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February 6, 2005

$2.5 Trillion Budget Plan Cuts Many Programs, Domestic Spending Falls, Defense Spending Rises - Bush plans to unveil a $2.5 trillion budget today eliminating dozens of domestic programs, including funding for education, environmental protection, while proposing significant increases for the military spending. About 150 programs in all would be shuttered or radically cut back. One out of every three of the targeted programs concern education. Medicaid funding would be also be reduced significantly.

February 5, 2005

Project for a New American Century writes a letter to the Congress asking that the number of US troops be increased. - PNAC says ...."The United States military is too small for the responsibilities we are asking it to assume. Those responsibilities are real and important. They are not going away. The United States will not and should not become less engaged in the world in the years to come.

February 4, 2005

What They're Not Telling You About the "Elections" - "Higher than expected turnout," US mainstream television media blared, some citing a figure of 72%, others 60%. What they didn't tell you was that these numbers were provided by one individual, Farid Ayar. Ayar said the 72% was "only guessing" and "was just an estimate," which was based on "very rough, word-of mouth estimates gathered informally from the field."

Pentagon sites: Journalism or propaganda? - The U.S. Department of Defense is currently making webpages which appear to be small independent news sites, in an attempt to spread official propaganda. The Department of Defense plans to add more sites on the Internet to spread propaganda to a global audience.

US officials misplace $11.4bn - The post-invasion US governing authority in Iraq lost track of $US 8.8 billion it transferred to government ministries in a black hole of fraud, kickbacks and misappropriation, according to an official US audit released yesterday.

February 3, 2005

Same Faces Behind Sham US And Iraqi 'Elections' - As the corporate media pundits praise the "free and fair" Iraqi elections, a closer look reveals that the polling in Iraq was fundamentally flawed and lacking transparency in the same way as elections in the U.S. No wonder that the same people are behind the organization of both.

Global warming: scientists reveal timetable - A detailed timetable of the destruction and distress that global warming is likely to cause the world was unveiled yesterday.

Bush says Iran "primary state sponsor of terror" - Bush called Iran the "world's primary state sponsor of terror" and reiterated his accusations that the country is striving to develop nuclear weapons, a charge denied by Iran.

GE halts new business orders in Iran - GE which is conducting business activities in Iran that "are fully compliant with U.S. law" stops taking any further orders from Iran. Does GE have inside information of any coming US military ventures?

Allawi's government decried as corrupt - A top Shia leader tipped to become Iraq's next prime minister has branded Iyad Allawi's interim government the most corrupt in the country's history.

January 31, 2005

U.S. Encouraged by Vietnam Vote : Officials Cite 83% Turnout Despite Vietcong Terror - History repeats itself. One of the bloggers at Daily Kos turned up this gem from the September 4, 1967, New York Times about the success of the "elections" in South Vietnam. An exact parallel to what is happening in Iraq today.

January 29, 2005

Libya grants 15 oil exploration licenses, US companies get lion's share - Libya granted its first oil exploration licenses in over four decades, awarding 15 permits to foreign companies, with US companies taking the lion's share. First Libya is a terrorist nation, then it isn't. Maybe what the US calls "terrorism", and oil companies being allowed to produce oil, are somehow connected?

Congress passes `doomsday' plan - With no fanfare, the U.S. House has passed a controversial doomsday provision that would allow a handful of lawmakers to run Congress if a terrorist attack or major disaster killed or incapacitated large numbers of congressmen. When are they planning their dictatorship?

Writer Backing Bush Plan Had Gotten Federal Contracts - In 2002, syndicated columnist Maggie Gallagher repeatedly defended President Bush's push for a $300 million initiative encouraging marriage as a way of strengthening families. Unbeknownst to us, this "independent reporter" had several contracts with the US Government and was being payed thousands of dollars.

The Salvador option - By any standard, the ongoing American occupation of Iraq is a disaster. The Pentagon is considering the organisation, training, and equipping of so-called "death squads", teams of Iraqi assassins, similar to what was organized in El Salvador.

Skeptics question worth of Iraq election - "You can't have free and fair elections under occupation. They simply don't mean anything," he said. "This election is being forced by the Americans so they can say to the world, 'Look, we've brought democracy to Iraq. We're brought freedom to the Iraqi people.' It's all a sham."

January 26, 2005

Still in the dark over where to vote - or for whom - Iraqis are going to the polls unaware of the identities of many of the people they will be voting for. Although there are more than 7,700 candidates standing for seats in the new national assembly, hardly any of their names have been made public.

Don't be fooled by occupation in democracy's clothing - People in many areas are being told that if they don't vote the food and supply rations they are supposed to get monthly will be cut off. What kind of democracy is that when you force people to go vote for someone or another they don't want.

US link uncovered in Thatcher's coup plot role - A senior former state department official in Washington has disclosed he was hired by the plotters to gain US support for the coup. Mr Sala tells a BBC3 TV programme tonight that he was offered $40,000 to promote the coup in the USA.

KGB and STASI reinforce Homeland Security. For whom? - Why have Soviet secret service 'KGB', General Yevgeni Primakov, as well as Markus Wolfe, the ex-boss of the ''STASI'', the equally feared former East German 'State Security Police' been hired by - and for - the US Gov't.?

Security Risk? - Bush wants to appoint Federal Appeals Court Judge Michael Chertoff's as the head of Homeland Security. Unfortunately Chertoff's ties to the financiers of the Sept. 11 attacks will prevent his appointment. Why would bush appoint someone to the head of Homeland Security who has ties to the Sept. 11 terrorists.

The Coming Wars: What the Pentagon can now do in secret - The President and his national-security advisers have consolidated control over the military and intelligence communities’ strategic analyses and covert operations to a degree unmatched since the rise of the post-Second World War national-security state

EPA finds potential Teflon chemical risks - EPA issues warning on Teflon.

Former German Defense Minister Confirms CIA Involvement in 9/11: Alex Jones Interviews Andreas Von Buelow - Andreas Von Bulow spent over twenty-five years in German politics. He was a Minister of Technology and the Secretary of Defense. He also was part of a commission on East-West transactions on the secret service of East Germany. Keep that in mind when reading this. He is not some internet conspiracy crank. He confirms CIA involvement in 9-11.

January 25, 2005

Source Code - Diebold machines use a method called Digital Encryption Standard (DES), a code that was broken in 1997 and is NO LONGER USED by anyone to secure programs.

Black Box Voting - Basically, we are required to have blind faith.

Mark Thatcher Pleads Guilty in Coup Plot - Sir Mark Thatcher, son of ex prime minster of Britain Margaret Thatcher, pleaded guilty Thursday to helping to finance a foiled coup plot in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in exchange for a $500,000 fine and a suspended jail sentence.

U.S. Wraps Up Search for Banned Weapons in Iraq - After two years, over 2000 people searching, over 1000 soldiers dead, over 10,000 soldiers wounded, a country devasted and destroyed, many 100,000s Iraqis killed and close to 200 billion dollars spent. There are no WMD...oops??!!

FDA to review Prozac Safety - Missing documents supplied by an anonymous source indicate that that Eli Lilly officials were aware in the 1980s that Prozac had troubling side effects and sought to minimise their likely negative effect on sales. Documents suggest a link between the drug fluoxetine (Prozac) and suicide attempts and violence.

January 24, 2005

Sept. 11 Conspiracy Theorist Offers $100,000 Prize - Millionaire activist is so convinced of a government cover-up he is offering a $100,000 reward to any engineering student who can prove the World Trade Center buildings crashed the way the government says.

A Full Day Of Protest Planned for Inauguration - Demonstrators plan to protest Bush's inauguration. Nearly a dozen rallies and marches are planned in Washington along the Pennsylvania Avenue parade.

Army Reserve breaking down, general warns - Lt. Gen. James R. Helmly, chief of the Army Reserve, wrote in an internal memorandum to the Army's top uniformed officer that the Reserve had reached the point of being unable to fulfill its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan and to regenerate it's forces for future missions.

January 23, 2005

The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy - Professor Steven Freeman, a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, offers a disturbing answer. Looking at the exit polls and announced results in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, he concludes that the odds against such an accidental discrepancy in all three states together was 250 million to one.

Returning Fallujans will face clampdown - Fallujans will be returning to an Orwellian police state. Residents would receive badges displaying their home addresses that they must wear at all times. Under the plans, troops would funnel Fallujans to so-called citizen processing centers on the outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities through DNA testing and retina scans.

Britain: paramedics question suicide verdict on whistleblower Kelly - Two paramedics who attended the scene where Dr David Kelly was found dead on July 18 last year have queried the official verdict of suicide. “There was no gaping wound ... there wasn’t a puddle of blood around,” said Hunt.

Zapatero Says Aznar Deceived Spain Over Train Bomb - Spain's prime minister claims the previous government on Monday of deceiving the public about who carried out the March 11 train bombings and erasing computer records for the crucial three days between then and elections.

US Election: Democracy in Question - Professor Steven F Freeman compiled an analysis entitled 'The Unexplained Exit Poll Discrepancy'. In all three of the key battleground states -- Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- Freeman's analysis states the odds of Kerry receiving the percentage of votes recorded, given the exit poll findings, are 250 million to one.

January 22, 2005

Footprints of Electoral Fraud: The November 2 Exit Poll Scam - One of the clear indicators of massive electoral fraud was the wide divergence, both nationally and in swing states, between exit poll results and the reported vote tallies. The major villains, it would seem, were the suppliers of touch-screen voting machine.

'Stinking Evidence' of Possible Election Fraud Found in Florida - There was something odd about the poll tapes. Election poll tapes in black garbage bags ready to be thrown away.

January 21, 2005

Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked - Voting machines produced results in which the registered Democrat/Republican ratios largely matched the Kerry/Bush vote, however in Florida's counties using results from optically scanned paper ballots, the results seem to contain substantial anomalies.

January 20, 2005

Electronic Voting: The Stolen Election of 2004 - The American vote count system is controlled by four major corporate players, Diebold , ESS , Sequoia , and SAIC , Science Applications International. All four are hard-wired into the Bush power structure, the Bush crime family.

Election 2004: "Sour Grapes" or Voter Fraud - The election was stolen again in full view of the American public. The Republican owned voting machines prevailed over exit poll projections and the will of the American people.

Electronic Voting and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy - Diebold’s current CEO Walden O’Dell is on record stating that he is “committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President” this year. On September 26, 2003, he hosted an Ohio Republican Party fundraiser for Bush’s re-election at his Cotswold Manor mansion.

January 19, 2005

An Election Spoiled Rotten - It's not even Election Day yet, and the Kerry-Edwards campaign is already down by a almost a million votes. That's because, in important states like Ohio, Florida and New Mexico, voter names have been systematically removed from the rolls and absentee ballots .

January 17, 2005

Transcript of Alex Jones Interview with Stanley Hilton - Stanley Hilton sues Bush and his regime for doing 9-11. Mr. Hilton was a senior advisor to Sen Bob Dole (R) and has personally known Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz for decades. Keep in mind when reading this, that the man being interviewed is no two-bit internet conspiracy buff.

January 16, 2005

The Junk Science of George W. Bush - The Bush Administration--aided by right-wing allies who have produced assorted hired guns and conservative think tanks to further their goals--are engaged in a campaign to suppress science that is arguably unmatched in the Western world since the Inquisition.

January 15, 2005

The Rice/Zelikow Connection: The Kean Commission and its Conflicts of Interest - Condoleeza Rice is a household name. But most Americans still have never heard of the man who wrote a book with her, Philip Zelikow. As the executive director of the Kean Commission, Zelikow is responsible for framing the agenda and leading the research staff. He decides what evidence the commission sees.

January 14, 2005

Conflicts Of Interest On Sept. 11 Panel? - Terry Brunner, a former federal prosecutor, checked out the commissioners and discovered that out of 10 at least six represent the very companies they're now investigating.

January 13, 2005

911 Commission - Forgedda Boudit - An analysis of all the members of the 9-11 Commission and their involvement in oil business dealings, previous CIA cover-ups, National Security State corruption, and terrorism.

January 12, 2005

All Along the Watchtower - This is not some two-bit conspiracy buff. Stanley Hilton, a San Francisco attorney and former aide to Senator Bob Dole, filed a $7 billion lawsuit that names ten defendants, among whom are George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld for allowing the 9-11 attacks to take place.

January 1, 2005

This War on Terrorism is Bogus - This is not some conspiracy nut. The analysis of a British MP and minster of the environment. The conclusion of this analysis is that the 9-11 attacks and the "global war on terrorism" are a political myth propagated to pave the way for a wholly different agenda - the US goal of world hegemony, built around securing by force command over the oil supplies required to drive the whole project.


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