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9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC
Painful Deceptions
The 9-11 Omission Commission
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
9-11 Eyewitness
Loose Change 2nd Edition
Professor Jones Exposes Controlled Demoltion of WTC on MSNBC
Confronting the Evidence
The 9-11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions
Are the Criminals Frightened?
The Bush-Bin Laden Connection
9-11 and Oil Production (satire)
FBI Translator Speaks of 9-11 Foreknowledge and Treason
9-11 Commission Ignores Terrorist Funding
Cheney Stand Down Order
Controlled Demolition of WTC Towers
9-11 Painful Questions
9-11 Pentagon Strike
The Corporation
Capitalism and Other Kids Stuff!
Capitalist Conspiracy
M.Parenti: Terrorism, Globalism, and Conspiracy
The Age of the Cheerful Robots
Masters of the Universe
Economic Hitman
The Value of Debt
The Economy of Human RIghts
The World in Ten Seconds
The Bush Tax Cuts
/The Elite
Bohemian Rhapsody
Secrets of the CIA
JFK2 - The Bush Connection
The Secret Government
Hugo Chavez Speaks at the UN
Mr. Cheney Gets Some Feedback
Masters of the Universe
Bush Nazi Crime Family History
Bush Family Criminal Dynasty
The Clinton Chronicles
Conspiracy of Silence
Ariel Sharon: The Accused
The President Talks to God
Galloway Delivers a Scathing Rebuke to a US Senate Commission
John Bolton talks about the UN
Iraq War
White House Pushed UK to Kill al-Jazeera Bombing Story
Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre
M.Parenti: Terrorism, Globalism, and Conspiracy
Ike Was Right About The War Machine
Galloway vs Hitchens on the Iraq War
Propaganda and War: Iraq and Beyond
We Are Not Going Away
Iraqi Resistance Kills U.S. Marines
Iraqi Lullaby
Iraqi's Murdered By U.S. Marines in Fallujah
Democracy Hypocrisy - Iraq War
War Makes Beasts of Men
Fallujha- The Day After
Second Year Anniversary of the Iraqi Occupation
Saddam had no WMD
One Year Anniversary of the Iraqi Occupation
The Century of the Self
Operation Hollywood
Gore Vidal: Vote Fraud and 9-11
Donahue vs O'Reilly
Galloway vs O'Reilly
Power of Nightmares
Myth of American Exceptionalism
Conspiracy Theory Rock
The Art of Democracy
The Myth of the Liberal Media
The Fake Town Hall Meeting
Galloway is Attacked by Paxman
The O'Sexxxy Factor
I Would Execute Everyone At Gitmo
Police State/Military
US Military Depleted Uranium Movie
Testimonies of Horror from the War on Drugs
Cold War, DirtyScience
The Invisible Machine
Governments Threaten Journalists in New Orleans
Martial Law in New Orleans
Surveillance Campaign
London Bomb Was Under the Train
London Terror Games
Nuclear Weapon Test
Panama Deception
Stop Nuclear Bunker Busters
Selling War to Kids
Amnesty International Criticizes USA For Torture
Stop USA Torture!
Voting Integrity
Clint Curtis testifies about vote fraud
Peter King's Election Prediction

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July 21, 2006

Shuffling the poor to Medicare’s Plan D will net Big Pharma billions - Nice work, fellas. You’ve guaranteed your 2006 campaign contributions.

Drugged Civil Obedience – Lala Land - Between the enforced altered and managed realities of media, politicians, environmentalism, globalism, think tankers, and our CFR-inspired New American Community, why not throw mass intellectual incapacitation into the mix. Makes for easy nation conquering – don’t you think?

Who’s imprisoned in Israeli jails? - Widespread prison abuse

FEMA muzzling La. trailer-park residents - Residents of trailer parks set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to house hurricane victims in Louisiana aren't allowed to talk to the press without an official escort...

They Don’t Call it The "White" House for Nothing - Bush at the NAACP Convention

The Bush Administration - A Primer - A short recap of some ‘highlights’ from the past few years. Some are funny, some disheartening, and a few are downright disturbing.

Israel using chemical delivery weapons in Lebanon - Pretext for war with Iran: White House plans to move chem-bio weapons from Iraq into Iranian side of this desolate border. Carrying out the next phase of the neo-con "Clean Break": Netanyahu, Perle, and Ledeen still call the shots on U.S. and Israeli policies.

July 20, 2006

Who’s behind the active death squads running in Iraq? - A dirty war conducted by the U.S which pits against one ethnic group will make civil war more likely, which was always a medium-term U.S. goal as it allows it to follow the classic imperial tactic of "divide and rule".

Lebanon left for dead - Events in Lebanon fall into the pattern of a master plan drawn up by US neo-conservatives for Israel 10 years ago.

Bush - Stoned? Drunk? Medicated? Retarded? Presidential Tester for the Pharmaceutical Industry? You Decide... - Bush is fried

M.O.N.E.Y. - War is good for business. Everyone knows that.

Earth Faces "Catastrophic Loss of Species" - Life on earth is facing a major crisis with thousands of species threatened with imminent extinction

Tel-Aviv and Beirut compared - July 20, 2006 - Meanwhile, back in DC...

IDF: Mossad "has significantly infiltrated Hizbullah" - Does that mean that they "kidnapped" themselves?

McKinney votes stolen by Diebold; the electronic vote manipulation network and you - The machines control the vote. BushCo. controls the machines. Repeat this over and over.

Thinking the unthinkable about Canada’s future - Manipulating people by fear and uncertainty is a time-tested way to get democratic citizens to deconstruct their own civil institutions, and quietly assume the roles of prisoners and prison guards. Is it time to start using the "f" word for both Canada and the US? As we look into the political abyss, are we seeing the darkening signs off fascism?

The drums of war sound for Iran - ...the Israeli onslaught against Hezbollah and Lebanon provides the perfect backdrop for the Bush administration to cast Iran as the regional bogeyman and ripe for confrontation. The mainstream US media, as well as all key political factions, are beginning to sound the same battle cry

July 19, 2006

Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says Government May Have Carried Out 9/11 - Predicts Bush Regime Will Stage Terrorist Attack to Provide Pretext for Iran, Syria Invasion, And Justify Internment Camps for American People.

The Tobacco Industry Academy Awards - Best Effort to Conceal Corporate Ir-Responsibility...Best Initiative to Recruit New Smokers

9/11 Aicraft Registry Oddities - How can American Airlines flights show the planes destroyed and the registration cancelled, while both United flights show the planes as simply being cancelled without explanation 4 years after they allegedly were destroyed? Why?

The GOP Fights to Keep Women in Poverty - New welfare rules created by the Bush administration are doomed to fail by forcing women to take the first dead-end job that comes their way.

The racist subtext of the evacuation story - More newsworthy than Israeli fighter jets: An evacuation helicopter lands in Lebanon on the BBC

American prison labor blossoms as we criticize Chinese slave labor - Cheap labor as close as the nearest jail

At least now we know who authorised this - The Bush administration has given Israel a week to inflict maximum carnage on Lebanon, "say diplomatic sources"

Were plans for a Middle East war escalation exposed in Bush-Blair exchange? - ...Bush demonstrated what seasoned observers already know: Bush is a grotesque simpleton suffering from some mental afflication, who is also a ruthless intimidator wielding violence and power without intellect, and without regard. In short, a gangster.

Shocking images of "Gifts from Israeli Children" - The Indoctrination of Israeli Children

Cosmetic Solutions: The Makeup Industry Gives Itself a Health Hazard Makeover - Breast cancer. Genital abnormalities. Distortion and damage of genetic material. Common ingredients in cosmetic products have been linked to these hazards..

July 18, 2006

What If Israel Had Never Been Created? - If I possessed such a "universal remote" and could stop President Truman from aiding and abetting the establishment of an Israeli state, then, it is my speculation...that the following 25 propositions would probably be our present day reality.

Voting rights under attack across US - States move to enact new restrictions

Hezbollah is the Wild Card - ...it has to do with "order out of chaos," rendering Arabs and Muslims helpless, destroying their societies

When Zombies Attack! - What's more disturbing here? The fact that Bush has goosed the German Chancellor at a high-level summit meeting? Or the completely zonked-out look on his face?

One Giant Gaza Strip from the Caspian to the Red Sea - From the Caspian to the Red Sea, from the Mediterranean to the western tip of Afghanistan, Israel and America are spreading their devastation across the Middle East transforming the entire region into one massive Gaza Strip.

Kevin Barrett responds to Bill O'Reilly's Nazi-like attack - ...Bill O’Reilly, has stated on national television that he would like to see me murdered and thrown into Boston Harbor.

Cheney Unleashes The Dogs of War - This war is not intended to make Israel safe...but is rather a drive by the synarchist financial forces represented by the likes of George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn, who stand behind Cheney and Netanyahu. Their aim is to escalate a global clash of civilizations, to maintain their political and financial hegemony, as their own global financial system crumbles.


July 17, 2006

Question for Bush and Blair. What man involved in Middle East policy is "sweet," according to Bush and "honey," according to Blair? - Bush's and Blair's reputed bi-sexuality may have had something to do with this exchange also picked up at St. Petersburg by the open microphone [Bush initiated the conversation by yelling, "Yo, Blair!"]

Boycott Israeli Goods - ...when has death bothered the neocons? As human vampires, they thrive on the blood of innocents

Tax cuts a boon to upscale loafers - Is the economic glass half-full or half-empty? Or is the glass broken?

Defence lawyer says use of mole shows there's "no terrorism in Canada" - The police didn't have a case against the accused, so they relied on an informant to "set everything up"

Try Putting Us in Their Place - Gunmen Kidnap 600 in Washington, D.C.

Halliburton's Fleecing Ends - Or Does It?

Now that's a demonstration - A large number of Mexicans rallied yesterday to demand a recount in Mexico's Presidential election. Obviously no one knows how many...But here's a typical description, this from the Los Angeles Times..

How the Kyoto Protocol was (Al) Gored - It was Mr. Global Warming himself who first tried to kill off the Kyoto Protocol

Bill Kristol is a Maniac - For those of you lucky enough to not know Bill Kristol, he is the top neocon intellectual (how's that for a gigantic oxymoron) in the country. He is in effect their propaganda minister.

We're Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East - The old adage, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" does not apply to Americans, who have shown that they can be endlessly fooled

Israeli Diplomat: All Arabs are Terrorists - Imagine a member of the KKK going on the Bill O’Reilly show and declaring all African-Americans are shiftless crackheads

Iraq's Reconstruction a Boondoogle by Design - Iraq's reconstruction has been a crude taxpayer rip-off -- and while $30 billion has been spent, only 30 percent of Iraqis are even aware of the rebuilding effort

July 16, 2006

Israel is now using poison gas and depleted uranium shells on towns in the south of Lebanon - Israel systematically turning Beirut and the rest of Lebanon into another Iraq

Beware Isreali False Flag Ops Planned Via Cheney - by Webster G. Tarpley - The escalating Israeli assault on Lebanon clearly represents a conscious bid to provoke a general war in the Middle East

IPOD'S CHILDREN - China's young make them, America's youth buy them -- Apple probes work conditions

Foreign companies buy U.S. roads, bridges - Roads and bridges built by U.S. taxpayers are starting to be sold off, and so far foreign-owned companies are doing the buying

First Half of 2006 Is Warmest on Record - The national parks are in grave danger but it’s OK because in 100-200 years, there will be trees and bushes on Antarctica

Racism, Not Ignorance Plagues the Media - The media can be ignorant, biased, self-serving, indeed, but it can also be racist, utterly racist

IT'S A MID-TERM ELECTION YEAR, LET THE WARS BEGIN - ...the closer we get to November without some major global event to spin and twist, the bigger an event the Republicans need, and the sooner the better. Hey, look, there goes Israel, bombing Lebanon. It's a major global event!

July 15, 2006

The suicide parade - It’s funny how assassinations tend to occur in clusters

Israel Prepares to Invade Syria - Syria and Iran are next on the bombing sortie

Post-9/11 Option Grants Under Scrutiny - WSJ: After 9/11 as stocks sank, scores of US firms rushed to give millions in options to top execs

Washington Plots Regime Change - Is Venezuela the Real Target of Bush's New Cuba Plan?

US, Israel push world to brink of world war - Is this the next stage of World War Three (begun on 9/11), or World War Four, a new and truly planetary holocaust?

July 14, 2006

Housing bubble threatening to burst - Fed fights inflation by increasing unemployment and lowering wages

Corporate Media Faithfully Spins Lebanese Mass Murder - If you watch CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc., ad nauseam, and you are a retard when it comes to real history (in this sense, most Americans are retards), you will believe the disgusting lie that poor little "democratic" Israel is simply responding to Arab terrorism when it kills 60 or more civilians in Lebanon...

The Politics of American Greed - ...this is Bush country, where a rising tide lifts all yachts

Report: Treatment of US suspects at home mirrors that of terror suspects in military custody - Of the several examples cited, one of the most egregious is what has come to be known as the Burge torture cases in Chicago

Planning for the recolonization of Cuba - The transition to oligarchy

Israel is Killing Incubator Babies and the World Says That it is OK! - So where are all our pro-life people who seem to object to killing unborn babies but see no problem with killing them once they are born?

Pentagon 911 Witness - Interview with April Gallop - "From my inside perspective, with no knowledge of what had actually happened on the outside, it did sound like a bomb...And I don't recall at anytime seeing any plane debris."

July 13, 2006

World War Four: Israel’s "Destructive Enterprise" - ...Israel plans to pitch the entire region into war, thus drawing in the United States

Total Propaganda: Hizbullah wants soldiers moved to Iran - This is transparent propaganda to help build momentum for an Israeli invasion of Iran

US intelligence ties to Mumbai 7/11 - What the mainstream press fails to report is the direct connection between the terrorist groups they name, and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) -- a virtual branch of the American CIA. This in turn leads back to the same (alleged "al-Qaeda") apparatus also responsible for the Bush administration’s 9/11 and other post-9/11 terror events.

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006 - Fron "Project Censored"

Are Enron Bankers/Witnesses Being Murdered? - With the latest revelation that a body discovered in North-east London is that of a banker intimately connected with the Enron fraud case, one has to begin to ask why are there so many "unexplained" deaths linked to this case?

July 12, 2006

Terror In Mumbai:Whose Terror? - It cannot be excluded that yesterday’s atrocity in Mumbai was organized or facilitated by agents provocateurs working for one of India’s intelligence agencies or that elements within the security forces allowed the terrorist attack to take place, with the aim of panicking the public into accepting increased repressive powers for the state

Australia installs its man in East Timor: Jose Ramos-Horta - In what amounts to the culmination of an Australian neo-colonial putsch, Jose Ramos-Horta was formally sworn in as East Timor’s new prime minister on Monday

Private firm revealed to be spying on antiwar groups in California - The outsourcing of political intimidation

Enron witness found dead in park - A body found in north-east London has been identified as that of a banker who was questioned by the FBI about the Enron fraud case


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