people of the earth -- and the rest of us are paying for it.

The buying of the world is what this is all about, the privatization of all the utilities that we thought of as belonging to the realm of local and federal government. Naïvely, it seemed to us that everybody on the planet should have a right to:

clean water
a non-toxic environment
proper sewerage and electricity
access to basic education
freedom from religious persecution.

And in places where the standard of living is not up to this task, then for shame, make it up to the formerly exploited countries and pay them back for the disgraceful and humiliating ways they were treated during colonial and the slave trade eras.

The world can, at this point, well afford these fundamental humanitarian rights. The big ‘if’ however, is: does the world want a reasonably egalitarian division of wealth and resources?

The present state of the world does not point in that direction. We are in fact moving very fast in the opposite direction as the mass of wealth of the top one percent of the people of the world equals the combined wealth of millions of poverty-stricken masses in Africa, Asia and in Latin America. In the United States itself, millions of people do not have sufficient means to afford proper housing, food, health care and schooling. This is even more than in Europe, where the highly praised “socialist” system, hated and feared by Americans, keeps large parts of our populations from starving or living life on the fringe. The ‘socialist devil’ is a notion kept alive by propaganda-spewing mass media playing up to the corporate world.

I am by no means implying that Europe has found a humanitarian formula for a reasonable distribution of wealth. People in Europe are also dying from cold and excessive heat and general social negligence, just in a somewhat more visible way than in the often forgotten corners of the United States and in what is generally called the Third World.

However, the ‘populist’ governments of ‘old’ Europe are gradually and very discretely being undermined by the new winds of corporatism, privatization and blindness to the basic needs of the people. Humanitarian considerations are being ignored for the profit of the very few and extremely greedy corporations which assure us that they will supply all people, without consideration of race, creed or social standing, with universally needed commodities and rights to a civilized life. They promise green pastures without the slightest intention of being held to their promises, once they have taken over utilities and services. They, like their puppets in government positions, are totally callous, unaware of any ‘basic rights’ for people. Money speaks – everything else is ignored.

The mafia that is running the world in the name of God and democracy are as little concerned with those laudable ideas as the cavemen who killed their enemies for a desired booty. In fact, the sense of humanitarian cooperation and sharing, at least within the tribe, was more strongly developed in those ‘uncivilized’ times than in today’s grab-what-you-can-get-your-hands-on mentality.

I haven’t even begun to mention how the planet is gradually being made not just the booty of the wealthy few, but also is being made into a waste land that will not, in a near future, be able to sustain the growing population of the earth.

The challenge to the minority of the people who are aware of the self-destroying state of the world and of the deepening chasm between rich and poor, is not to try to convert the owners of the wealth of the planet, which would be a totally hopeless venture; but to force a change by the brute power of the masses of people. The millions of angry people will not put up much longer with the self-serving structure that the very few are busy installing on this planet, with their callous and blind charging ahead in the name of financial profit in the face of the growing decay of the world.

Previous empires have all been caught by their own excesses and the essential thing at this time is to make it happen sooner and not later. The mental disorder of greed and hunger for power and Machiavellian rule must be seen and treated for what it is: a highly contagious disease that will have disastrous consequences if not fought back by all possible means. Not tomorrow, but today!