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February 10, 2006

Intel pros say Bush is lying about foiling 2002 terror attack - "He's full of shit..."

February 9, 2006

Bush Recycles Terror Plot Disinfo in the Nick of Time - In a brazen effort to divert attention away from the lukewarm grilling of the Straussian neocons over the massive NSA violations of the Fourth Amendment, Bush "defended his anti-terrorist policies anew today, asserting that the United States and its allies had foiled a terrorist plot meant to bring down a Los Angeles building that is the tallest in the United States west of the Mississippi River..."

Lawyers: Many Gitmo Detainees Not Accused - More than half of the terror suspects being held at Guantanamo Bay have not been accused of committing hostile acts against the United States or its allies, two of the detainees' lawyers said in a report released Tuesday.

February 8, 2006

Tough U.S. Steps in Hunger Strike at Camp in Cuba - ...guards have begun strapping recalcitrant detainees into "restraint chairs," sometimes for hours a day, to feed them through tubes and prevent them from deliberately vomiting afterward. Detainees who refuse to eat have also been placed in isolation for extended periods to keep them from being pressured by other hunger strikers...

CIA Patsy Gets Help in Prison Escape - Be afraid of Jamal al-Badawi, al-CIA-duh "mastermind" terrorist—or interchangeably, dim bulb Muslim patsy—who supposedly dug a tunnel out of "a heavily guarded" Yemeni prison and made his escape, thus posing a "clear and present danger to all countries." As it turns out, al-Badawi received the equivalent of a cake with a metal file from Yemeni intelligence officers...

February 5, 2006

Two Yemenites Dying in Guantanamo - Two Yemenite hunger strikers at the US military base in Guantanamo are dying despite their jailers" efforts to forcefully feed them...

February 2, 2006

Afghanistan Five Years Later: Buildings Down, Heroin Up - Afghanistan is Bush's dystopia, a failed narco-state run by American puppets, Islamic fundamentalists and human rights abusers. The corporate media has done the American people a grave disservice by characterizing this drug-dependent settlement as a burgeoning democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Karzai regime has no popular mandate and will vanish in the first hours after the American occupation ends.

January 31, 2006

The Farcical Definition at the Heart of the War on Terrorism - The Bush administration, in its war on terror, stresses that anyone who aids and abets a terrorist is as guilty as the terrorist. By this standard, the U.S. government was guilty of enabling the Indonesian government to terrorize the Timorese people. The Timorese victims of U.S.-backed aggression received far less than 1 percent of the attention than have American victims of terrorist attacks.

January 30, 2006

Al-Qaeda Propagandizes For Bush On Eve Of State of the Union - Hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden's latest release, an audio tape that boosted George W. Bush's poll numbers despite it being described as a probable fake by bin Laden expert Professor Bruce Lawrence, Ayman al-Zawahri has popped up on the eve of the State of the Union to hand Bush all the ammunition he needs to threaten American citizens for a sixth consecutive time.

January 26, 2006

How to Cover Up A Terrorist Atrocity - According to Professor Bruce Lawrence, you fake a tape of Osama...

January 25, 2006

US employs "gangster" methods, says report on CIA - it was "highly unlikely that European governments or at least their intelligence services were unaware" of "hundreds" of CIA flights and more than 100 renditions on European soil or passing through European airspace.

Clumsiness of new "Osama" propaganda: sign of increasing Bush administration desperation - What the world must continue to take seriously is not a threatened strike by "Osama", but the violent desperation of a stumbling New World Order (the ultimate creator of "Osama", and the paymasters of "Al-Qaeda" and "Islamic terrorism"), and a Bush administration that will resort to anything to save itself. As it was on the morning of 9/11, all eyes must remain locked on the guilty parties in Washington and the openly criminal Bush administration, with the means, motive and opportunity to wreak havoc.

January 23, 2006

30 Gitmo Prisoners Near Death - CCR has been trying to get the US military to allow phone calls from relatives in the last days of the prisoners.

January 22, 2006

Manufacturing Fear - Amid stories that Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda are planning new attacks on civilian targets in the US, it is important to remember one very important fact: The government is lying. They lie continuously. Their record speaks for itself.

Gap between rich and poor widens in Afghanistan - Some buy watches for $4,000, others heat homes with dung

January 21, 2006

Ayman al-Zawahiri, Covert Op Poet - You’d think no self-respecting hater of the Great Satan would live in America, and yet al-Zawahiri, according to January 2000 U.S. Congressional testimony, was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, something almost impossible for many legitimate immigrants to obtain (unless they enjoy CIA clearance).

What's not right about the Osama Bin Laden audio tape - ...the neo-cons are once again using the Big Lie to further their ambitions of global domination and worldwide fascism. The 911 attacks are beginning to look more and more like the Reichstag Fire, both engineered to bring about fascist control.

January 20, 2006

Latest Bin Laden Tape: Another of the NeoCons' "Greatest Hits" - Spying? Torture? Illegal airstrikes? SHUT UP and hate Bin Laden.

Phantom Osama Groomed for a Return - ...in the convoluted machinations of the "war on terror," the latest Osama communiqué may signal a ramping up for another “terror event” here in America, thus providing a pretext for the mass murder and crimes against humanity that lie ahead and, as well, making sure the ever-malleable American populace is in the right frame of mind.

January 18, 2006

US accused of torture policy - The United States has a deliberate strategy of abusing terror suspects during interrogation, Human Rights Watch has said in its annual report on abuses in more than 70 countries.

January 17, 2006

Translator's Conviction Raises Legal Concerns - For three years federal agents trailed Mohammed Yousry, a chubby 50-year-old translator and U.S. citizen who worked for radical lawyer Lynne Stewart. Prosecutors wiretapped his phone, and FBI agents shadowed and interviewed him. They read his books and notepads and every file on his computer.

January 16, 2006

US bombing in northern Pakistan: an act of imperialist recklessness - The US air strike carried out on January 13 on the isolated village of Damadola, near Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, was as reckless as it was criminal.

January 15, 2006

Dinner Guest Ayman al-Zawahri Escapes Death - ...al-Zarqawi will live on in infamy for a very long time, or as long as he is useful to the Straussian neocons. In the meantime, more Muslims will die—and thousands may soon die in Iran if the neocons and the Zionists in Israel have their way—because...Muslim lives are cheap and, besides, they deserve whatever horrible fate they receive for serving dinner to Ayman al-Zawahri on Eid ul-Fitr.

January 13, 2006

Gag Reflex - ...this week's revelation of how U.S. doctors are force-feeding captives on hunger strike in Bush's concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay still has the power to shock and sicken -- not just from the savage act itself, but also for the wider moral defeat it represents: another open embrace of raw brutality, another step in America's accelerating plunge into vicious despotism.

U.S. Bombs Pakistan: The soul of a nation is fatally wounded - Aircraft from Afghanistan have once more attacked Pakistan killing 18 Pakistanis in remote villages. Even non-US sources, such as Al-Jazeera has adopted the tone of embedded journalists, telling the world that the US attack on Pakistan killed 18 people in "a village stronghold of pro-Taliban Islamists."

January 11, 2006

Kangaroo Court - Today, a kangaroo court authorized by Emperor Bush will be in session in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Amnesty Releases New Gitmo Torture Testimony - Marking the fourth anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to Guantánamo Bay in Cuba, January 11, 2006, Amnesty International released new testimonies alleging the use of torture and ill treatment against prisoners in the U.S. detention center and additional details on several detainee cases.

Canada: The time to speak on Khadr is now - As the new year begins, 19-year-old Canadian Omar Khadr continues his fourth year in American captivity at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

January 9, 2006

15-Year-Old Combatant in Afghanistan to Face Guantanamo Trial Three Years Later - When the terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay prison are brought before United States military judges next week, among them will be a minor captured as an "enemy combatant" by the U.S. army in Afghanistan some three years ago.

January 8, 2006

Scandal of force-fed prisoners - New details have emerged of how the growing number of prisoners on hunger strike at Guantánamo Bay are being tied down and force-fed through tubes pushed down their nasal passages into their stomachs to keep them alive. They routinely experience bleeding and nausea, according to a sworn statement by the camp's chief doctor...

January 7, 2006

Guantanamo Bay force feeding raises painful memories for Irish republicans - Former prisoners of recent British penal history recall the trauma of torture and forced feeding, now happening to Muslim hunger strikers

Letter from Al Jazeera Cameraman imprisoned in Guantanamo - Punished for three grains of rice and four ants

January 4, 2006

Anthrax? Hello? Anybody Home? Hello? - Here we are, it's 2006. Anybody remember the Anthrax scare?

December 30, 2005

CIA renditions began under Clinton: agent - The US Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA) controversial "rendition" program was launched under US president Bill Clinton, a former US counter-terrorism agent has told a German newspaper.

Guantanamo hunger strike numbers surge - The number of Guantanamo Bay prisoners taking part in a nearly five-month-long hunger strike has surged to 84 since Christmas Day, the US military says.

December 29, 2005

Strange Twists in the Padilla Case - The DOJ is asking to vacate a ruling that it just won after a grueling 4 year struggle and its spokesman says that there is "nothing sinister" about that?

TSA MAY THINK YOU'RE A TERRORIST! - If you're sitting in an airport waiting area, and some stranger strikes up a random conversation, you might want to put on your best smile and answer cheerfully...that stranger might be a Transportation Security Administration "screener" looking to single you out as a terrorist threat.

December 28, 2005

U.S. takes terror fight to Africa's "Wild West": Critics say Saharan plan backs despots, is magnet for trouble - "African oil is of national strategic interest to us, and it will increase and become more important as we go forward..." Nigeria is the fifth-largest source of U.S. oil imports. Algeria has at least 9 billion barrels of reserves, and Mauritania has begun offshore pumping that could make it Africa's No. 4 oil supplier by 2007.

December 27, 2005

For Agency's "Rendering" Teams, A Lavish Overseas Lifestyle - When the CIA decides to "render" a terrorism suspect living abroad for interrogation in Egypt or another friendly Middle East nation, it spares no expense.

December 24, 2005

CIA Patsy Spins Fairy Tale Plot to Assassinate Bush - Of course, an idiot patsy of al-Libi’s caliber would never get near Bush in a zillion years, but never mind—we are to be reminded, ad nauseam, of the viciousness of "al-Qaeda" (not the database but the myth), especially when Bush’s popularity ratings are at an all-time low.

December 21, 2005

The Anglo-American War of Terror: An Overview - The World is at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. In the largest display of military might since the Second World War, the United States and its indefectible British ally have embarked upon a military adventure, which threatens the future of humanity.

December 19, 2005

Terror Suspect Attempts Suicide at Guantanamo Bay for Tenth Time - "...he wanted to kill himself so that he could send a message to the world that conditions at Guantanamo are intolerable."

US-run "torture jail" in Kabul - America operated a secret prison in Afghanistan as recently as last year and tortured inmates there, according to a human rights organisation.

December 18, 2005

America kidnapped me - The U.S. policy of "extraordinary rendition" has a human face, and it is mine.

December 17, 2005

The King of Terror - The only commentary some stories require is the sound of one's head striking the desk. For instance: Zarqawi "captured, but let go"

The Silence of the Doctors - It was called the "water cure." But it was dosed out liberally to those who weren't sick. Unfortunate recipients were held by the neck beneath a water tank. The tap was turned on, and they were forced to swallow the gushing stream - or to choke within an inch of death while trying. Another variation used tubing to siphon water from a kerosene can into a detainee's nostril. Sworn testimony records the use of this tactic in the presence of a doctor. It was, after all, a "cure." When the detainee still refused to talk, the doctor would ratchet up the treatment...

December 12, 2005

Torture and the Lawless "New Paradigm" - "YOOIFICATION AND GITMOIZATION"

December 11, 2005

MI6 and CIA "sent student to Morocco to be tortured" - Binyam Mohammed, 27, says he spent nearly three years in the CIA's network of 'black sites'. In Morocco he claims he underwent the strappado torture of being hung for hours from his wrists, and scalpel cuts to his chest and penis and that a CIA officer was a regular interrogator.

Torture and the CIA - "How can the American public understand the gravity of the torture that is currently being committed in our name when the issue is being reported with no reference to the extent to which these crimes against humanity have gone?"

December 10, 2005

U.N.: U.S. base in Kosovo secret prison - Nowicki said Bondsteel was "totally out of control," and added: "In truth, we have no idea what goes on in there."

US bars access to terror suspects - The US has admitted for the first time that it has not given the Red Cross access to all detainees in its custody.

Miami airplane shooting: Washington’s - What those like...the Bush White House welcome in this bloodletting is that the "war on terror" has come home. They see in the killing of Rigoberto Alpizar an act that will serve to intimidate the public at large and an affirmation of the unfettered powers of the state and its security forces to act as judge, jury and executioner.

December 9, 2005

Spy vs. spy: the CIA’s Italian kidnapping caper gets out of hand - There have been some interesting recent developments in the CIA's Italian kidnapping caper.

US terror watchlist 80,000 names long - The list contains a strict "no fly" section, which requires airline staff to contact police, and a "selectee" section, which requires passengers to undergo further security checks.

Obedience is the Law: Public Execution of Innocents Keeps You Safe - The police can now snatch or shoot anyone, without recourse, to protect the public. Bag-carrying, running and sweating are just a few examples of suspicious behaviour, which could cost you your life in the war against terror, on home soil. If you interfere in these operations, you too will be threatened, like the witnesses to events on AA flight 924, who had pistols aimed at their head by angry air marshals, while Alpizar was being murdered.

Miami Bomb Incident Starts to Look Suspicious - Eyewitness says Alpizar never mentioned bomb, passengers were more afraid of Air Marshals putting guns to their heads.

December 8, 2005

"Al Qaeda" suspect prisoners now housed in Moroccan secret prisons - Many of the prisoners are being held at remote prisons established by former King Hassan II to torture political prisoners.

Eyewitness: "I Never Heard the Word 'Bomb'" - "I never heard the word 'bomb' on the plane," McAlhany told TIME in a telephone interview. "I never heard the word bomb until the FBI asked me did you hear the word bomb. That is ridiculous." Even the authorities didn't come out and say bomb, McAlhany says. "They asked, 'Did you hear anything about the b-word?'" he says. "That's what they called it."

The Post 9/11 Saturation Of Our Culture In Torture - Torture Doublethink At All Time High

December 7, 2005

Secret CIA Detentions Challenged: Law Suit against former CIA Director George Tenet - ACLU Files Landmark Lawsuit Challenging CIA’s “Extraordinary Rendition” of Innocent Man - Companies that Owned and Operated Airplanes Used in CIA Kidnapping Also Named in Lawsuit.

CIA "emptied secret jails" before Rice Europe trip - The CIA last month emptied two secret prisons in Eastern Europe of terrorist suspects in a frantic effort to defuse the "rendition" controversy ahead of Condoleezza Rice's visit to Europe, sources in the agency have claimed.

Ex-Professor Acquitted in Patriot Act Test Case - In a case closely watched as a key test of the Patriot Act, a former university professor accused of helping lead a Palestinian terrorist organization was acquitted Tuesday on nearly half of the charges against him, and the jury deadlocked on the rest.

December 6, 2005

CIA Ruse Is Said to Have Damaged Probe in Milan - ...according to Italian court documents and interviews with investigators, the CIA's tip was a deliberate lie, part of a ruse designed to stymie efforts by the Italian anti-terrorism police to track down the cleric, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr, an Egyptian refugee known as Abu Omar.

December 5, 2005

Report: U.S. admits illegal kidnapping - ...the United States wanted German officials to keep silent because of fears of exposing a covert U.S. program...

December 4, 2005

The Torture Files - CIA agents have broken ranks to reveal the 'cruel and inhuman' interrogation techniques they are ordered to use at secret prisons around the world, including freezing and near-drowning.

Report Finds Cover-Up in an F.B.I. Terror Case - Officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation mishandled a Florida terror investigation, falsified documents in the case in an effort to cover repeated missteps and retaliated against an agent who first complained about the problems...

DHS Tip Line: Bag a Terrorist Today... - DHS hotline a hotbed of weak tips.

Rabia: Another al-Qaeda Middle Ranker - ...the message was sent—the CIA posse got their man, never mind independent confirmation (or for that matter a body to show off), the corporate media faithfully repeats the Bushcon line (we will "smoke ‘em out”), and the American people will have at least a momentary glimmer of hope that we are making headway in the “war on terror” promised to last a couple generations, at least a hundred years, to the glee of Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Bechtel, and of course the Israeli and Pentagon Zionists who want the Muslim and Arab Middle East sliced up into bite-sized pieces.

December 3, 2005

Hard Evidence of U.S. Torturing Prisoners to Death Ignored by Corporate Media - Military autopsy reports provide indisputable proof that detainees are being tortured to death while in US military custody. Yet the US corporate media are covering it with the seriousness of a garage sale for the local Baptist Church.

US civil rights group to sue CIA - "The lawsuit will charge that CIA officials at the highest level violated US and universal human rights laws when they authorised agents to abduct an innocent man, detain him incommunicado, beat him, drug and transport him to a secret CIA prison in Afghanistan," the ACLU said in a news release. The release identified the jail as the "Salt Pit".

December 1, 2005

Rights groups lists 'ghost detainees' held by US overseas - A leading human rights monitor published the names of 26 "ghost detainees" that it accused the United States of holding and possibly torturing in secret overseas locations.

November 30, 2005

How our governments use terrorism to control us - The sponsorship of terrorism by western governments, targeting their own populations, has been a taboo subject. Although major scandals have received cursory coverage in the media, the subject has been allowed to immediately disappear without discussion or investigation.

November 29, 2005

TORTURERS 'R' US - George W. Bush, when asked about torture at a press conference recently, said: "We do not torture." One wonders, who is this 'we' of whom he speaks?

EU official threatens action on CIA jails - Any European Union state that secretly hosted a CIA prison faces loss of its voting rights, and Washington should punish any violations that occurred, an EU commissioner says.

November 28, 2005

American Plots to Assassinate Bush? - A 24-year old Arab-American was convicted Tuesday of joining al-Qaeda and plotting to assassinate President Bush. Houston native Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was tried after spending nearly two years in a Saudi Arabian prison, where he says was tortured into making a confession. Two doctors who examined him corroborated his claim. Abu Ali moved to Saudi Arabia to study Islam in the year 2000. He was arrested three years later while taking final exams at the Islamic University of Medina. He’ll be sentenced on February 17, and faces life in prison.


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