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August 25, 2005

Judas Retires: Jerry Ceppos and the Burning Memory of Gary Webb - ...in early October, 1996, the offensive against Gary Webb’s brilliant work began.

August 24, 2005

Only One Thing Left to Conclude: The Media Want the War - Some local television stations are actually refusing to air anti-war groups' ads, moving this media problem from one of gross dishonesty, into one of actually gagging people and infringing upon the First Amendment.

NBC, CBS, ABC Reject Ad Criticizing Their News Coverage - Apparently you can’t even pay TV networks to cover genocide.

August 21, 2005

U of O professor accused of hosting anti-Semitic website - The website, www.globalresearch.ca, also reprints articles from other writers that accuse Jews of controlling the U.S. media and masterminding the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Under Canadian law, website owners can be liable for material they knowingly post, even if they haven't produced it themselves.

August 20, 2005

U.S. Moves to Counter Chavez-Backed Telesur TV - The U.S. Congress has decided to fund broadcasts into Venezuela, similar to efforts in the Arab World, to 'neutralize' Telesur's "anti-American and anti-freedom rhetoric." Venezuela's President, for his part, has promised to wage a "merciless electronic war against the United States."

Broadcasting Live From ... the Basement - For 12 years, pirate station San Francisco Liberation Radio has defied the FCC to broadcast radio by and for the people.

August 18, 2005

Thaksin fights insurgency with TV - The Thai government has decided to step up its fight against the insurgency in the Muslim south of the country with an unusual weapon - cable television. Using TV to distract dissatisfied, rebellious people.

August 16, 2005

Delay for .xxx "net sex" domain - The plan for a virtual red light district through the creation of a .xxx net domain name has hit delays after concern from government officials.

Uneasy Standoff in Venezuela's Media Wars: The Corporate Media vs. Chavez - The controversy surrounding the media in Venezuela refuses to die. This is because the country is experimenting with a slow but steady anti-capitalist restructuring which the private media see as a threat to their existence. At this juncture, after surviving a military coup, a 63-day oil stoppage-sabotage (the oil coup) and a presidential referendum--all backed by the private media-- President Hugo Chavez is encouraging the formation of public and community media to counteract attacks on "the process" by the private media.

Canada's CBC locks out employees - Canadian public broadcaster CBC has locked out 5,500 workers after failing to reach an agreement with their union.

August 12, 2005

Microsoft the darling of US media coverage - Software titan Microsoft enjoys the best media reputation in the United States, with Wal-Mart Stores a somewhat surprising second, according to a new survey.

Critics Slam Net Wiretapping Rule - An FCC ruling that internet telephony services must provide the same built-in wiretapping capabilities as conventional phone companies has civil libertarians feeling burned.

August 11, 2005

Internet use on the rise - "For the first time since we began tracking these activities, younger Canadians are spending more time on the Internet than watching TV..."

US officials go to hackers' convention to recruit - Attention hackers: Uncle Sam wants you.

St. Peter Jennings: Excuse Maker for War and Empire - When news anchors are complicit in actions that cause death, or when their negligence is an insult to freedoms of all kinds, including press freedom, they should be held accountable and pay the price. In the case of Jennings, the price should be clear: He was a willing whore of the Corporate Press and that should be his legacy.

August 10, 2005

Globalists Seek To Sanitize Internet - There are four primary ways in which this can be accomplished and it is my own personal informed opinion that all four techniques will be used simultaneously:

Yahoo now bigger than Google - The internet property and search engine Yahoo said that its search index now includes some 20.8 billion web pages and images, nearly double that of Google.

August 7, 2005

FCC Issues Rule Allowing FBI to Dictate Wiretap-Friendly Design for Internet Services - Tech Mandates Force Companies to Build Backdoors into Broadband, VoIP

NOTICE FROM TOM FLOCCO - Tom Flocco was warned by a U.S. Intelligence source that a contract FBI Division 5 operative had compromised his website without his knowledge

August 6, 2005

Is Rupert Murdoch the Minister of Propaganda for the Bush Administration? - "Society is now formed into a "matrix" of control. People are discouraged from critical thinking. There is relatively little factual information on which to form judgments. The realities of the world situation for most people are controlled by what they see and hear through electronic media. And Rupert Murdoch and those like him control those media. And the revolving door between corporate interests, government programs, and military actions is fast becoming a closed loop."

The Incredible Blight of TV Punditry - When super-pundit Robert Novak stormed off the set of a live CNN show Thursday -- just after uttering what the New York Times delicately calls “a profanity” -- it was an unusual episode of TV punditry. With rare exceptions, the slick commentators of televisionland keep their cool. But we’d be much better off if they all disappeared.

Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran - The latest U.S. media uproar about Iran's nuclear program is part of a dream starting to come true for neocons in Washington who fantasize about "regime change" in Tehran. More realistically, for the nearer term, the Bush administration is setting the agenda for a U.S. air attack on Iran.

August 2, 2005

Armageddon Gets No Press - The mainstream media has been co-opted as a propaganda organ for the Bush administration. How did this come about?

August 1, 2005

Fox News: All Terror, All the Time - Cable news is known for its bias toward conflict and sensationalism. There's nothing that gets viewers to tune in more than exaggerated reports of the latest near-attack by a shark -- or, for that matter, a hurricane. And the most intrepid cable newshands can sneak the message of fear into otherwise seemingly innocuous bits of programming.

Judy Miller: How Deep Do Her Connections Run? - The more I'm reading about Judy Miller and her actions leading up to and during the early days of the war, and then through the unfolding Plame-Rove-Libby-Gonzalez-Card scandal, the more I’m struck by the special access and relationships she enjoyed with many of the key players in the Iraq debacle (which, at the end of the day, is really what Plamegate is all about).

July 30, 2005

FBI holds eight on piracy charge - The US authorities have charged eight people in connection with the illegal trading of copyrighted films, music, games and software over the net.

It's Telesur vs. Telebush, As Electronic Warfare Looms Over the Americas - A new Latin American Television station spearheaded by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is designed to counter the influence of the North American media so that, 'the light of truth might slip through and break the grip of corporate television.' The Bush Administration and U.S. Congress are not amused.

TV Anchors; field-marshals in the Information-war - Is there a difference between Bin Laden and Brit Hume; between Tim Russert and Al Zarqawi? Not a speck; they are cut from the same cloth and engaged in the same vicious blood-sport. At least al-Zarqawi can say he?s fighting to liberate his country from foreign occupation. What does Tim Russert fight for? The unchecked power of the corporate media?

July 28, 2005

Bill Gates will be frisking you with a simple point and click - In a determined strike to quell the proliferation of counterfeit software, beginning today, Microsoft will require that all customers coming to its website for upgrades and other downloads submit their computers to an electronic frisking.

Telesur keen on Aljazeera link up - The new Venezuela-backed Latin American TV station Telesur is considering a possible alliance with Aljazeera.

July 26, 2005

British Government Embraces Cyberwarfare - More likely, as Parliament will now pass whatever police state measure that comes down the pike in the wake of the London bombings (one of the primary reasons the attacks occurred), we can expect mysterious denial of service attacks on sites critical of the British government.

Clear Channel claims to be part of the government - Texas-based Clear Channel Communications is in the news again for yet one more shocking abuse of its corporate power. It is now claiming, against all sense and reason, that one of its concert stadiums qualifies it as part of the Florida government which performs an "essential governmental purpose" and that it should therefore be above the law.

'Chavez TV' beams into South America - A swastika painted on a US flag flashes across the screen. Out of sight a voice proclaims: "Let's recover our memory and history from the claws of the Empire ..." The voice is replaced by anti-imperialist chants and metallic sounds, then the screen goes dark. Welcome to Telesur, Latin America's answer to CNN and the BBC World Service.

July 24, 2005

Agents raid, shut down unlicensed Free Radio - Federal agents armed with a search warrant shut down Free Radio 96.9 FM, the self-proclaimed oldest-running and most notorious unlicensed radio broadcaster in San Diego, in a midmorning raid yesterday.

July 22, 2005

Separating Press and State - It is journalists who create the unsubstantiated allegations that becomes secret evidence in articles, op-eds, editorials, and even in academic journals about Palestinian or other Muslim political activists, leading to detainment without charges that have lasted for years. It is journalists, who use rumor and innuendo to suggest that such activists, and their political positions, present a national security threat, when the threat they pose is actually to undemocratic Muslim governments and Israel. Ironically such journalists can not be held legally accountable for falsifying evidence, or for violating or depriving US citizens of rights in such cases, since as members of the press, their First Amendment rights are more sacrosanct than the Constitutional rights of US citizens, and our Bill of Rights.

July 21, 2005

UN at odds over internet's future - A UN group charged with deciding how the net should be run has failed to reach a decision.

July 20, 2005

Democrats Move to Reregulate Media - The measure would restore the Fairness doctrine, reinstate a national cap on radio ownership and lower the number of radio stations a company can own in a local market.

July 19, 2005

What Does "Fair and Balanced" Journalism Mean? - "Q: What do you get when you balance the truth with a lie? A: You get a partial truth or a partial lie. Is that what good journalism is about?"

Google's Growth Prompts Privacy Concerns - Google is at once a powerful search engine and a growing e-mail provider. It runs a blogging service, makes software to speed Web traffic and has ambitions to become a digital library. And it is developing a payments service. "This is a lot of personal information in a single basket," said Chris Hoofnagle, senior counsel with the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "Google is becoming one of the largest privacy risks on the Internet."

July 18, 2005

FBI Monitored Web Sites for 2004 Protests - FBI agents monitored Web sites calling for protests against the 2004 political conventions in New York and Boston on behalf of the bureau's counterterrorism unit, according to FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Vivanco Attacks Telesur: "The Airwaves Are Falling!" - Nobody yet knows whether Telesur will truly open the doors of the media to the people. Or even what its programming will be like. But with the Chicken Littles of simulated democracy like Vivanco and Ravell running around cackling "the airwaves are falling! The airwaves are falling...," Telesur is already comforting the afflicted by afflicting the comfortable.

July 15, 2005

COMCAST KILLS EMAIL FROM 'AFTERDOWNINGSTREET' COALITION! - Advocacy Group, Internet Host Charge 'Political Motivation' Behind Filtering of Email by Country's Largest Net Services Provider!

July 14, 2005

Google's Bias for Bigness - Could the popular search engine's quest for news quality leave alternative sources in the dust?

Sneaky Subliminal Advertising—Why it Works - Thirsty people can be made to drink more than they normally would by being exposed to subliminal facial expressions, which are not seen consciously.

July 13, 2005

Propagangsters - If Martha Stewart can be sent to jail for lying to a government employee while not even under oath to save $ 30,000 of her own money, why can't elements of the rich, corporate media be fined and sent to jail for lying to the whole damn country and enabling the continued maiming, dismemberment and killing of our soldiers? And who will speak for the 100,000 plus innocent Iraqis they also helped murder? Their only crime was defending their families and property, which is their moral right as protected under the Geneva Conventions both Bush and Blair choose to ignore!

July 12, 2005

Freedom of Repression - New ruling will allow censorship of campus publications

July 11, 2005

'Plain Dealer' Holding Stories Because of Fear of Jail - Plain Dealer Editor Doug Clifton says the Cleveland daily is not reporting two major investigative stories of "profound importance" because they are based on illegally leaked documents -- and the paper fears the consequences faced now by jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller.

July 10, 2005

American Author In London Talks About Subway Bombings And Anti-Bush Book Written in Arabic - “My book delves into some pretty controversial topics, like the present administration’s connections and involvement with pedophilia in America. I also devote a chapter to the Bush connection to the Nazi Party as far back as his grandfather, Prescott, as well as the Bush connection to operation Northwoods in the 1960s, which was a precursor for the tragic events of 9/11."

The Trouble with Normal - So DailyKos has conducted a "mass banning" of those who had been "perpetuating a series of bizarre, off-the-wall, unsupported and frankly embarassing conspiracy theories." I hope no one is terribly surprised by this development.

CNN video censored at Guantanamo prison - Taking up U.S. President George Bush's challenge for reporters to visit the Guantanamo Bay military prison in Cuba, CNN did, but its video was censored.

July 6, 2005

Fox Assures Us Bush Supreme Court Pick Will Be Honest - It says FOX FACTS! That means it must be a fact right?

July 5, 2005

Bush team uses 'skin game' to attack porn - John Ashcroft may have departed from the Department of Justice, but under the direction of his successor, Alberto Gonzales, his morality crusade continues

July 4, 2005

Another liberal column. Right? - The mainstream media in this country are dominated by liberals. I was informed of this fact by Rush Limbaugh. And Thomas Sowell. And Ann Coulter. And Rich Lowry. And Bill O'Reilly. And William Safire. And Robert Novak. And William F. Buckley, Jr. And George Will.

Too Much TV May Hurt Kids' Learning - Too much TV-watching can harm children's ability to learn and even reduce their chances of getting a college degree, three new studies suggest in the latest effort to examine the effects of television on kids.

CNN’s Hard News - Serving 0.0001% of America - If you want news…turn off your TV and look elsewhere. You want to live in a dream world where the most important thing you need to know is that some family way on the other side of our nation is suffering from a personal loss…CNN & FOX News are for you!

Pliant American press behaving like Pravda in coverage of the U.S. president - If clear evidence emerged showing George W. Bush had written in his diary that he had lied to the American people to justify his invasion of Iraq, would the U.S. media even consider that a story?

July 3, 2005

'Down and Dirty' News And Dark Side Of Bush Family Taboo In Washington Press - Neo Con Thugs Intimidate Publisher To Pull Plug On Book Exposing Corruption And Treason Within The Administration

July 2, 2005

Media Censorship - Hard enough to combat censorship in the corporate pres, but in some ways the "independent press" is just as bad. Indymedia, has been a gatekeeper of certain issues, depending on locality...

July 1, 2005

U.S. Won't Cede Control of Net Computers - The U.S. government will indefinitely retain oversight of the main computers that control traffic on the Internet, ignoring calls by some countries to turn the function over to an international body, a senior official said Thursday.

June 30, 2005

Web visits put man in jail - Mohammad Radwan Obeid is a threat to national security because he surfed terrorist Web sites and visited terrorist chat rooms, the FBI claims.

June 29, 2005

ABC reports that White House advance team FAKED the applause - So even the applause was fake.

Venezuela sets up 'CNN rival' - In a popular shopping area of Caracas, with street musicians playing a bolero in the background, Jorge Botero is filming a promo for Latin America's most ambitious new satellite channel.

Second UK Indymedia server seized by police before G8 - Yesterday, an Indymedia server in Bristol was seized by the police. An Indymedia volunter was also arrested during the raid, the organisation said.

Fox News Peddles a War With Iran - Advocating for an invasion himself, Cavuto said, "I just don't know gentlemen what you do here short of a military invasion or quarantine or any of that stuff."

June 27, 2005

File-sharing suffers major defeat - The US Supreme Court has ruled that file-sharing companies are to blame for what users do with their software.

June 25, 2005

Big Media Interlocks with Corporate America - A research team at Sonoma State University has recently finished conducting a network analysis of the boards of directors of the ten big media organizations in the US. The team determined that only 118 people comprise the membership on the boards of director of the ten big media giants. This is a small enough group to fit in a moderate size university classroom. These 118 individuals in turn sit on the corporate boards of 288 national and international corporations. In fact, eight out of ten big media giants share common memberships on boards of directors with each other.

June 24, 2005

Online Porn Dodges Major Bullet - Federal prosecutors agreed Thursday to temporarily protect members of an adult industry trade group from strict new enforcement regulations. But thousands of porn sites are still fair game, and their webmasters now face hefty prison terms if they don't keep records proving that models and performers are over 18.

June 23, 2005

Censorship - So the American government is pressuring foreign countries to censor their news. Aside from the fact that this act is the height of arrogance by the United States, it makes it exceedingly clear why so many Americans who rely on the corporate media for their news continue to be so misinformed/un-informed about the goings on in Iraq. If the American government is attempting to censor the news in foreign countries, you can imagine what they are doing at home.

June 21, 2005

WHAT’S NEW? - The newsreader reads carefully scripted and edited reports of how well we are doing in Iraq, shows Bush swaggering and chortling to a highly selected audience, gives ten second bites of some Republican senator praising his party, gives a three second summary of fighting between India and Pakistan and announces a National Day of Prayer.

More...You May Be Brainwashed By the Corporate Media If.. - ... are unaware that nations don't trade, corporations do....... are unaware that an 'official unemployment' of 5.8% means that 'effective unemployment' (including those who have given up looking and those working part-time, but wanting more work) is really 10%.

June 20, 2005

Investigation Shows Big Business Funding Sex Chat Rooms - Yahoo! is facing a $10 million lawsuit that accuses it of cashing in on some disturbing chat rooms.

Privacy issues with Google library search - A contract between Google and the University of Michigan released publicly on Friday contains no provisions for protecting the privacy of people who will eventually be able to search the school's vast library collection over the Internet.

June 19, 2005

Bush hand seen in public broadcasting - E-mail messages obtained by investigators at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting show that its chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, extensively consulted a White House official shortly before she joined the corporation about creating an ombudsman's office to monitor the balance and objectivity of public television and radio program.

June 18, 2005

Coming soon: Googling the truth - The company insists its only motive is to help users make sense of the morass of information on the web. But some worry about the cultural influence of everything being filtered through the Google lens, particularly if it emerges as the arbiter of "truth" on the web.

20 OVER-USED POLITICAL CLICHES AND WHAT THEY REALLY MEAN - In the event you never gave political clichés much thought, now’s the time to give it some. It might help you to understand how far into the Land of Condescension these back-slapping, bought-and-paid-for con artists try to take us.


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