Unconscious Mind Theory
from Invisible Slavery System
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Unconscious thoughts are invisible thought structures that are unwittingly generated from - and maintained by - haphazard, yet routine, assumptions. These assumptions are a part of almost every decision, impression or conclusion we experience. In other words, when you are impressed by a thought (of any sort or magnitude) you are planting new and/or reinforcing old conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts at the same time. The purpose of this impression and all conscious associations to it go to the conscious domain, while the assumptions of this impression and all conscious and unconscious associations to the assumption go to the unconscious domain.

These unconscious impressions have structure - they have associations, which trigger automatically, and are powered by the same intent that powers conscious thought. However, because they are unconscious, they automatically reroute your intent to alter perspective and behavior. This occurs to such an extreme that even the smartest mind is usually incapable of seeing things for what they really are. Take Nazi Germany for example, very few citizens were aware of the horror that was going on right in front of their noses. Instead, they were caught up by powerful unconscious thoughts that kept them in line with Hitler's vision. But what about everyday life? There are powerful unconscious thoughts at work all over the place. What do those thoughts do to change our experience of life? They alter perspective. And with an altered perspective we end up making different decisions than we would have otherwise. And, when we act on an altered perspective, we act in such a way as to fulfill our delusions caused by altered perspective.

As an example, consider the process you go through to choose a new mattress for your home. When you walk into a modern business establishment that sells mattresses a number of assumptions are made automatically:

I see these guys on TV all the time, I see their business licenses on the walls, I see name brands I hear about all the time, therefore they probably meet any government regulated safety guidelines. (You didn't consciously think this, you unconsciously thought it, however, if you didn't see them on TV, the licenses on the walls, and the name brands, you may have consciously asked yourself this question.)

The government has safety regulations for anything that could be dangerous. (Aren't we supposed to believe the government protects us from such things?)

Mattresses are soft, therefore if there are any safety issues they are probably minor ones, so there's no point in verifying. (These are not conscious assumptions, these are automatically triggered unconscious assumptions - nonetheless you can prove you are making them by asking how you would act if any of these visible criteria were different.)

I'm sure someone would say something if they were dangerous. (Somebody would notice, right?)

So as a result nobody asks the question regarding how the mattress behaves in fire. And the fact that they are made of materials that dramatically accelerate fire is never mentioned. Of course if this were a visible/conscious issue then people would base their purchase decisions on it.

Most people have what they believe is a much simpler view of reality, one where assumptions are a natural (good?) or necessary part of their life. These assumptions - which they willingly live - with generate thousands of illusions which control, enslave and even kill them. Only the top layer of illusions can be made obvious in a few sentences (like the safe mattress illusion). The others are locked in through thousands of interlocking connections which most people don't have the patience to figure out, or simply disbelieve exist in the first place. These deeper illusions are interlocking and support each other; like tree roots that all grow together from many trees in a group, so they are very difficult to change without disrupting "normal life". However, the need for change is much greater than it appears. These "tree roots" in the unconscious mind are responsible for blinding us to the fact that we are slaves. And at the same time, they are also responsible for automatically channeling our intent to maintain the machinery that does the enslaving...

The compounding effects of these unconscious thoughts turn otherwise free thinking people into delusional slaves. They are slaves because 95% of their efforts are stolen from them - and they are delusional because they have been trained to not realize this consciously.

Are you a delusional slave?