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March 24, 2006

Shell Shocked: People of the Niger Delta fight back against violence and corruption - Despite the region's oil wealth, seventy percent of people living in the Niger Delta survive on less than $1 US a day.

Canada Votes Once Again in the UN to Kick the Palestinians While They’re Down - The Canadian government’s most recent vote on a non-binding resolution put forward by South Africa in the UNESCO committee, as the sole supporter of the United States against 41 other member-states, plumbs new previously-unknown depths in Ottawa’s sordid game-playing with the lives and livelihood of the Palestinian people.

March 23, 2006

HOW ISRAEL CONTROLS WHAT YOU READ - Harvard Backs Away from "Israel Lobby" Professors; Removes Logo from Controversial Paper

March 22, 2006

Haiti: Two views of a world - It must be noted that the "failing" of the state was largely incubated by the "helpers", for years, until it could be portrayed as the very problem to rush in to help with.

Noriega: Paroled and exiled? - If he is exiled to to Venezuela, he will spill the beans on the Bush Crime Family. If he is extradited to France, he will get the "Milosevic treatment."

March 21, 2006

Lopsided Lukashenko win anticipated as legitimate election outcome - ...opposition forces have openly worked with Washington to oust Lukashenko, who runs an economically nationalist government that resists privatization, imposes conditions on foreign investment, and nurtures domestic industry behind tariff walls, while presiding over the region’s lowest unemployment rate, highest rate of economic growth, and flattest distribution of income.

Profs Document Hijacking of U.S. Foreign Policy - It comes as no surprise two "of America’s top scholars," having released an article criticizing the hijacking of American foreign policy by AIPAC, the neocons, and the tiny outlaw state of Israel, are unable to get a hearing in the corporate media.

March 20, 2006

Chavez: Bush is a "coward" - President Hugo Chavez called U.S. President George W. Bush a "coward," a "donkey" and a "drunkard" Sunday, unleashing a torrent of insults days after Bush labelled him a demagogue.

Israeli water grab harms Palestinians - "The route of the wall matches that of water resources, the latter being conveniently located on the Israeli side."

America’s goose step to nuclear brink: New Bush National Security Strategy, new Osama propaganda, target Iran - As the Bush administration and its functionaries ratchet up pressure on Iran with renewed waves of propaganda and hate, it is no surprise that Iran is emerging as the new home of US military-intelligence asset/construct "Osama bin Laden" (replacing “the mountains along the Pakistan border” and other such versions).

France: one million protest government offensive against young workers’ conditions - An estimated 1,500,000 people demonstrated across France on Saturday against the Gaullist government’s "First Job Contract" (CPE) legislation. The national day of action was the third mass protest held this month against the destruction of young workers’ conditions.

March 19, 2006

Inside the US's regime-change school - "As I gather, the idea was to fund and train activists to be agents provocateurs along the lines of the Otpor movement in Serbia. Their job was to utilize various techniques, such as anti-government graffiti etc, to embolden the student movement and provoke a general government crackdown, which could then be used as a pretext to 'spark' a mass uprising in Iran that appeared to be spontaneous and indigenous."

U.S. examining Israel’s military options for Iran - One of the main questions raised in the discussions was whether Israel would inform the U.S. ahead of the attack, and when would an advance notice be given.

U.S. Meddling in Peruvian Presidential Race? - Something smells funny about the recent denunciation of maverick Peruvian presidential candidate Ollanta Humala for alleged human rights violations.

This ID project is even more sinister than we first thought - The insidious erosion of our civil liberties will accelerate dramatically if the government wins the battle over identity cards.

WHY IRAN WANTS THE BOMB - Let me ask you a question: If you were running Iran, would you try to develop nuclear weapons? I would.

Fake terror planned for Scotland? Terror team draws up plans. - Are certain people worried about losing Scotland and losing Scotland's gas and oil?

MI5 "helped IRA buy bomb parts in US" - When he told his MI5 handlers about the mission, they arranged with the FBI to procure the detonators

Gaza faces food shortage, says UN - Wheat-flour stocks have run out in the Gaza Strip, with most bakeries closing and the United Nations warning of a looming humanitarian crisis after a nearly two-month commercial closure of Gaza imposed by Israel.

March 18, 2006

Canada in Afghanistan: Top Ten Under-reported Facts - When the mainstream media only provide government information and rely on government links and officials for the whole story, they are no longer objective, independent, or critical.

March 17, 2006

The central battlefield in the global resource war - It’s impossible to understand the goals of the Bush administration without looking at a map.

Government orders spoof site shut - A spoof John Howard website that featured a soul searching "apology" speech for the Iraq war has been shut down under orders from the Australian Government.

Philippines: the Killing Fields of Asia - US-Backed Repression Soars Under President Gloria Macapagal

Milosevic Autopsy: The Murderers Clear Themselves - We are always watching a rigged game.

March 16, 2006

Siege of Jericho prison: US, Britain complicit in Israeli war crime - The Israeli attack was coordinated with Washington and London, which withdrew their monitors stationed at the facility only minutes before Israeli troops backed by tanks and armored bulldozers stormed into Jericho and attacked the prison...

March 15, 2006

The Real Butchers Of Serbia: Clinton, Clark, NATO - Slobo death media spin intensifies, speculation rife that Milosevic was going to call Clinton as witness

Canada in Afghanistan: "We're Here Because We're Here" - Has nobody questioned whether Canada's Prime Minister should be making "surprise" trips to Afghanistan? Since when are foreign policy decisions in a democratic country conducted in secrecy and revealed as surprises, like sexy underwear or chocolates on your birthday?

March 14, 2006

Nigeria: The Next Quagmire? - If U.S. troops go to Africa, it won't be for a humanitarian intervention; it will be to protect American oil interests in the troubled Niger Delta.

Rest Easy, Bill Clinton: Milosevic Can't Talk Anymore - What the corporate media overwhelmingly ignores in Milosevic's death is what they ignored in his life as well – his intimate knowledge of U.S. war crimes in Yugoslavia.

March 13, 2006

Media lies and hypocrisy in wake of Milosevic’s death - Not a hint of the central role played by US imperialism and other Western powers in the breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting carnage is to be found in the media’s reaction to Milosevic’s death

Berlusconi storms out of TV show - Mr Berlusconi effectively owns three private TV stations in Italy while his supporters run two of the three Rai, or state, TV channels.

Chavez flies the flag for change - The new flag's horse gallops to the left instead of the right

UK designs secret nuclear warhead - Britain has been secretly designing a new nuclear warhead in conjunction with the United States, provoking a legal row over the proliferation of nuclear weapons...

Why Milosevic Was Murdered - Tinpot dictator blew the whistle on the New World Order

March 12, 2006

Leprosy drug in Milosevic's blood - Traces of a drug used to treat leprosy and tuberculosis were found in a blood sample taken in recent months from former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic...

Israelis Demand U.S. Attack Iran Now - ...the Israelis understand they cannot shock awe Iran on their own—and in due course, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and even mega-populated Egypt—and that is why they have spent years infiltrating the United States government, particularly the Pentagon.

March 11, 2006

Farmers barricade themselves in school near Camp Humphreys - The government wants the residents out so the U.S. military eventually can triple Camp Humphreys’ size, making it the main U.S. installation on the peninsula.

March 10, 2006

Europe and the US decide the winner before the vote - Belarus's government will be targeted if the west doesn't get the result it wants in this month's elections

Marshall Islanders to seek nuclear damages from US - People from the Marshall Islands plan to seek one billion dollars in compensation this year for damage to their health and environment caused by 67 US nuclear tests during the Cold War.

The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran - In the last 48 hours all the major players in the Bush administration have issued statements warning of the impending danger of Iran

March 9, 2006

Iran's Deadly EMP Weapon Latest Neo-Con War Fraud - From the same snake oil salesmen that brought you 45 minute attack claims, dodgy dossiers and weapons bunkers that were bakeries, comes the shocking new threat that could knock America back into the stone age, Iran's deadly EMP weapons.

Straussian Shock and Awe Plan Against Iran Heats Up - As it now stands, we are but a few weeks away from total disaster...

Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse - A red herring to distract from real long term agenda of full spectrum dominance

March 8, 2006

NUCLEAR HYPOCRISY - While the world turns its eyes again to the Middle East and watches a buildup to a war created by the U.S. over a mythical atomic bomb, there is one country in the neighborhood that actually has hundreds of atomic weapons; "poor beleaguered Israel"...

March 7, 2006

Guilt and death by proximity - ...we have the eight-year-old child and the unknown fourth person, killed for the unpardonable sin of being close to some people who were close to a place where other people had done something.

No Immunity: Israel's Policy of Targeted Assassination - Gangland violence is making us safer. That's the message we hear today from Israel's Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz, who not only defended the practice of "targeted assassination" but threatened to use the controversial tactic against Palestine's new Prime Minister-designate, Ismail Haniya.

U.S. plan for subverting Venezuela - the Yugoslav model? - In order to achieve the destruction of socialism in Yugoslavia, Western powers pursued a "divide and conquer" strategy, encouraging the piecemeal breakup of the country. Could the same plan be in the works for Venezuela?

March 6, 2006

How we move ever closer to becoming a totalitarian state - The Prime Minister claims to be defending liberty but a barely noticed Bill will rip the heart out of parliamentary democracy

Dubai and the Strait of Hormuz - The importance of UAE as a staging area for future hostilities cannot be overstated. No military strategy can hope to succeed without first establishing a beachhead across the strait in Iran, so that the danger of blowing up oil tankers and blocking passage is removed. This tells us that plans for an attack may be on track for late March as originally threatened by Israel.

U.S. Destabilization Policy Sparks Guerilla Training Program in Venezuela - After all it's failures in attempted assassinations, attempts to beat Chávez in democratic elections in Venezuela and it's most recent rigging (by opposition abstentia) of the December National Elections in Venezuela - the U.S. is going to attempt to overthrow the duly elected president of Venezuela in the upcoming December, 2006 elections - by any means necessary.

John Bolton Does AIPAC - Bush’s neocon handlers no longer care to hide the fact U.S. foreign policy is designed to make a "safer neighborhood for Israel" and this project has so far cost the lives of around 250,000 Iraqis, a few thousand Americans, and billions of U.S dollars...

March 5, 2006

Recipe for Disaster - The four following tried and true ingredients from Grandma's Cookbook of Explosive War Tactics are a recipe for disaster: a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran, possibly in the spring of 2006.

Watch Out Bolivia - Almost half the aid Bolivia will get this year will be used to send military officers to the School of the Americas in Georgia.

Bush trip to South Asia a disaster - The corporate media won't tell you this -- but the Bush trip to South Asia was nothing less than a disaster, according to direct and uncensored reports from India and Pakistan. Street protests against Bush in India were not in the "thousands," as reported by the media, but in the "hundreds of thousands."

Crisis And Disintegration Of The Arroyo Fascist Regime In The Philippines - To be sure, U.S. intervention—military and diplomatic—will try to save its lackeys, or sacrifice them for a new set of servants who will do Washington’s bidding—U.S.-tutored military officers and unscrupulous business technocrats tied to transnational financial-corporate interests.

March 4, 2006

Venezuela's Threat - ...only Chavez acted on the clearly subversive and radical notion that his country's vast resources should be used to benefit the country's people and even those beyond its borders.

Chavez prepares his people's army to confront US - Venezuela begins training a vast army of civilian reserves today to fight off the attack its Left-wing president, Hugo Chavez, says the United States is plotting against it.

Fraud and Scandal in Haiti’s Presidential Election - Préval’s Victory and the UN’s Disgrace

Dichter: I’ll Kill Haniyeh - Avi Dichter, former Shin Bet boss, who will become defense minister of Israel when the "centrist" Kadima party wins Israel’s election later this month, has promised to assassinate the democratically elected leader of the Palestinian Authority, Ismail Haniyeh...

March 2, 2006

U.S. plan to divide Iran - Marines produce road map to ethnic strife - Washington bankrolls separatist groups

An attack on voters' rights - by - Ken Livingstone - I was elected mayor by the people of London and only they should have the power to remove me

March 1, 2006

Thousands of Indians Protest Bush Visit - Bush ride: six doors, missile-proof

February 28, 2006

China's secret execution rate revealed - Death-penalty system under fire as academic reports 8,000 killed yearly

Syrian Opposition: No Thanks to MEPI Money - Now that Syrian opposition groups have told the State Department to take a hike, the Straussian neocons may resort to more obvious and brutal tactics, as they attempted to do in Venezuela with an aborted coup and accomplished in Haiti...

February 27, 2006

Israel is liar, America is bigger liar - This is the truth about the present Israeli-American discourse. They don't want a peace settlement based on international law and human rights and UN resolutions, but one that would reflect Israeli hegemony, insolence and bullying.

Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up - There can be no other conclusion than murder

Who benefits from an attack on Saudi Arabia, and the world’s largest oil facility? - What is left for the Bush administration to attempt, with the world oil peak's arrival? Could this be the time for Saudi Arabia to fall, or be taken?

Bush in India: Just Not Welcome - by - Arundhati Roy - It is not in our power to stop Bush's visit. It is in our power to protest it, and we will.

Olmert: Starving Palestinians to Death - It should now be obvious Israel fully intends to starve as many Palestinians to death as possible.

London Mayor Attacked for Opposition to Islamophobia - If the Jabotinksyites and Straussian neocons can effectively attack the elected mayor of London through the pit bull attack organization calling itself the Board of Deputies of British Jews, it can effectively attack nearly anybody opposed to their plan for Zionist supremacy in the Middle East and a zero tolerance for questioning the Holocaust Orthodoxy at home.

February 26, 2006

Diana driver was secret informer - The chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

When Uncle Sam comes marching in - A hundred years ago, the Americans also said they had only come to help.

There is no Iranian "crisis" - The leaders of the former Soviet Union would have been envious of how the U.S. mainstream media fall into line on international issues.

February 25, 2006

MAYOR OF LONDON SUSPENDED - This is a new one. London’s mayor, "Red" Ken Livingstone, has been "suspended." How the hell can a mayor be suspended?

Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian revenues: a brazen violation of international law - The seizure of the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) central source of independent revenue has left the Palestinian administration on the verge of collapse and threatens a humanitarian catastrophe in the West Bank and Gaza.


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