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9/11 Truth: Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC
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John Bolton talks about the UN
Iraq War
White House Pushed UK to Kill al-Jazeera Bombing Story
Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre
M.Parenti: Terrorism, Globalism, and Conspiracy
Ike Was Right About The War Machine
Galloway vs Hitchens on the Iraq War
Propaganda and War: Iraq and Beyond
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Fallujha- The Day After
Second Year Anniversary of the Iraqi Occupation
Saddam had no WMD
One Year Anniversary of the Iraqi Occupation
The Century of the Self
Operation Hollywood
Gore Vidal: Vote Fraud and 9-11
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Galloway vs O'Reilly
Power of Nightmares
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The Art of Democracy
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The Fake Town Hall Meeting
Galloway is Attacked by Paxman
The O'Sexxxy Factor
I Would Execute Everyone At Gitmo
Police State/Military
US Military Depleted Uranium Movie
Testimonies of Horror from the War on Drugs
Cold War, DirtyScience
The Invisible Machine
Governments Threaten Journalists in New Orleans
Martial Law in New Orleans
Surveillance Campaign
London Bomb Was Under the Train
London Terror Games
Nuclear Weapon Test
Panama Deception
Stop Nuclear Bunker Busters
Selling War to Kids
Amnesty International Criticizes USA For Torture
Stop USA Torture!
Voting Integrity
Clint Curtis testifies about vote fraud
Peter King's Election Prediction

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August 10, 2006

The End of the Beginning - US forces ready to destroy 10,000 targets in the Middle East in a few hours.

The tipping point is here - The New World Order does not break rank when it comes to your extinction

Congresswoman McKinney victim of electoral sabotage - This is unsurprising considering the Cynthia McKinney has been the leader among the threee Congresscritters who have expressed doubts about the official 9/11 myth.

Aspartame - The World’s Best Ant Poison - Aspartame is a neuropoison

Brutal US attack on unarmed Afghans captured by photos - Claims that US troops shot dead up to six unarmed Afghan civilians two months ago in Kabul have been given added credibility with a series of photographs offering visual evidence of military misconduct.

Rumsfeld and Israeli spy Larry Franklin reported to have been very close - Convicted Israeli spy Larry Franklin and Donald Rumsfeld reported by U.S. intelligence officers to have been "extremely close."

Time to dust off the trusty Spotlight 'O Terror! - Blue - Guarded: This rarely used setting on the Stoplight ‘O Terror could indicate things like an undocumented worker within 3 square miles of the president.

August 8, 2006

Bono's Hypocrisy Betrays Third World Aid Scam - Keeping Africans in chains while herding Westerners into the same prison cell

New and unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces - "direct energy" weapons, chemical and/or biological agents, in a macabre experiment of future warfare

America will attack Iran, Syria in October: Gul - "America will attack Iran, Syria in October". According to Former Head of Pakistan's Military Intelligence

BRITISH PETROLEUM’S "SMART PIG" - The Brilliantly Profitable Timing of the Alaska Oil Pipeline Shutdown

August 7, 2006

More Propaganda: Hezbollah Trained in Iran - No doubt this one will get wide play in the corporate media.

False Flag News Alerts! - RED ALERT: US-Canadian exercise "Vigilant Guardian" Aug 17-26 (same exercise run on 9-11)

Israel, Oil and the "planned demolition" of Lebanon - This war is just beginning.

Twin Towers wreckage turning up all over the place - And you thought all the 9/11 WTC wreckage was swept up in eight months and sent to be smelted in foreign countries or secret places in our own strange land, right?

Is Israel Allowing Hezbollah to Kill Its Citizens? - For the honest historian, it comes as no surprise government either kills its own citizens or allows enemies to do the same in an effort to score propaganda points or as an excuse to commence hostilities.

Who Wants A Master Race To Enslave Humanity? - Now, who said it? Was it Hitler? Was it Stalin?

August 6, 2006

Check if NSA warrantless surveillance is looking at your IP traffic - Want to check to see if your Internet packets are being "sniffed" by AT&T.

"Triple Alliance": The US, Turkey, Israel and the War on Lebanon - While Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Israel for the atrocities committed in Lebanon, his government remains a staunch ally of Israel and a major military actor in the Middle East and Central Asia, with close ties to Washington, Tel Aviv and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

British Sheltered Terror Org Joins al-Qaeda - Leave it up to the corporate media stenographers not to tell the whole story.

U.N. Lap Dog "Ceasefire" Rejected by Lebanese - Get ready for the United Nations, firmly seated on the lap of John Bolton and the United States, to blame the victims for not accepting the U.S.-French brokered "ceasefire" in Lebanon.

The scent of popular revolution fills the air in Mexico - Mexico on verge of revolution as election tribunal rejects full vote recount.

Meet another Marvin in the Bush family tree - Although we know that George W. Bush's brother Marvin is up to his neck in dubious business deals and the strange death of his housekeeper...it is interesting to point to another Marvin in the Bush family...

VULTURES - When the word came out that Cuban President Fidel Castro was hospitalized and he had turned over the responsibilities of the government to his brother, Raul, the Bush administration began salivating.

August 5, 2006

"A U.S.-Related Saudi Defense Contractor" hosting a Hezbollah website - Why is a US defense contractor hosting a known terrorist website?

Absence of America's Upper Classes From the Military - ...about 1 percent of U.S. representatives and senators have a child in uniform...no different from other places where the leadership class in this country gathers -- no different from the boardrooms, newsrooms, ivory towers and penthouses of our nation.

638 ways to kill Castro - ...Cuba had the effect on the US that a full moon has on a werewolf. It seems highly likely that if the CIA had had access to a werewolf, it would have tried smuggling it into the Sierra Maestra at some point over the past 40-odd years.

Political humor of the day - After all, what are friends for?

9/11 Commission Admits: All Politics - So why does anyone still believe the mythical "official version" of 9/11 as told by the Commission?

Is Hizbullah a Mossad front? - Just how successful Mossad has been we may never know...

Simulated nuclear explosion planned in Hawaii for Aug 14-16 - This is more blatant martial law prep...

Mounting Public Opinion Forces Fox into Retreat - Disbelief Caused by Bush "Hatred" Say '"No Spin" News Heads Descending Deeper into the Defensive

Eleven Questions Avoided by Corporate Media concerning DoD Lies & 9/11 Commission Cover-up - Here are Eleven Questions that the corporate media have thus far refused to raise or attempt to answer in their examination of the NORAD tapes and related issues

August 4, 2006

Crisis Overload: Peak Oil, Peak Grain and Peak Water - Imagine a world when peak oil meets peak grain and peak water at a confluence called peak mayhem?

Morales seeks radical land reform - Mr Morales, himself an Aymara Indian, referred to the "historical injustice" of the Spanish conquest of Bolivia 500 years ago.

The US Media's "Special Relationship" - Out to Lunch

DID YOU KNOW... - ...that non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel?...that cars owned by Palestinians are colour coded to distinguish Jews from non-Jews?

They plundered Iraq for fun and profit - Custer Battles had won over $100 million in contracts for work in Iraq. Its politically connected founders defrauded the government with brazen non-concern.

FOX News airs Most Important Interview on Earth - (Rabbi) Weiss: Jews are suffering, Palestinians and Lea are suffering . . . we pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlment of the Jewish state.

Making the Rubble Bounce in Lebanon - ...Israel has threatened to "destroy Lebanon’s infrastructure if Hizbollah fires rockets at Tel Aviv" ...Excuse me, but it seems Israel has already done a mighty effective job of destroying Lebanon’s infrastructure.

It's about annexation, stupid! - Israel's invasion of southern Lebanon is supposed to be an act of self-defense. But the gullible Western media miss its real purpose, namely a de facto annexation of the country up to the Litani River, thus assuring Israel of water and fulfilling the dreams of Israel's founders.

Military Waste In Our Drinking Water - The U.S. military is poisoning the very citizens it is supposed to protect in the name of national security.

August 3, 2006

So Much for Israel’s 1.2 Kilometer "Security Zone" - Israel is not only the master of double standards but also relies on the corporate media spin machine, sworn to secrecy, or at least omission, and will never mention Israel’s long and sordid history of warmongering, false flag terrorism, and religiously sanctioned kleptomania, the latter not only including land but water as well.

911 "Conspiracy Theorists" Vindicated: Pentagon deliberately misled Public Opinion - Military officials made false statements to Congress and to the 911 Commission

US supplying Israel with NSA signals intelligence - The group...seeks to start a "four front war" by giving Israel the pretext to strike Iran and Syria.

Rush Limbaugh's Dominican Stag Party - 29 Viagra pills, two "24" producers among radio star's all-male crew

Was 9/11 an "inside job"? - More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East...

Son of Osama: Demonizing Hezbolla - "A son of Osama bin Laden has gone from Iran to Lebanon with the mission to organize terror attacks against Israel," reports the New York Post, a reliable source for neocon nonsense.

Pepsi and Coke under fire again - An Indian non-governmental organisation says samples of Coca-Cola and Pepsi products are showing even worse levels of pesticides than in a previous study.

NORAD Tapes Only Intensify Implausibility Of 9/11 Official Story - ...were the planes being controlled by some other means than morons who could barely get single engine Cessna's off the ground - but who apparently ran the world's most sophisticated air defense ragged for hours?

August 2, 2006

Evidence of Election Fraud Grows in México - As the U.S. media distorts the aftermath of the July 2 election, evidence suggests there may be an attempted theft in progress.

It's a small world, anthrax division - I know it is a small world, but is it that small?

The Bush cartel and their Florida friends are anxiously awaiting the death of Castro - The Bushes and their Florida Cuban friends are eyeing Cuban real estate and off-shore oil finds.

A Skeptic on 9/11 Prompts Questions on Academic Freedom - "The 9/11 report will be universally reviled as a sham and a cover-up very soon...The 9/11 commission has its conspiracy theory, and we have ours."

9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon - Maj. Gen. Larry Arnold and Col. Alan Scott told the commission that NORAD had begun tracking United 93 at 9:16 a.m., but the commission determined that the airliner was not hijacked until 12 minutes later.

Iraq’s Destiny - While most people have reached a (false) conclusion that the U.S. has "failed" to shape Iraq according to its planned agenda, it is not hard to see that the U.S. is carrying out its original plan to destroy Iraq and colonise its people and national resources.

Bipartisan - The following table shows that both Democratic and Republican administrations use false flag terror and fake intelligence.

Bush seeks to extend Guantánamo procedures to American citizens - ...the Bush administration proposes to extend the practice of indefinite detention and summary trial by military commissions to include American citizens.

August 1, 2006

Another Israeli Myth Exposed: There Were No Hezbollah Rockets In Qana - Meanwhile, northern Israeli residents say they have more chance of winning the lottery than getting hit by a Katyusha missile

New bill would expand government's power to search & spy on Americans - Cheney-Specter Spy Deal Threatens Basic Constitutional Freedoms

Debt Education - Bad for the Young, Bad for America

Davenport Police Confiscate Little Flagsticks to Protect Cheney, They Say - "They thought the Vice President might stop, and because these were fairly long wooden sticks with points on them, they thought they might be a threat to the Vice President..."

It's not land Israel wants - it's WATER - "The goal" is merely to control and consume all its resources

In Search of the American Drug Lords - THE SECRET HISTORY OF "COCAINE ONE"


If Fox News Had Been Around Throughout History - All Terror, All the Time

July 31, 2006

Lopez Obrador Supporters Occupy Heart of Mexico City - Supporters of a defeated Mexican leftist presidential candidate blocked major arteries in the heart of Mexico City and vowed to hold their ground until the electoral court orders a vote recount.

Showtime - Look Inside The 911 Smoke Plume - The TRIGGER for 9/11 was a 9/6 weather forecast for a clear day for visual flying and a NW wind to blow the North Tower smoke plume across the South Tower to hide a US Navy helicopter.

US - ISRAELI UN RESOLUTION HYPOCRISY - Two nations stand out above all others as notorious serial abusers of UN resolutions - the US and Israel.

C-Span Firestorm: 9/11 Truth Symposium Gains Momentum - Scholars symposium to re-air again on Tuesday

Big brother on campus - U.S. wants to track students' every step

ONE LAW FOR ONE ...PROPAGANDA AGAINST THE OTHER - ...if you know that the U.S. government is merely a tool of a global secret society network - the Illuminati - and the idea is to create as much war and suffering as possible to destroy peace and freedom, you will understand that the chaos and conflict is anything but a "problem". Quite the opposite, it's all going according to plan.

US begins building treaty-breaching germ war defence centre - ...the centre will have to produce and stockpile the world's most lethal bacteria and viruses, which is forbidden by the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.

Murdoch set to back Blair - for a place in his boardroom - The media magnate Rupert Murdoch is expected to offer Tony Blair a senior role in his News Corporation empire when he stands down as Prime Minister.

A Dying Planet - Weather-related disasters like Hurricane Katrina—or the intense heat wave now hitting the United States—are on the rise.


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