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May 31, 2006

Embedded Journalism and the Disinformation Campaign for War on Iran - The Straussians of course uphold the use of disinformation ("noble lies") to prepare the public for the difficult choices they, the Wise, have made.

UN Closes Book On Milosevic Cover-up - The Hague Tribunal's final verdict on Slobodan Milosevic's death has concluded that he was not poisoned and there was no foul play involved. Imagine my shock.

May 30, 2006

Why Australia wants "regime change" in East Timor - If one were to believe the official version, the intervention of Australian troops into East Timor is driven by the purest motives. They are there simply to restore peace and stability after the collapse of government authority. But this political fiction has been increasingly exposed by events of the past few days as the power struggle which sparked the crisis comes to the surface.

Cheney desperate to attack Iran, World Cup offers pretext - Keep your eyes peeled, folks. These guys are cornered and any day now they're going to act...

May 28, 2006

Canadian Prime Minister Harper attempts to muzzle the press - ...he will no longer give press conferences for the parliamentary press gallery, after journalists balked at the attempts by the prime minister’s office to dictate who can and cannot ask him questions.

Australian military occupation of East Timor proceeds "full steam ahead" - As Australian troops pour into East Timor and take control of the capital Dili, the neo-colonial character of the operation is becoming increasingly evident.

The secret NSA Diana tapes - The NSA has admitted it holds 1,050 documents – transcripts of its satellite surveillance on Diana during the last weeks of her life.

May 27, 2006

34 countries play hide-n-seek WMDs - In lieu of discovering WMDs in the hands of so-called rogue nations, the US and their "coalition of the willing" are busy practicing how to plant them first - and then find them.

The Latest Neocon Lie About Iran - "Separate Dress Codes for Religious Minorities"

May 26, 2006

The Latest Confrontation Between the US Empire and Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez - What Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez Are Doing Jointly That's Roused the US Ire

Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis - The crypto-fascist surveillance state says "show us your papers"

The Militarisation of the Eastern Mediterranean - Israel's Stake in the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline

The Harper Government: Towards A New Social Order? - Consequences of the New Social Agenda

May 25, 2006

U.S. Aggression-Time Once Again - The Fourth U.S. "Supreme International Crime" in 7 Years Is already Underway

May 22, 2006

US covert operations underway in Somalia - Resource conflict escalates over Horn of Africa

The New York Times Versus Chavez - Talk About "Meddlesome"

Most Effective Way to Ask for Pay Raise - Go on a rampage!

MP investigates Dr Kelly's death - An investigation into "unanswered questions" about the death of weapons scientist Dr David Kelly has been launched by a senior backbench MP.

Vladimir Putin and the rise of the petro-ruble - Putin’s plan is similar to that of Iran, which announced that it would open an oil-bourse (oil exchange) on Kish Island in two months. The bourse would allow oil transactions to be made in petro-euros, thus discarding the dollar.

May 21, 2006

Notorious Database Vows to Attack Abbas - "...there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the "devil" only in order to drive the "TV watcher" to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US and the lobbyists for the US war on terrorism are only interested in making money."

Zionist rain of death on Sudan - The current campaign to attack Sudan under the guise of protecting the people of Darfur is another manifestation of Zionist attempts to create "regime change" in Sudan.

Amusing Quote of the Day - This, a message from the President of one of the most unjust and definitely the most nonpeaceful countries in the world...

May 20, 2006

Nepal declares holiday as king stripped of powers - Nepal's new government declared a public holiday after parliament passed a proclamation stripping King Gyanendra of his powers and thousands of people staged a celebration rally.

Iran Badge Story: More Neocon Propaganda - It should be noted that the dubious badge story came from "Iranian expatriates," that is to say the Iranian equivalent of Iraqi expatriates (who happened to have close ties to the neocons and the Pentagon) responsible for telling outrageous lies about Saddam and weapons of mass destruction and other chimerical horrors.

May 19, 2006

Does Israel have the right to exist in its current form? - May 15 marked the 58th anniversary of Al Nakba (The Catastrophe). Every year, Palestinians recount the tragedy of 1948.

Viva Chavez - This century’s Enlightenment is coming from south of the border.

U.S. Sends More Military to Caribbean - Three warships, 2,000 troops en route to join Operation "Caribbean Lion"

May 18, 2006

U.S. Secretly Backing Warlords in Somalia - More than a decade after U.S. troops withdrew from Somalia...officials of Somalia's interim government and some U.S. analysts of Africa policy say the United States has returned to the African country, secretly supporting secular warlords who have been waging fierce battles against Islamic groups for control of the capital, Mogadishu.

Our liberties and sovereignty under assault as Harper remakes Canada in Bush's image - For anyone who need more convincing, here’s a sampling of what "President Stephen Harbush" has wrought over the past two months.

Martin Van Creveld: Israel the Mad Dog - I fear the rabid Van Crevel and his fellow citizens more than I fear Ahmadinejad and the Iranian mullahs.

U.S. war exercises threaten Caribbean - According to the Cuban newspaper Granma, the scope of the U.S. military maneuvers dwarfs even the Pentagon’s naval deployment during the October 1962 missile crisis. Similar maneuvers in the past were used to gather information needed to launch aggression, like the "exercises" that preceded the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983.

May 17, 2006

US spells out plan to bomb Iran - Strategists are understood to have presented two options for pinpoint strikes using B2 bombers flying directly from bases in Missouri, Guam in the Pacific and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

May 16, 2006

Where is the Global Outcry at This Continuing Cruelty? - Nearly 60 years after most Palestinians were first forced from our homes, the killings and blockades carry on with impunity.

May 15, 2006

Undoing a History of Robbery - It's okay for the corporations of the world (and the governments that work for them) to force free trade deals down smaller and less powerful nations throats -- deals whose only intention is to expropriate the weaker nations resources and people while creating a market that makes locally grown products unprofitable for the locals to grow or buy.

Blair's Legacy: Choking Every Freedom We Ever Had - Relentless strangling of human rights hasn't stopped yet

Chavez calls Bush "Genocidal Assassin" who "Belongs in Jail" - Chavez...expressed his views on a visit with the Mayor of London.

Us Troops Prepared To Attack Iran: Bush Said To Be Seeking "Persian Gulf Incident" - Once an Iranian attack on a US-flagged tanker or warship is announced, US commanders could be ordered to "counter-attack" with all available force—including nuclear weapons. Even if they suspected a ruse, no serving soldier can fail to protect his or her comrades.

May 14, 2006

Israel Punishes Palestinians for Existing - We'll teach you to exist on our planet.

Rothschilds seek black gold in the Black Sea - The Rothschild family is to return to the oil business in the former Soviet Union, a century after its hasty exit before the Russian Revolution.

Chávez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society - Venezuela's president is using oil revenues to liberate the poor - no wonder his enemies want to overthrow him.

May 13, 2006

Israeli Gestapo-like security personnel intimidate travelers from Europe coming to the United States - According to European journalists, Israeli citizens and European nationals who are employees of the airport passenger screening firm ICTS -- International Consultants for Targeted Security -- an Israeli firm based in the Netherlands, routinely intimidate journalists who are visiting the United States, demanding to know what stories they are working and with whom they will be talking.

The NED, NGOs and the Imperial Uses of Philanthropy - Why They Hate Our Kind Hearts, Too

Iranian Oil Bourse Opens for Business: A Final Step Toward US Dollar Collapse & Preemptive Nuclear Strike - The impending opening of the Iranian International Oil Bourse (IOB), set to commence trading next week on the island nation of Kish, strongly increases the chances of an imminent nuclear American-Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear and financial facilities.

The Bush Administration is Trying to Link Hugo Chavez to Iran's Nuclear Program - Is Venezuela the New Niger?


May 12, 2006

Continental Integration of Military Command Structures: A Threat to Canada's Sovereignty - Territorial control over Canada is part of Washington's geopolitical and military agenda as formulated in April 2002 by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Binational integration" of military command structures is also contemplated alongside a major revamping in the areas of immigration, law enforcement and intelligence.

May 11, 2006

Israel rated world’s sixth-largest nuclear power - The current dispute over Iran's nuclear program has shocking parallels with the tensions sparked off by Israel’s attempts to acquire the nuclear bomb in the 60s. The only major difference is that the U.S. decided at the time not to curb the Israeli nuclear program.

US military, intelligence officials raise concern about possible preparations for Iran strike - Strike could come earlier than thought

Demolishing U.S. government lies about Cuba - Cuba is designated by the U.S. government as a "state sponsor of terrorism." This is no mere war of words; there are concrete implications to such a designation...

May 10, 2006

'Robin Hood' gang rob gourmet stores in bid to feed Hamburg's poor - They dress up in pink catsuits, have names like Spider Mum and feel a social obligation to plunder as part of a campaign to help the poor.

May 9, 2006

New U.S. Foreign Policy for Palestine; Starvation - The United States and Israel have finally agreed on a plan to resolve the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel will continue lobbing missiles into civilian areas of Gaza and the West Bank while the US cuts off food and other vital aid to the territories. That way they can maximize the human suffering while preparing the people for a violent death.

Israel’s secret death recipe: Poisonous Chocolate - A new book reveals how Israel's secret intelligence service, the Mossad, murdered a top Palestinian fighter by feeding him poisoned chocolates in the late 1970s.

Drain Canada - Prepare for the coming Canadian water war.

May 7, 2006

Bush likely behind British Minister Jack Straw's axing - US neocons are delighted at the demotion of a Blair minister lacking in total loyalty to their agenda

May 6, 2006

Not One Drop - The "international community" has never cared a whit about Iran or its fictitious weapons programs. The driving force behind the hostilities is Washington.

Anti-war crusader rips into Harper - "Carbon copy" of Bush, mom of slain U.S. soldier says.

May 5, 2006

Two years out of Israeli jail, Vanunu's life on hold - "What sort of democracy limits a man's liberty on the pure assumption that he could break the law again?"

The Charmless Inconveniences of the Bourgeoisie - Left Strike at Indian Airports

May 4, 2006

Myanmar's junta goes for the kill - Myanmar's military rulers have launched a major new crackdown on the country's main opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) party, fueling widespread speculation that the hardline State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) intends to eliminate its harassed and beleaguered rival completely within the next 12 months.

Iraq, Afghanistan Among Top Ten Failed States - "Most secure" countries included Canada, Japan, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the four Scandinavian nations.

May 3, 2006

Evo Morales' Courageous Move Now Makes Him a US Target along with Hugo Chavez - To get a good sense of where US policy is heading, one need only read the front page of the New York Times or Wall Street Journal - painful as that may be to do.

May 2, 2006

Winnipeg used for urban warfare training - More than 500 soldiers carrying guns will fan out through Winnipeg streets beginning Sunday, in the largest urban-warfare training exercise in the Canadian military's history.

Airbrushing The Dead - It takes a deft hand to not only erase an active sponsor of genocidal violence, but also hide some 200,000 butchered human beings.

Bolivia says gas nationalization "just the start" - President Evo Morales ordered the military to occupy Bolivia's natural gas fields on Monday after nationalizing the industry and threatening to expel foreign companies that do not recognize state control.

April 30, 2006

Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia cement left alliance - Leftist leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia met in Havana on Saturday to complete an integration agreement cast as an alternative to U.S. plans for a free-trade pact with the Latin American region.

April 29, 2006

Steppingstone to War - House passes "Iran Freedom Support Act"

April 28, 2006

Sofia Under Siege as Condi Comes to Town - Bulgarians rally against war and empire

Rights Take Backseat to Oil - Searching for energy supplies and allies against Iran, the Bush administration is reaching out to leaders who rule countries that are rich in oil and gas but accused of authoritarian rule and human rights violations.

Canada in Afghanistan: Rash Afghanistan mission produces corporate profits - It is not unusual for invader-occupiers to describe their efforts as humanitarian initiatives.

Drug trials outsourced to India - ...an experimental drug from the US called M4N was injected into cancer patients in India without being properly tested on animals first.

Kerry Sponsors Collective Punishment of Palestinians on Behalf of Israel - As a former state prosecutor and lieutenant governor whose father was a Foreign Service officer, the former Presidential candidate Senator John Forbes Kerry should know a violation of international law when he sees one.

April 27, 2006

Two More Free Nations Fall To Biometric Prison - Aussies must all have biometric "access cards" by 2010, Scots to be forced on database with Citizens' National Entitlement Card

April 26, 2006

Canada Bans Coverage of Returning War Dead - Apparently taking a tip from the Bush administration, the Canadian federal government prevented the media from covering the return of four dead soldiers from Afghanistan.

April 25, 2006

Whose Democracy is the U.S. Supporting in Nicaragua? - As in other parts of the world, the U.S. continues to tout its support of democracy as the justification for intervening in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, an act that is in itself inherently undemocratic.

April 24, 2006

Canada's military-corporate complex and its services rendered to George W.Bush - Without question, the Canadian government fell in line behind the United States and dispatched hundreds of troops, planes and warships to aid the American-led invasion of Afghanistan.


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