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September 11, 2005

U.S. Military Tube-Feeds 13 Gitmo Strikers - The U.S. military is tube-feeding more than a dozen of the 89 terror suspects on hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, a spokesman said Friday

September 9, 2005

Hunger strikers pledge to die in Guantánamo - More than 200 detainees in Guantánamo Bay are in their fifth week of a hunger strike, the Guardian has been told.

September 6, 2005

Denmark Tells CIA to Stay Out of Danish Airspace - The decision comes as a reaction to the "rendition" of terror suspects from Europe to locations that allow less-restrictive interrogation.

August 31, 2005

Turkish Professor and Former Intelligence Officer: There is No Such Terror Organization as Al-Qaeda - Turkish Professor and Former Intelligence Officer: There is No Such Terror Organization as Al-Qaeda; Al-Qaeda is Code Name for a CIA Operation; The U.S. Government is Behind 9/11 and JFK's Assassination

August 28, 2005

The Rise Of The Democratic Police State - So we have been warned, yet again. Terrorism is the logical consquence of American and British "foreign policy" whose infinitely greater terrorism we need to recognise, and debate, as a matter of urgency.

August 27, 2005

When Blame Knocks on the Wrong Door - Since Fox News wrongly identified a La Habra home as that of a terrorist, its five- member family has faced an angry backlash.

89 prisoners resume hunger strike at Guantanamo - Detainees say US military broke July pact

505 inmates left at Gitmo prison - The Pentagon said about 505 remain at the prison for terrorist suspects

August 24, 2005

Chinese Detainees Are Men Without a Country - 15 Muslims, Cleared of Terrorism Charges, Remain at Guantanamo With Nowhere to Go

Murdered in Afghanistan? - Shortly before his death, Juan Torres Jr. had called his father from Bagram Air Force Base. Juan Jr. was overwhelmed with fear. He was distraught because of rampant drug abuse, drug dealing, and trafficking among officers and enlisted men inside of Bagram. He was especially upset that officers, as high up as Captains, were involved with this drug trafficking and their superior officers were doing nothing to put a stop to it.

August 23, 2005

Lawsuit filed against Rumsfeld: Cruel Confinement of 'Enemy Combatant' in the United States - Complaint Provides First Look at Isolation and Abuse

August 22, 2005

MindWar: Full Spectrum Fake Terrorism - "In its strategic context, MindWar must reach out to friends, enemies, and neutrals alike across the globe—neither through primitive "battlefield" leaflets and loudspeakers of PSYOP nor through the weak, imprecise, and narrow effort of psychotronics [the relationship between matter, energy, and consciousness]—but through the media possessed by the United States which have the capabilities to reach virtually all people on the face of the Earth."

August 21, 2005

War in Afghanistan has intensified - The Bush administration declared more than two years ago that major combat in Afghanistan was over, but despite this claim for the past four months, the U.S. paratroopers and other American units have been fighting a war thousands of feet up in the sun-blasted peaks and boulder-strewn defiles of one of history's most grueling battlefields.

August 19, 2005

The Ugly Truth About Prisoner "Rendition" - Countries that rely on "diplomatic assurances" that other countries will not torture transferred prisoners "are either engaging in wishful thinking or using the assurances as a figleaf to cover their complicity," charges a new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW).

FBI Investigating Local Homeland Security Agents - Up To Six Accused Of Assault, Torture

August 18, 2005

High-Ranking Military Officer Warns Of Major Terrorist Attack Looming; Cheney Consumed Day And Night With Nuclear Retaliation In Iran - A situation of instability is takiing hold of the military like it did in the Cold War. Two more retired generals now warn the world is on the verge of nuclear war and terrorist attacks on the homeland are only weeks away.

August 17, 2005

ME: Beaten Afghan's Body "Falling Apart" - An Afghan detainee who died in military custody was injured so severely that has leg muscles were split apart, an Air Force medical examiner testified Tuesday in the trial of a soldier accused in the beating.

U.S. seeks massive stock of smallpox vaccine - The United States has issued a tender for up to 80 million doses of a smallpox vaccine to guard against terrorist attack, worth over $1 billion, vaccine-makers said on Tuesday.

All Hail the "Iron Fist"! - Prominent neo-conservatives urge the Bush administration to criminalize speech -- and even private thoughts -- that supposedly "encourage" terrorists.

August 16, 2005

US: Prison withheld videos from probe - The US Justice Department's inspector-general has said a federal detention centre in New York City failed to turn over hundreds of videotapes to investigators probing the treatment of detainees taken into custody after the September 11 attacks.

August 15, 2005

Bring 'em On! The Bush administration's Top 40 Lies about war and terrorism - ...15) U.S. air defenses functioned according to protocols on September 11, 2001...

Turkish Intelligence: Al-Qaeda a U.S. Covert Operation - Turkish intelligence specialists agree that there is no such organization as al-Qaeda. Rather, Al-Qaeda is the name of a secret service operation.

August 14, 2005

Guantanamo Detainee Says Beating Injured Spine - Guantanamo Detainee Says Beating Injured Spine

August 11, 2005

Martial Law: Chertoff to the Rescue - Chertoff is the perfect "guy in charge" come the day Bush and his coterie of chickenhawk Straussian neocons declare martial law in the wake of a staged terror attack. It doesn’t matter if Chertoff sits in a DHS office or one in the Pentagon.

August 10, 2005

U.S. Defends Detentions at Airports - Foreign citizens who change planes at airports in the United States can legally be seized, detained without charges, deprived of access to a lawyer or the courts, and even denied basic necessities like food, lawyers for the government said in Brooklyn federal court yesterday.

Canada to develop a no-fly list - Canada is developing a no-fly list in an effort to prevent terrorist attacks and make air travel safer, the federal transport minister has announced.

Canadian general predicts 20-year mission in Afghanistan - Canadian troops could stay in Afghanistan for at least 20 years, predicted one of the top generals amidst public criticism of the government decision to expand troops deployment from the Afghan capital to other regions.

U.S. prepared to grab Iran's southwestern majority Arab and oil-rich province after saturation bombing of Iranian nuclear, chemical, and command, control, communications & intellig - According to sources within the German Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst - BND), the Bush administration has drawn up plans to hit Iran's nuclear, other WMD, and military sites with heavy saturation bombing using bunker buster bombs and tactical nuclear weapons. The attack will be coordinated with urban and rural critical infrastructure sabotage carried out by elements of the People's Mujaheddin (MEK), Pentagon Special Operations units, and other Iranian dissident groups.

August 9, 2005

More About Those Nuclear Attack Speculations - If George Bush were no longer President, it would add to the power of the PNAC crew. If you think they assumed great power because 3,000 anonymous Americans died, just imagine how much more power they can assume after claiming that terrorists are a great enough threat to get to an American president.

Why Iran will lead to World War 3 - We should not expect the Bush administration to make a rational choice; that would be a dramatic departure from every preceding decision of consequence. The President of the United States always has the option of unleashing Armageddon if he so chooses. Normally, however, sanity prevails. When the bombs hit the bunkers in Iran; World War 3 will be underway.

The cry now is "treason" or the Star Chamber revisited - Secret, judge-only courts where the accused has no access to the "evidence"? Changes to the law will include making it illegal to advocate violence to further a person’s belief, justifying or validating such violence, or fostering hatred.

August 8, 2005

Parliament Square Demockracy - this afternoon police arrested another five protestors under draconian new legislation that bans any protest not agreed with police in advance. the ban applies to just one or more people in a large exclusion zone around parliament and government buildings. a prospective protestor is supposed to apply to police a week before the demo, and they have the right to ban the protest, or enforce all sorts of restrictions on it without any independent judge, effectively giving them political power over citizens in this area.

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S. - Domestic Effort Is Big Shift for Military

Israel, Mossad, Iran & Nuclear False Flag Attack - With Congress in recess and Bush on vacation, the exact conditions preceeding the 9/11 attacks are now being replicated. The attack would also be used to further legitimate the building of the genocidal wall in Jerusalem and possibly even an expansion of, rather than a pullout from, the settlements in Gaza and the West Bank in furtherance of total Israeli dominance in the Middle East.

August 7, 2005

Blair to curb human rights in war on terror - New grounds for deportation published by the Home Office included fostering hatred, advocating or justifying violence, or active engagement with extremist websites, bookshops and networks

Medical Professionals Bending Ethics for 'War on Terror,' Expert Charges - Medical ethics have been corrupted because doctors and medical bodies have taken direct and indirect part in abusing prisoners detained as part of what U.S. and other officials call the ''war on terror,'' a senior British Medical Association (BMA) official said...

August 6, 2005

FBI's "National Security Letters" Threaten Online Speech and Privacy - The Electronic Frontier Foundation, joined by several civil liberties organizations and online service providers, filed a friend-of-the-court brief yesterday in the case of Doe v. Gonzales arguing that National Security Letters (NSLs) are unconstitutional. NSLs are secret subpoenas for communications logs, issued directly by the FBI without any judicial oversight. These secret subpoenas allow the FBI to demand that online service providers produce records of where their customers go on the Web, as well as what they read and with whom they exchange email. The FBI can even issue NSLs for information about people who haven't committed any crimes.

Justice Department effort to eavesdrop on airline passengers challenged - The Justice and the Homeland Security departments submitted several proposals to the FCC in May and July seeking authority to monitor the electronic communications of airline passengers. The proposals would allow Justice to record all electronic activity without a court order, identify any user by seat number, and automatically interrupt or shut down any communication.

August 5, 2005

Homeland Security to conduct gas tests in Midtown, subways - Six separate experiments are planned over the next three weeks, with specific dates dependent on the weather, and the subway portion planned for the final three release dates.

Wars on Drugs and Terror: Big Failures and Bigger Profits - The struggles to stop drug abuse and terrorism have striking similarities. They have both abjectly failed to achieve their publicly stated goals, and they have both brought tremendous profits to the United States.

Ayman al-Zawahiri’s Doppelganger Psyop - No doubt the big-wig editors at the Washington Post and the New York Times pull down good salaries. However, when it comes to investigating stories they are no better or apparently qualified than first year journalism majors at a third-rate community college.

EVEN WHEN UNDER SUSPICION FOR ESPIONAGE, NEO-CONS ADVOCATING WAR WITH IRAN CONTINUE TO SPIN THEIR DISINFORMATION VIA THE PENTAGON - NBC News and other corporate media broadcast a Pentagon-inspired story on the Aug. 4 evening news broadcasts suggesting that the recent bombings of U.S. armored personnel carriers were accomplished with the use of deadly armored-piercing "shaped charges" from Iran and possibly, Syria.

August 4, 2005

New Documents Show FBI Targeting Peaceful Protesters in Colorado as Potential Terrorists - The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado today released new documents that it says confirm that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) is inappropriately treating people who engage in peaceful protest as potential terrorists.

Police Chiefs Group Bolsters Policy on Suicide Bombers - The International Association of Chiefs of Police, which represents the heads of police departments in the United States and across the world, has issued new guidelines saying that officers who confront a suicide bomber should shoot the suspect in the head.

Fake al-Zawahiri Video Warns of More Attacks - In keeping with the fish story of villainous terrorists—who are, the corporate media tells us, nothing but wicked nihilists and depraved serial murderers—every so often we need to be reminded (lest we forget) that the minions of Osama and al-Zarqawi are still out there plotting mass murder and malicious carnage against the Good and Righteous, i.e., citizens of the Best Damn Country in the World.

US challenged over 'secret jails' - Two Yemeni men claim they were held in secret, underground US jails for more than 18 months without being charged, Amnesty International has said.

August 3, 2005

'One of them made cuts in my penis. I was in agony' - Benyam Mohammed travelled from London to Afghanistan in July 2001, but after September 11 he fled to Pakistan. He was arrested at Karachi airport on April 10 2002, and describes being flown by a US government plane to a prison in Morocco. These are extracts from his diary.

August 2, 2005

Chertoff's Preemptive Crackdown - 600 Arrests, But Only 76 Charged

Gitmo's Kangaroo Court - First Torture Them, Then Rig Their Trials

Arrests over Parliament demo ban - Lindsey German, convener of the Stop the War Coalition, said the ruling meant police could now decide who was allowed to demonstrate, which was "totally unacceptable".

August 1, 2005

Pentagon to Increase Domestic Surveillance for Counterterrorism - Critics say the fears raised by the Pentagon are being used as a justification for the military to conduct wider, more intrusive surveillance on American citizens.

Islamist Patsies Crawl Out of the Woodwork on Command - It’s all part of plan to drive average people bonkers and extract their consent for the imposition of a draconian police state, for nothing builds fascist character—the neocons over here like to call it “stomach,” i.e., no hesitation to kill large numbers of brown-skin people in far away lands and no girly-man guilt after the fact—like a “boot stamping on a human face—for ever,” as Orwell presciently summed up.

July 31, 2005

Leaked emails claim Guantanamo trials rigged - Leaked emails from two former prosecutors claim the military commissions set up to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay are rigged, fraudulent, and thin on evidence against the accused.

Exclusive: Secret Memo—Send to Be Tortured - An FBI agent warned superiors in a memo three years ago that U.S. officials who discussed plans to ship terror suspects to foreign nations that practice torture could be prosecuted for conspiring to violate U.S. law, according to a copy of the memo obtained by NEWSWEEK.

WASHINGTON, DC AND TASHKENT - The Uzbek government obviously believes the Pentagon has been dealing with terrorist groups and decided to deny the Americans a base from which they might be using to foment Islamist terrorist operations in Uzbekistan and in surrounding countries.

July 30, 2005

Islam Reviled: Mission Accomplished - In order to get the dumbed-down masses onboard for a thirty years war (or so) against Islam, real and fake terrorist attacks against innocents are staged and the corporate media pounds the drums of hatred and xenophobia—not in crude Hitleresque fashion, through overt racism, but rather by concentrating on the “evil” ideology of Islam.

Canada to send more troops to Afghanistan: US military - Canada has decided to send more troops to Afghanistan to boost the US-led war on terror in the post-Taliban nation, US military spokesman said Wednesday.

July 28, 2005

Orwellian Newspeak: The 'war on terror' slips out of Bush vocabulary - Farewell to the "war on terror". Welcome instead to the "global struggle against violent extremists", the new official phrase in Washington to denote the fight against al-Qa'ida and other militant Islamic groups.

July 26, 2005

More Outrageous Lies: Osama’s Coke Caper - Rest assured your government is burning the midnight oil to scare the pants off semi-somnolent Americans. “Usama bin Laden tried to buy a massive amount of cocaine, spike it with poison and sell it in the United States, hoping to kill thousands of Americans one year after the Sept. 11 attacks,” reports the neocon friendly New York Post (owned by Murdoch’s News Corporation).

Afghan protesters riot at U.S. base - Hundreds of protesters chanting "Die America!" and throwing stones tried to batter down a gate at the U.S. military's main Afghan base Tuesday, adding to anxieties in a country worried that fighting with insurgents could disrupt elections.

July 25, 2005

Is that a Bomb in Your Pocket or are You Just Glad to See Me? - It was almost a ho-hum news article: a double-decker tourist bus in midtown Manhattan on Sunday is surrounded by rifle-toting, SWAT-garbed New York cops after the driver suspects five men with “stuffed” pockets of possibly being evil-doing terrorists..

July 24, 2005

US military exonerated torturers of John Walker Lindh - The US soldiers responsible for the abuse and torture of John Walker Lindh at an Afghan military base in December 2002—and photographing their handiwork—were cleared of all charges by military investigators more than two years ago on the grounds that their behavior amounted to little more than “barracks humor.”

Sharm el-Sheik and the Strategy of Tension - In short, the Sharm el-Sheik operation smells of CIA (in the current context, “CIA” translates into cooperation between several intelligence agencies—CIA, U.S. and British military intelligence, and Mossad—and “black” covert ops such as the bombings at Sharm el-Sheik are entirely off the books and use long-groomed assets such as al-Qaeda and other “Islamic terror” groups spawned by the long-compromised Muslim Brotherhood).

July 23, 2005

Bush Plans for Global Police State Gather Apace - Since September 11, The Bush Administration has taken advantage of terrorism to hand the military and police extraordinary powers that undermine civil liberties. It has also sought to hide its deeds - and misdeeds - behind a cloak of secrecy that may soon impose itself over citizens of other nations.

Linking Sharm el-Sheikh and London - ...the bombing of Sharm el-Sheikh should be put into proper context—as it follows the bombings in London (and the execution of an innocent South Asian man), it should be considered an extension of the Gladio “strategy of tension” campaign designed to glut corporate media outlets with more horrific campfire stories of Muslims gone psycho, killing their own as well as innocent Britons on their way to work.

July 22, 2005

What Is the Plan If There's Another 9/11? - The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option.

The Spies Who Came in From the Hot Tub - The CIA agents took rooms in Milan's five-star hotels, including the Principe di Savoia, "one of the world's most luxuriously appointed hotels" where they rang up $42,000 in expenses; the Westin Palace, the Milan Hilton, and the Star Hotel Rosa as well as similar places in the seaside resort of La Spezia and in Florence, running up cumulative hotel bills of $144,984.

House votes to extend Patriot Act - The House voted Thursday to extend the USA Patriot Act, the nation's main anti-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of a new attack in London.

Guantanamo: prisoners on hunger strike - More than 50 prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay are on hunger strike, US military officials said. The protest is against inhuman conditions, indefinite detention and the lack of legal representation at the US prison base in Cuba, according to human rights campaigners.

July 21, 2005

Patriot Act: Terror Attacks Just in the Nick of Time - Isn’t it coincidental there are new “terror attacks” in London at the very moment the House is debating, on the heels of a late night meeting of the House Rules Committee, an extension of the USA PATRIOT Act, billed as “the premier American anti-terrorism tool,” as the corporate media would have us believe.

July 20, 2005

Confirmation: Netanyahu and Giuliani in same hotel on 7/7 - "...Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been on his way to a London hotel near the scene of one of the four blasts that ripped through the city..."

Now America accuses Iran of complicity in World Trade Center attack - Iran gave free passage to up to 10 of the September 11 hijackers just months before the 2001 attacks and offered to co-operate with al-Qa'eda against the US, an American report will say this week.

Hamid Karzai Does England - I had to chuckle, reading news reports of Hamid Karzai, the “democratically elected” puppet of Afghanistan, trekking to Britain to kiss the pinky ring of the Queen.

July 17, 2005

Legalised brutality — the new face of America - The terror attack on London is perhaps an appropriate background for an official report into the detention policies at Guantanamo Bay.

John Yoo: Terrorists Gone Wild - John Yoo, a “visiting scholar” at the neocon criminal organization the American Enterprise Institute, suggests “our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization” as a way to fight against another false terrorist organization, al-Qaeda. “It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes, helping to sow confusion within Al Qaeda’s ranks, causing operatives to doubt others’ identities and to question the validity of communications.”


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