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March 26, 2006

The Job of the FBI is to enforce laws, not to investigate critics - Common Cause, League of Women Voters Decry FBI "Intimidation"

The Pentagon's role as a source of media disinformation. - Putin and Russian government: Latest targets of the neo-cons and likely forged documents.

March 25, 2006

This Is War - an unblinking look—in words and images—at the reality of warfare (Warning: Graphic and disturbing images)

March 24, 2006

A Global Infrastructure for Mass Surveillance . . . Part 3 - Surveillance for the Common Man

March 23, 2006

Depleted Uranium For Dummies - Over time, the health of all foreign troops will be affected. The health effects on the natives of Iraq and Afghanistan will be catastrophic.

March 22, 2006

S.W.A.T squads out of control in the U.S.? - Unarmed doctor killed by Special Ops "accidental discharge" - death raises concern at police tactics

March 21, 2006

2 Years After Soldier's Death, Family's Battle Is With Army - All of it...has even left him suspicious of the military's central finding in their son's case so far: that the killing was a terrible but unintentional accident. "Why do you need to hide an accident?"

March 20, 2006

Contractors Hired to Subvert the Bill of Rights - The question is not, is Big Brother watching? The question is, how many big brothers have we?

March 18, 2006

Life in the Shadows of the Empire - Mysterious Photographers of Nothing

NYC cops used covert tactics, "proactive arrests" at protests - Among the most effective strategies, one police captain wrote, was the seizure of demonstrators on 5th Avenue who were described as "obviously potential rioters."

March 15, 2006

DynCorp May Replace Cops in St. Bernard Parish - Our nation, thanks to Bush and the long-running fiat money polices of Bernanke’s ilk, faces an economic Katrina, a typhoon poised to swamp and wash away the lives of millions of people. Sooner before later, "stark white trailers" will be needed to house the dispossessed, and the checkpoints and concentration camp perimeters will be patrolled by the likes of DynCorp.

March 14, 2006

This Way Lies Madness - The "bunker buster" is a cute sounding name for a nuclear horror.

U.S. military plans to make insect cyborgs - Facing problems in its efforts to train insects or build robots that can mimic their flying abilities, the U.S. military now wants to develop "insect cyborgs" that can go where its soldiers cannot.

Fascist Takeover of America Continues - Dyncorp Mercenaries in Louisiana would make arrests, carry weapons

March 13, 2006

A witch-hunt to silence dissent - More than a year after being convicted of "aiding terrorists" and other absurd charges, veteran civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart is facing a possible prison sentence of 30 years. Last week, it was revealed that she is facing it while fighting cancer.

March 12, 2006

Chaplain of New York Jails Suspended Over Speech - The top chaplain for New York's Department of Correction was placed on administrative leave this week while city officials investigate a speech he gave last year in which he allegedly said that the "greatest terrorists in the world occupy the White House."

March 11, 2006

Patriot Act amplified FBI error, report says - The FBI used expanded powers under the USA Patriot Act to demand information from banks and other companies as part of the investigation of Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield, wrongfully arrested in connection with the Madrid train bombings in 2004...

Blogger Gets Education in Gestapo Tactics - Millions of us—no doubt John Serry included, since he contributes a blog to the Huffington Post, a "liberal" website, actually rather milquetoast, but a threat nonetheless to the Straussian neocons—are subject to "investigation," thanks to Bush’s NSA snoop program, recently allowed to go forward...

March 10, 2006

Watch What You Say - How the telephone company listens in on your calls and what they tell the government.

March 9, 2006

US Senate panel votes to sanction illegal spying - Rubberstamp for police-state measures

Macho, Macho Military - Gender-coded militaristic rituals are now so integrated into the culture, they're nearly invisible--which is why they're so important to re-examine. Take those flyovers. What's fun about sending an ominous V-winged vehicle of death and destruction over a Sunday afternoon football game?

Suspicious Computer Problems in Airports Nationwide - ...since it is a fact that our own government is behind every major "terrorist" attack against us, it is always advisable to view any "official" story with multiple grains of salt.

March 8, 2006

Bennish Receives Customary Death Threats - ...the mindless Bush defenders and Straussian wannabes, because they are intellectually bankrupt bootlickers attempting to mask their fear and petty hatreds, lash out at those who disagree or criticize Bush, a mentally and physical enfeebled alcohol and cocaine ravished wreck.

The Most Powerful Weapon In The World - Strategic Communication Laboratories and the war for your mind

Newt Gingrich’s Long Straussian War - Man, what a windfall for Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater, and other death merchants and war profiteers.

March 7, 2006

Borrowed Some Money? You May Be With Al-Qaeda - Another victim of Homeland Security financial snoops

Irish Oscar winning film's star tells of airport detention - The star of Ireland’s newest Oscar winning film today told about the heavy handed tactics of US immigration officials who refused him entry to America to attend the awards.

The Bill of No Rights - Cindy Sheehan's latest arrest another signifier of nail in coffin for peaceful protest and free speech

March 6, 2006

Why Uncle Sam Doesn't Want Civilians In Space - They will not be getting space rights anytime soon - and here's why in just one complex word: surveillance.

Thomas Jefferson is Rolling Over in His Grave - Bush, or rather his handlers—Bush is unable to do anything except take his prescribed medication and mangle prepared speeches (in the oratory department, Hitler had it over on Bush)—are now consulting the 1917 Espionage Act, attempting to use it to "to shut off leaks that have been severely embarrassing to the White House..."

March 5, 2006

Horowitz: "There are 50,000 professors ... [who] identify with the terrorists" - On MSNBC's Scarborough Country, right-wing activist David Horowitz claimed that "[t]here are 50,000 professors" who are "anti-American" and "identify with the terrorists."

March 4, 2006

Big Brother’s Youth League Snoops Colorado Teacher - In Hitler’s Germany, all educational institutions were purged of dissenting voices. In America, we can expect likewise.

America the Pitiful - The drip bags of propaganda are permanently attached to our veins to assure that we never awaken from our news-induced coma. Mind control is more subtle than the open use of coercive force in shaping human behaviors. No one is more effectively enslaved than those who think they are free.

Protecting America From Terrorists Who Pay Bills - Homeland Security investigates Texas schoolteacher's Mastercard payoff

March 3, 2006

NSA Security emulating East German Stasi in every respect - NSA sources report that the agency's out-of-control security directorate, in its pursuit of "leakers," is now attempting to have the families of NSA personnel to inform on them.

Storm the White House - Multi-Day Event, Beginning March 15, come when you can and stay as long as you can - we are taking over the White House until they leave.

A Fearful Master - We're fighting for "freedom" in Iraq – but certain Web sites are off limits to U.S. soldiers

Watch what you say, the Thought Police might be listening - About 150 high school students walked out of class to protest a decision to put a teacher on leave while they investigate remarks he made about President Bush in class, including that some people compare Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Scum-sucking traitors to their country - The next time some loudmouth partisan puke Democrat gets in my face and starts yapping about how much better things would be if his party were running the government in Washington, I'm going to pull out the vote tally sheet for the USA Patriot Act in Thursday's Senate session and ram it down his lying throat.

15 arrested at White House protesting U.S. torture practices - Protest organizers said that four days prior to the demonstration they sent out approximately 1,000 news releases -- 100 to news media outlets in the D.C. area. Reuters was the only news media outlet seen covering any part of the actions yesterday.

Patriot Act Passes, Few Americans Notice - ...we now have a sincerely ignorant public, more than likely incapable of Jeffersonian revolution because most people, frightened by manufactured boogiemen and cartoonish Muslim villains, have no idea their birthright is suffering the throes of death.

March 2, 2006

A Global Infrastructure for Mass Surveillance - Parts One and Two - For one who sits idly in front of the television and watches the nightly news- reader tell about another Guantanamo prisoner (terrorist) being held for an indefinite period without any of our democratic safeguards, the "news" doesn't even register on the listener's Richter Scale. Little does the American know that the prisoner's plight being presented may be merely a prelude to his own plight under the plans presently being secretly refined and expanded by the global community under coercion and intimidation by the United States.

Why Americans Know More About The Simpsons Than The Constitution - And why it is a benchmark of how much danger we are in

Warning: agents provacateur at work - If you thought agents provacateur went out of vogue when COINTELPRO was ostensibly dismantled in 1971, think again.

U.S. signs $38 million deal for depleted uranium tank shells - The U.S. Army quietly placed an order for $38 million in depleted uranium rounds last week, bringing the total order from a West-Virginia based company to $77 million for fiscal year 2006...

Pay too much and you could raise the alarm - And all they did was pay down their debt. They didn't call a suspected terrorist on their cell phone. They didn't try to sneak a machine gun through customs.

Pentagon Develops Brain Implants to Turn Sharks into Military Spies - Military scientists in the United States are developing a way of manipulating sharks by remote control to turn them into underwater spies or weapons.

10-Year U.S. Strategic Plan For Detention Camps Revives Proposals From Oliver North - A recently announced contract for a Halliburton subsidiary to build immigrant detention facilities is part of a longer-term Homeland Security plan titled ENDGAME, which sets as its goal the removal of "all removable aliens" and "potential terrorists."

March 1, 2006

Patriot Act E-Mail Searches Apply to Non-Terrorists, Judges Say - Two federal judges in Florida have upheld the authority of individual courts to use the Patriot Act to order searches anywhere in the country for e-mails and computer data in all types of criminal investigations, overruling a magistrate who found that Congress limited such expanded jurisdiction to cases involving terrorism.

Predicting The Neocon Plan To Nuke America - ...allowing the Arabs to buy a bunch of US ports, would conveniently allow the Neocons to nuke one-Charleston perhaps--and predictably blame the Iranians or Syrians or Palestinians, or whomever.

Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages - Halliburton sex slave trade criminals prepare camps for political dissidents

February 28, 2006

Celebrity castigations a microcosm of the broader attack on freedom - This is a dangerous indication that our society as whole is systematically being deprived of freedom of speech and being coerced into a mindset that says those who question their government are traitors.

February 26, 2006

Carter: confirms CIA remote viewing project. - President Jimmy Carter, in an interview with GQ, revealed the existence of a onetime top secret operation involving "remote viewing," the use of psychics in para-psychological espionage directed against the USSR.

February 25, 2006

Soldiers Charged With Performing for Gay Porn Site - The Army has charged seven paratroopers from the celebrated 82nd Airborne Division with engaging in sex acts in video shown on a Web site, authorities said Friday.

CONSPIRACY PHOBIA - Most people in the west have been programmed by media propagandists to react negatively when they hear the word "conspiracy." They treat anyone who investigates actual conspiracies as an oddball and call them names in an attempt to dismiss and discredit what is being said and what is being investigated at times with thorough and revealing research.

TIA "Disruptive Technology" Subverting Bill of Rights - Echelon, Carnivore, Magic Lantern, etc., these are all "systems" designed to render our former constitutional republic into a sprawling Panopticon, or surveillance prison.

February 24, 2006

Air Force Plan: Hack Your Nervous System - The brain has always been a battlefield. New weapons might be able to hack directly into your nervous system.

America Beware! - America, you are being set up for a nuclear false flag attack.

February 23, 2006

Police State Technology: Implanting a GPS-microchip in the body of a human being, using a high powered sniper rifle - ...EMPIRE NORTH suggests to mark and identify a suspicious subject on a safe distance, enabeling the national law enforcement agency to keep track on the target through a satellite in the weeks to come."

MORRISSEY QUIZZED BY FBI - Singer MORRISSEY was quizzed by the FBI and British intelligence after speaking out against the American and British governments.

HOMELAND SECURITY WANTS TO TRACK SPYCHIPS IN MOVING CARS - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is looking for beefed up RFID technology that can read government-issued documents from up to 25 feet away, pinpoint pedestrians on street corners, and glean the identity of people whizzing by in cars at 55 miles per hour.

February 22, 2006

The New McCarthyism: American NeoFascists - Recent developments suggest that the Bush administration may already be contemplating what to do with Americans who are deemed insufficiently loyal or who disseminate information that may be considered helpful to the enemy.

Slicing Away Liberty: 1933 Germany, 2006 America - THE ENABLING MANTRA OF 9/11

February 21, 2006

Children of the Machine - New technological advances could make us susceptible to perpetual surveillance

Bush Neocons: Going After Fifth Columnists - ...this blog—and thousands of other websites—may be considered outlets disseminating information "considered helpful to the enemy" simply because they do not "support the troops," or rather support the "war effort," in fact an effort to illegally occupy a once sovereign nation.

February 20, 2006

Martial law, forced labour and some other niceties of American political life - Because these things are not a fixture of daily life for most Americans, one assumes that outright government repression is an anomaly. From John Africa to Waco, from suppression of labour to Cointelpro, the record suggests otherwise.

The FBI and the Myth of Fingerprints: A "100 Per Cent Certainty" - Decade after decade people have been sent to prison for years or dispatched to the death cell, solely on the basis of a single, even a partial print.

World's largest anti-submarine exercise taking place as we speak - Noble Manta 06, as it slips underneath the radar, is the largest "anti-submarine warfare (ASW) exercise" in the world, I’m presuming, ever. This time around the crews have "traditional submarine roles and missions will be exercised in support of defence against terrorism."

Red State, Meet Police State - A federal employee gets hassled by Homeland Security for antiwar stickers on his car.

February 19, 2006

Surveillance: Obedient Slaves Have Nothing to Fear - It has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights or the right to be left alone in peace, unmolested and free from harassment, but rather it has to do with suspicion, with guilt before innocence, with mistrust and intrusion, and the roving eye of Big Brother.

February 18, 2006

Homeland Security Clamps Down On Boise Navy Veteran and Federal Employee For Anti-War Bumper Stickers - The wicked, oppressive and sinister eyes of Homeland Security are everywhere, as average Americans from east coast to west are quickly learning what it means to "to be shut up" by fascist rules and regulations designed to "to toe the party line" or else!

Land of the Puppet People - We are trained to live to work, not work to live, sacrificing love of life for love for the Almighty dollar, becoming worker bees and soldier ants, selling our souls to the demons of capitalism in exchange for the happiness and stress-free lives of yesteryear, needing pharmaceutical drugs to escape the depression of our daily lives, willingly choosing to indebt our present and future in order to possess the vast array of adult toys marketed to manipulate our emotions, wrongly thinking this or that product will reincarnate lost happiness. America is the land of plenty, where waistlines expand, stress increases, mental problems grow, work hours increase and vehicles get bigger and bigger...

February 17, 2006

Murder of the Fourth Amendment Now Complete - ...these are the same Democrats who apparently don’t have a problem with the NSA snooping in on your phone calls and email, almost effortlessly crumbling under "heavy pressure" from the Straussian neocons, according to ranking Senate Intelligence Committee Democrat Jay Rockefeller (the name alone should provide a clue why he has acquiesced).

FBI Home Invasions in Puerto Rico - When the FBI decided to violently invade the homes of hard-working, well-respected men and women, individuals loved and admired in their communities, they did it because the victims of their abuse are independentistas who believe in the right of Puerto Ricans to be free from colonialism.

Plan Crimson: War on Canada: Secret War Plans and the Malady of American Militarism - What is the mentality and line of illogic that leads ranking military professionals, executive cabinet officers, and congressmen to plan and prepare war on an ally and good neighbor? Secret border bases? Surprise attacks? Strategic bombing of populated cities? Immediate first use of poison gas?


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