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July 12, 2005

Karl Rove, Fairy Queen of the GOP (Gay Old Party) - Bush Family retainer and Republican dirty trickster Karl Rove, under grand jury investigation for leaking the fact that Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame is a covert CIA operative, may face a stiff prison term, since "outing" an agent like Plame is a federal crime

ROVEGATE - Is Cheney a target? Some insiders say yes.

July 11, 2005

Torture, Racism, & The Sovereign Presidency - President George W. Bush has embedded murder, assassination, torture, and mistreatment of prisoners into the structure of the U.S. system of global domination. Many U.S. citizens, rightly outraged, want to know why this sort of barbaric, sadistic violence has become an integral part of U.S. security policy, and what the Administration’s justification of torture means institutionally for the future governance of this country. Above all, they want to know how Bush has been able to avoid impeachment for committing high crimes.

Rove's Leak Points to Bush Conspiracy - The larger point is that senior White House officials, possibly including Bush, revealed the identity of a covert CIA officer as part of what appears to be a conspiracy to discredit Wilson in retaliation for telling the truth in his op-ed column.

July 10, 2005

THE LYNCHPIN TO BUSH'S IMPEACHMENT - All of this adds up to a pretty long rap sheet of impeachable offenses, and we haven't even begun to itemize all of the related RICO predicate acts ...

Confessed Iran-Contra Figure Lands Sensitive Pentagon Post - Robert Earl, who helped in the failed coverup of the '80s scandal, is now chief of staff to Gordon England, acting deputy secretary of Defense.

July 9, 2005

Deep Throat and COINTELPRO - COINTELPRO was vastly more significant than Watergate, which was a tea party in comparison.

July 8, 2005

Donation Brought Access to DeLay - A company indicted in a Texas campaign fundraising case says it was told that by giving a Tom DeLay political committee $25,000, company officials would get access to the U.S. House majority leader to influence legislation.

July 4, 2005

Increase in the Number of Documents Classified by the Government - A record 15.6 million documents were classified last year, nearly double the number in 2001, according to the federal Information Security Oversight Office. Meanwhile, the declassification process, which made millions of historical documents available annually in the 1990's, has slowed to a relative crawl, from a high of 204 million pages in 1997 to just 28 million pages last year

July 3, 2005

Watergate Again? Another break-in, more computers stolen at Democratic Headquarters in Ohio - Thieves targeted the Ohio Democratic Party Headquarters this week, stealing a computer and a high-tech communications gadget belonging to party chairman Denny White.

PRESIDENTIAL MANIC BEHAVIOR - When President Bush pranced before a crowd of captive soldiers last Tuesday at Fort Bragg he swaggered, smirked, gesticulated, glad-handed, grinned, and in many respects acted as though he had swallowed a handful of uppers before coming on-stage.

July 2, 2005

Rove Blew CIA Agent's Cover - Since I revealed the big scoop, I have had it reconfirmed by yet another highly authoritative source. Too many people know this. It should break wide open this week. I know Newsweek is working on an 'It's Rove!' story and will probably break it tomorrow.

The Lobbyists' Scandal: The Secret World of Washington - Unsurprisingly, ever increasing numbers of them are former legislators. The revolving door is nothing new, but today it spins faster than ever. Congressmen and their aides become lobbyists, cashing in their contacts for seven-figure salaries

Maniacs on Pedestals - Ever since the Constitution was ratified, what is now the national government of the United States has been brutally killing people. It began with George Washington's invasion of Pennsylvania to put down the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794, and has scarcely stopped for a day.

Big contributors to GOP reap big post-election rewards - From rewrites of the laws governing bankruptcy and class-action lawsuits to relief for oil, timber and tobacco interests, GOP supporters who gave millions of dollars last year are reaping decisions worth billions from a Congress with more Republicans.

July 1, 2005

Republican Hypocrisy Revealed - STOP REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILIA

June 30, 2005

Embassies For Sale. Want To Become Bush’s Next Ambassador? - Want to become a US ambassador? It's not as hard as you may think. Just donate a couple of hundred thousand to President George W. Bush's campaign coffers and pick your city.

Lawmaker's Wayward E-Mail Refers To Constituents As 'Idiots' - A New York state lawmaker says he's embarrassed, after he mistakenly sent out an e-mail message that referred to his constituents as "idiots."

THIS LAND WAS YOUR LAND: Supreme Court justice faces boot from home? - A private developer contacted the local government in Supreme Court Justice David Souter's hometown in New Hampshire yesterday asking that the property of the judge – who voted in favor of a controversial decision allowing a city to take residents' homes for private development – be seized to make room for a new hotel

June 29, 2005

US millionaire linked to looted relics - A top US businessman and an international network of smugglers and academics are making millions of dollars through their illegal dealings in looted Middle Eastern artefacts, according to a leading stolen antiquities activist.

House Agrees to $3,100 Pay Raise for 2006 - "It's not a pay raise," said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. "It's an adjustment so that they're not losing their purchasing power."

Conservative Values Monitor - Draft dodging, adultery, child sex abuse, vehicular manslaughter, if you think these sound like the crimes of some "pinko commie hippie", think again, these are U.S. government officials.

June 28, 2005

The Bush/Clinton Nexus: America's Future - Who Was That Ex-President I Saw You With Last Night?

June 27, 2005

Reagan: the Most Popular War Criminal - Consider the legacy of the Reagan years, scrupulously avoided by the corporate media when the Gipper cashed in his chips last year...

June 26, 2005

TONY BLAIR'S SON TO INTERN WITH CONSERVATIVE CLOSET-CASE DAVID DREIER - The Daily Telegraph reports today that Tony Blair's 21-year-old son, Euan , has snared a prestigious internship in Washington working under Republican Congressman David Dreier, the powerful conservative chairman of the House Rules Committee (and a hypocritical gay closet case who supports the Republicans' homophobic political agenda).

June 25, 2005

Ashcroft Gone, Justice Statues Disrobe - The drapes, installed in 2002 at a cost of $8,000, allowed then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to speak in the Great Hall without fear of a breast showing up behind him in television or newspaper pictures.

June 23, 2005

Intelligence Whispers - Two criminal investigations based in New York are getting close to exposing a major Bush family and associates' international money laundering operation that has spanned more than a generation and has been used to illegally fund U.S. elections since the Nixon era. According to CIA sources, most Bush family assets are tied up in off-shore accounts that are masked from investigators through the use of pass through companies and secretive interlocking board directorships.

June 14, 2005

Is the Bush Family Making Money Off the Backs of The Victims of the Original Gulag - Leaving aside importance of calling attention to today's chain of prisons, what if the Bush people are actually making money off the backs of the victims of the original Gulag?


June 13, 2005

Liberate America ! - 25 Reasons to Impeach George W. Bush

June 12, 2005

"Cha Ching" From ¢¢¢ to $$$: How the Bush Crime Syndicate Funneled Foreign Cash Into the U.S. Political System - Florida Investigator Who Got Too Close to Florida "Coin Gate" Silenced by Jeb Bush's Gangsters

June 10, 2005

Bolton The Fixer - To a considerable extent, Bolton was one of Bush’s primary fixers.

June 8, 2005

Nixon's Watergate and JFK's Murder: Connecting the Dots! - "Richard Nixon was forced to resign because of Watergate and the “feeding frenzy” over it initiated by the Washington Post. Yet, this same Post has been silent about the Iraqi-related lies of George W. Bush! Why did the Post ignore the CIA connections to Watergate? Did a Shadow Government bring Nixon down because of his peace overtures to Vietnam and the Soviet Union?"

June 7, 2005

US probes Isle of Man scheme used by billionaire Bush donors - The Manhattan District Attorney, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are jointly probing a tax-shelter plan run out of the Isle of Man.

June 5, 2005

Candid Talk on the Party Line - Major donors are given an unfiltered channel to Schwarzenegger's office for strategy sessions. - When wealthy contributors write checks to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, they often get a few canapes and a drink — and a secret telephone number that grants them access to his closest advisors and even the governor himself.

June 4, 2005

Bush, The Spoiled Man-Child - What causes the fall of empires? Why, stubborn leaders who speak like toddlers and never admit mistakes

The Pimping of the President - Four months after he took the oath of office in 2001, President George W. Bush was the attraction, and the White House the venue, for a fundraiser organized by the alleged perpetrator of the largest billing fraud in the history of corporate lobbying. Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist were billing clients for Face Time with G.W. Bush.

June 2, 2005

The perniciously oblivious Mr. Bush - There are 293,655,404 worried people in the United States -- minus one. "I don't worry about anything here in Washington, D.C.," Bush said Tuesday with his usual air of pixilation. Bush is accustomed to not worrying because he’s never had to. He’s always had his own private welfare system, a coterie of political nannies to hold him and clean up after him, and his emotional abyss precludes empathy for others who were born silver-spoonless.

Bush event organizers OK with porn star's attendance - Spokesman for GOP committee says Mary Carey, boss all paid up - A spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is hosting President Bush at a $2,500-a-plate fund-raiser this month, has confirmed that porn star and potential California lieutenant governor candidate Mary Carey will attend the event with her boss, pornographer Mark Kulkis, saying they've paid their money like everyone else.

June 1, 2005

For the Cheneys, it's all in the family - The big sister is the first deputy assistant secretary of state ever to have her own Secret Service detail, after having passed up lucrative offers to become a television commentator for the privilege of promoting democracy in the Middle East. The little sister may well be the first previously unknown presidential campaign aide to earn a million-dollar advance for her memoirs.

May 31, 2005

The 'I' word: Impeachment - THE IMPEACHMENT of President Bush and Vice President Cheney, under Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, should be part of mainstream political discourse.

May 29, 2005

The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005 - Here are some of the issues discussed at the Bilderberg group's secret annual meeting for the world's most powerful financiers, industrialists, and political figures. They rule the world and they plan on how to continue ruling the world.

May 22, 2005

Gorgeous George - An Open Letter to U.S. Democratic Elected Officials - All Galloway had to do was tell the unvarnished truth, and it had exactly the same effect. If Democrats had half the spine that Galloway does… if you would stop chasing your creepy little careers through the caviar and chicken-salad circuits of duck-and-cover American political double-speak, then not only would people like me not be calling for all to abandon the Democratic Party and take their fight to the streets like good Bolivians... not only that, but you’d have won the last election.

May 21, 2005

Who’s who on the President’s private guest list - The professional golfer Ben Crenshaw, a Texas Supreme Court judge and dozens of major donors to President Bush’s re-election campaign were rewarded with overnight stays at the White House or Camp David last year.

May 18, 2005

Bush's House Homophobe - The Office of Special Counsel exists to protect federal workers from job discrimination and whistle-blowing retaliation. Here's how Scott Bloch turned it into a haven for gay-bashing and partisan politics.

May 15, 2005

Bush Discloses Ownership of as Much as $18 Million in Assets - President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, reported owning financial assets and property in 2004 valued between $7.8 million and $18.1 million, according to federal financial disclosure forms released at the White House today.

Keeping Hunter Thompson's death alive - Isn't it strange that Thompson wrote on page 3 of "The New Dumb," the first article in his last book, Hey Rube, 2004, "The autumn months are never a calm time in America. . . . There is always a rash of kidnapping and abductions of schoolchildren in the football months. Preteens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized perverts who traditionally give them as Christmas gifts to each other to be personal sex slaves and playthings."

May 13, 2005

Bilderberg Meetings 5-8 May 2005: List of the Participants - Among the Attendees are representatives from Big Banks and Investment Firms, Big Media, and Military. Also Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle are in attendance this year.

May 11, 2005

Larry Flynt: Bush UN nominee won't answer questions about troubled marriage - Corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton’s first wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in group sex have not been refuted by the State Department despite inquires posed by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt concerning the allegations. Mr. Flynt has obtained information from numerous sources that Mr. Bolton participated in paid visits to Plato’s Retreat, the popular swingers club that operated in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Bizarre Sex Habits of The Extreme Right-Wing - Rabid right-wing, anti-abortion extremist Neal Horsley was a guest on The Alan Colmes Show and admitted to having sex with a mule.

April 30, 2005

Secret Service logs: Gannon anomalies correlate with visits from foreign dignitaries - Was Gannon a 'boy toy' for visiting world leaders?

BILDERBERG FOUND! Meeting to be Held In Posh German Resort Hotel - European Bilderberg hunters have found the hiding place of this secretive cabal at a posh resort in this charming little city 40 miles from Munich. Their annual meeting is May 5-8

White House 'call-boy' scandal Revisited: Wither Paul Rodriguez, Ace Reporter? - For reasons that will need to be answered by Paul Rodriguez and Wes Pruden, a homosexual call-boy ring had been operating in D.C. for some time, and through an investigation of credit card fraud and sundry other fiscal malfeasance, the FBI was called in to investigate. What it uncovered was too ugly and affected too many important men for to be allowed to gain any traction in the Media or the public eye. So, the story disappeared.

April 13, 2005

Clinton finds his surrogate family - Clinton has become a member of the Bush clan. Like many relationships in public life, the friendship between Bill Clinton and the Bush family is both genuine and opportunistic.

April 9, 2005

Opus Dei and John Paul II - A Profoundly Rightwing Pope.

April 2, 2005

Bush Names Cheney Kin to Legal Post - President Bush has nominated the vice president's son-in-law, Philip J. Perry, as general counsel of the Homeland Security Department, where he would oversee 1,500 lawyers who work on legal matters like Coast Guard maritime laws and immigration.

March 29, 2005

Amber alert on Capitol Hill - Witness says abducted children--23 now dead--abused by 20-30 pedophile members of congress at child sex parties held at Embassy Row mansion where Secret Service-secured presidential limo was seen parked outside

March 23, 2005

A Congressional den of thieves - Too many members of Congress treat their position as lawmakers as a license to steal, living large at taxpayer expense, ignoring laws that apply to ordinary Americans and betraying the trust of the public that put them there.

Bless the Beasts and the Children - What do Jeff Gannon, Hunter Thompson's death, and the arrest of a Whitehouse reporter all have in common? All these seemingly unrelated events are connected to child sodomy and child prostitution. Is child sodomy rampant in Washington, DC, and also used as a tool for political blackmail?

March 19, 2005

White House Heavily Redacts Clinton Papers - The Bush administration blacked out almost all the information in hundreds of documents before releasing them to a conservative organization looking into President Clinton's controversial pardons four years ago on his last day in office.

March 18, 2005

Update on America's Criminal Class - We took a long, hard look at the 535 men and woman who make up the House and Senate of the United States in 1999 and found a collection of rogues, con artists, scofflaws and bad check artists. Congress comprises a distinct criminal class.

February 23, 2005

Company's Work in Iraq Profited Bush's Uncle - Who says that war is good for nothing. Ask "Bucky", Bush's uncle, he made 1/2 million dollars on just one stock transaction because of the Iraq war.

January 26, 2005

US link uncovered in Thatcher's coup plot role - A senior former state department official in Washington has disclosed he was hired by the plotters to gain US support for the coup. Mr Sala tells a BBC3 TV programme tonight that he was offered $40,000 to promote the coup in the USA.

January 25, 2005

Mark Thatcher Pleads Guilty in Coup Plot - Sir Mark Thatcher, son of ex prime minster of Britain Margaret Thatcher, pleaded guilty Thursday to helping to finance a foiled coup plot in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in exchange for a $500,000 fine and a suspended jail sentence.

January 23, 2005

Britain: paramedics question suicide verdict on whistleblower Kelly - Two paramedics who attended the scene where Dr David Kelly was found dead on July 18 last year have queried the official verdict of suicide. “There was no gaping wound ... there wasn’t a puddle of blood around,” said Hunt.


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